Custom Portrait won't show up

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Custom Portrait won't show up

PostPosted by Balanse » Fri Aug 12, 2016 19:52

Hello, i have been trying to make a mod as of recently for fun nothing to serious at the moment and im trying to make a custom one image portrait i thought that it would simple just to place a picture but it seems not. :evil:

There are few problems and they are:
[1]. My culture group in character customization seems to be the culture group that i set it to be which is
a name and under that i get to select namegfx which annoys me cause i want it to be something else and i want to change it.

[2]. When i select my culture group in character customization it still shows the regular character customization that was set to the charc before so it just stays the same. I can't figure it if im suppose to create the charc somewhere on the map or if i just done something wrong on the map that it doesn't work.

[3]. I can't figure out if the code is wrong or not i saw everything that was on the internet i tried to follow along to create a child like doesn't changing portrait but at this point i'm very lost.

[4]. Do i need to make my own portrait border around the image or it doesn't matter?

If someone knows and made before 1 image portraits that don't change unless you set them apart knows how to make one please help me i'm have been hitting the wall for at least two days trying to figure this out. :?
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