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Re: [Submod] Retinues V2.8

PostPosted by Damocles » Mon Sep 04, 2017 04:34

unsavory wrote:
Lathrael wrote:Some balance issue here, horse archers use stupidly low amount of retinue cap and cost, probably because it's cap usage and cost are set for horde. A 500 man horse archer unit uses like 125 retinue cap, and costs 18 to create.

I don't know if retinue maintenance multiplier works for cap usage, if not i don't see if it can be fixed without complete overhaul.

I have no Idea either. Anyone know how this could be fixed?

Horse archers need to have their maintenance cost increased, is all. They're balanced atm for only being used by horde factions. Which are pretty much the only factions to use retinues effectively, in my experience.

I've tried very hard to get retinues working well for other factions in the game, from Nightswatch to the Free Companies, or Household Knights, and the AI just doesn't use them well, or even recruit them a lot of the times. I've found myself going back and systematically undoing and returning most of them to levy systems.

You also need to adjust the triggered modifier for 'in command', to only apply when they're both leading troops and simultaneously at war, or a lot of events won't fire right.
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Re: [Submod] Retinues V2.8

PostPosted by Nitrate55 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 07:06

Does this work with 1.5?
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Re: [Submod] Retinues V2.8

PostPosted by Exakter » Fri Sep 08, 2017 23:28

just FYI while the North did have Cavalry you also have to add in the impact of said cavalry on the realms ability to keep feeding everyone.

Can't have too many HC retinues because they can't feed them all. I'm all for giving the north HC retinues in this mod (even though I don't use it) but I'd raise the cost because a Northern HC retinue should not be equivalent to say the Reach/Westerlands/Riverlands. Same goes for Dorne (where the heat wouldn't prevent HC but make them more costly to take care of, and the same with the Vale to a certain degree regarding limited space)
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