New Writer Needs Help With Fantasy Storyline

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New Writer Needs Help With Fantasy Storyline

PostPosted by hartnettsm » Wed Jul 13, 2016 21:57

Hi everyone!
So I'm an enormous fan of fantasy novels. I feel like every time I read one I'm constantly swept away by different authors' approaches to the genre, what they include, what they don't include, story lines, etc. However I'm constantly comparing things back to do fantasy writers that (IMO) have dominated the fantasy world with two different methods: Tolkien and GRRM. With the fact that they are both immensely different acknowledged there is one thing that they do that I have always felt makes the story greater... developing history. For Tolkien he developed immense backstories and histories, with additional works for the sole purpose of serving as chronicles. GRRM did much of the same, but on both a micro and macro scale; not to mention building religions, opposing governmental structures, etc etc etc.

So, my first request is to this massive sampling of the population that enjoys fantasy is to provide me with some elements that ya'll miss, want to see, want more of etc. I'm talking about things like to dwarf and elf or not to dwarf and elf (along with other fantasy races), magic (exists? never existed? dead? limited? etc), the story basis of good vs evil or a more GRRM-esque realism injected fantasy style.

What I'd like to do is essentially build a fantasy series from the ground up. The ideas in my head are endless and massive, and I'm having too much trouble picking which elements I want to include.

So after I cross off each of these little pre-requisites I've thought of and essentially polled you all for I'll ask for other ideas like houses, dynasties, etc (and if some people are willing/want to they can even design a house and its history and their vassals/bannerman/lesser clans/whatever race/culture that groups oath/sworn men are called belongs to etc.

Apologies in advance to blackninja (please no assassinations in the dark of the night :shock: :o lol) if this isn't the greatest place for this. I love this game and this mod and I've read so many things from posters about fantasy ideas/custom houses/and more I just figured ya'll would be a great group to ask.
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Re: New Writer Needs Help With Fantasy Storyline

PostPosted by kobalinkven » Thu Apr 13, 2017 16:31

Thah what you write is really cool. Keep on going i want to see the final results
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