The Third Son A Tale of Ruin

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The Third Son A Tale of Ruin

PostPosted by Ekrexor » Mon Aug 08, 2016 23:44

I am Lord Viserys of Dragonstone, first of his name and the third son of Aegon the Conquerer.
We're writing the year 8043. My older brother Aenys passed away a year ago my brother Maegor assumed power and already the people are already calling him "the Cruel".
Still, I had a good relationship with my brother and this could be the reason why he gave me the Highlordship of Dragonstone after his rebellious son was defeated in the Battle of Dragonstone, he died as he lived like a rat.
Now I'm supposed to clean up the blood and corpses and turn this run-down castle into on of the biggest in Westeros. It's not a particularly nice task but I'm just happy that I don't have to stay in Maegors Castle of Screams, as the peasants are calling it.

In the aftermath I think Maegor always knew I was the smartest and had the most from Aegon. That could be the reason why he banished me to this island.

In the first few months, me and some of the best architects of Westeros are working on "Dragonskeep Citadel". Maegor wishes a castle as mighty as Harrenhal before our father burned it down. Using the flames of Balerion who brother send to help with the construction of this mighty Valyrian stronghold and the few Valyrian plans and artefacts father brought from our once marvellous Freehold the fortress should be completed in the next few years.

My brother sends me daily new tasks his madness takes over more every day but I could still find a wife. Her name is Rhae of the house Illvar from Essos. I still honour our old Valyrian gods instead of these false foreign gods they call the seven. As so I sought more wives from other houses on of them being our old neighbors the Velaryions and the other one from a minor Valyrian essosi house.

The Dragonskeep Citadel is finally complete. As a reward, my brother granted me the Lord Paramountship of the Dragon Isles (Crownlands without Highlordship Blackwater Rush, King's Landing, Kingswood and Rosby). I'm the weakest Lord Paramount but still, a Lord Paramount which is enough for me.

Today Maegor did after one of his "Toys" stabbed him with one of Maegors other "Toys". Officially he died because of a bad fever. His son Maegor II. inherited the throne and was crowned King two weeks later. I always though Maegor I. was cruel but his son was the most spoiled and cruel individual I've ever encountered. During the height of his reign corpses hang from the ceiling of the Throne Room and daily executions were completely normal.
I had spent the last few years securing the survival of my bloodline and the improvement of Dragonskeep. After Maegors death Balerion flew to Dragonstone. Now I had 2 mighty dragons, Heartfyre the Blood Fire and Balerion the Black Dread, this was a perfect time. Counting the dragons of my children and my wives we had 8.
I knew I had to end Maegor's II. reign...

After months of preparations in, secrecy everything was ready.
I stood on my enormous flagship the "Third Head", my fleet of 560 Targaryen Warship followed me into this battle.
It was a foggy day, enough knots before Kingslanding so they wouldn't see us coming. I was riding on Balerion, my fully tamed dragon Heartfyre beside me and my wives and children were following me on their dragons.
Our plan was clear!
Burn "the City of Corpses" whilst all Blood Lords were there during the weeks of pain down to its foundations laid by my very father. No one loyal to the Bloody King of Corpses should survive. We had to purge the city of all the scum and maggots that thrife during the weeks of pain, a festival during which Maegor invited all lord and everyone loyal to him for a special "party". In these weeks the city is flooded with blood and corpses. When before it was still habitable this changed. Only fools would stay there. Maegor's servants roaming the street, searching for more "participants"...
The battle if you could even call it one lasted only a few hours. They all died in seconds. May they for all eternity pay for their foolishness to follow Maegor in the deepest of the seven hells.

At the place were once the magnificent Red keep stood not even ruins remain, it all had to be cleaned. The name Red keep described back then the outside and inside of this magnificent fortress.
I crowned myself King at the next day...
My reign brought peace and prosperity to the realm even though they were still calling me the "Black King".
I forged as my father did a throne out of the swords of my enemies though it wasn't made out of 1000 it was made out of the 10.000 bloody swords of Maegor's cruel servants, the swords of the fallen knights and lords that fought in the battle of King's Landing and some of the more special "toys" from Maegor's collection.

The Red Thron as I called it stood in Dragonstone the new capital of the Kingdom of Westeros for 500 years...

I hoped you liked my first AAR. I hope I did it right, please be understanding english is not my native language and this Grammarly thing stopped working after around 60% of the AAR was finished. ^^

If you have any tips for my future AARs please leave feedback!
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