The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

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The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

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I have loved reading a few AAR's [shoutout to The Dragon Has Three Heads] and decided to give my own try at it.
This was an attempt to document the life of just one lord, Humfrey Shermer of Smithyton born 7988 played by me. I began playing it in 7998 right after every kingdom except Dorne was conquered by Aegon the Conqueror.

I’m not resetting anything, so if I make a mistake, then I made it, if Humfrey dies young, then the AAR dies young. Nothing more nothing less. I won't play as one of his kids. The submods I used are AGOT Bloodlines and AGOT Dynastic Stability. Also keep in mind I first played the game, then wrote this while I’m already many years into the story. So Ican hint to what might happen. though I won’t guarentee hints, since guarenteeds hints are basically facts, so maybe what you read are hints, but it could also be that there are no hints in this AAR lol..

The people will act based upon their traits, which I won’t reveal until later on, or hint after.
There will be barely screenshots in this AAR, I will try to make it a story as much as possible instead of screenshot compilation.
Decisions are based upon traits.
Of course some events didn’t happen ingame, but I added those things based upon real game events to add flavor.


Hope you enjoy

Act 1: 8003

I had the dream again, the one where I’m reliving the memory of dragons seering over Smithyton. I was just a spectator though, and could see the 10 year old me jumping around and laughing. And above me the dragons.
First the big black one, followed by the smaller red one, and finally the slower and smaller green one.
I squinted my eyes and saw someone sitting atop the last creature. Back then I didn’t realise what it meant, I was foolish and rather excited instead of worried, after all, no other boy in the reach had probably seen creatures like this before. Of course there where stories of Dragons, but there were also stories about Direwolfs and Giants. 10 year old me watched them fly off and quickly ran inside to tell my mother, Cymoril about it. She wasn’t as excited of course, I remember her staring to the ground with her dead eyes while Pelleas cried. It didn’t really take long before the news reached us off what happened. All Gardeners had been killed, and the lord of Ivy Hall aswell.
But most importantly my father had died, in a most gruesome way, I wasn’t allowed to see his body. They say the green one got him and he didn’t stand a chance.
He was a man beloved by most, and I tried my best to mirror who he was since as long as I can remember.

‘’Wake up you little fool.’’

I shook my head drowsy and confused. Soon after that something soft and scaly hit me in the head.

‘’Just as good as in the Vale’’ The voice continued as I groaned.

I wasn’t particulary fond of food from the vale, as I found out due to my guardian, Gallen Corbray. Gallen sat atop a treetrunk cutting the leathery bread with his valyrian steel sword Lady Forlorn.
Possibly the only item within range that could pierce through it. While cutting he took short looks around him, Gallen was always aware of his surrounding and I admired that greatly. Maybe it was what made him such a great warrior. At least as far as I knew he was a great warrior. He didn’t really attend Tourny’s. But he was better then me at least, and his father granted him Lady Forlorn over his brother, so I’ll assume he’s earned it in someway.

‘’I’m not hungry Gallen. Can’t we wait with this, I literally just woke up and feel like just lying down and dying right now.’’ Another piece of the bread hit me in the head when I tried to lie down again.

‘’I don’t have time for this right now you little fool, we need to make pace if we want to see the tourny, besides, I’ve always wanted to meet King Loren, he seems like a swell lad.’’

Gallen started cutting off another piece of bread with noticable problems. I wonder why people from the Vale not just get real bread.

‘’Or lord paramount Loren right? Haha. I guess not everyone can handle all their business correctly like me. But then again, those dragons right.’’

He finally cut the piece off. All the while scouting his area.

‘’Yeah’’ He said, ‘’Balerion, Meraxes and Vhagar. They are kind of a problem when you want to protect your kingdom I guess.’’

I nodded absentminded. Before I knew it the last piece of bread was thrown against my face.



‘’I was paying attention.’’

‘’No you where not.’’


Gallen sighned ’’Ok then, my bad I guess.’’ He coughed as I looked dazed.

‘’Anyway, pack your stuff, we’re supposed to be there today remember.’’

I nodded and got upon my feet, there was really no reason to hate Gallen I reminded myself, he’s just playing his part, he gotta be a father figure. Although I can’t remember my father physically hurting me with rock like bread. I started packing my stuff, which really was just the bread that Gallen had loaded upon me, and some fresh clothes for when I arrived. So basically today. Like a zombie I walked towards where our horses where lined up. My horse was a decent one, albeit old. It belonged to my father, Raymon, may he rest in peace. My father had called it ‘’Honor’’ and I didn’t change the name, I found it fitting. Next to Honor was Gallen’s ‘’Lame Cow’’ which was just a decent horse, not really special in a bad or good way it was ugly though, with a few scars on his side, possibly from some mayor battle that Gallen participated in. I climbed atop of Honor and waited for Gallen to simply walk this way. When he arrived Lame Cow seemed to show a strange reaction, it was hard to describe. Like a slight tremble for a second. Gallen laughed and climbed atop the horse. I didn’t feel like asking why he laughed.

‘’Lets go you little fool’’

I nodded, and we set off together. I was proud, riding next to a real knight, who also wielded one of the fabled valyrian steel swords. I guess I was fond of Gallen even though he sometimes gave me a hard time. I think he might be fond of me aswell. Could be. We rode through the western hills together this way, just us and our ugly horses. I was searching the hills for those rare lions, but I didn’t see any of them of course, maybe Gallen was searching aswell, it was kind of hard to tell with his eyes going everywhere and all. We could see the rock looming from far.
It was a spectacular sight, I would say it looked like it was bigger than my mother had described.

We entered Casterly Rock a few hours later, through the famous Lion’s Mouth, which looked like a cave from the inside. At the end of the Mouth a soldier approached us.

‘’Can I have your names?’’ Gallen stopped Lame Cow in its tracks and I quickly followed his example.

‘’Ser Gallen... Corbray, at your sevice, and this individual right here is called Lord Humfrey of Smithyton.’’

‘’Smithyton, Smithyton.. ah, here. Ok you can enter, please dismount your horses, be sure to visit me after the tourny when you want them back.’’

The man then looked past us and walked towards a smiling and already dismounted newcomer.

‘’Can I have your name?’’

‘’Why, don’t you recognize the legendary Ser Androw Orme?’’ Both men proceeded to laugh and hugged.

We dismounted our horses, gave them to a nearby soldier who was waiting on us and we entered the keep. Inside there was already a man waiting on us.

‘’Please be sure to follow me, I will take you to the lord Paramount’’

The man took us into a huge room where a lot of echoing voices where produced, very annoying if you ask me. It was then that I was approached by a man with golden hair, Lord Loren of the Rock, he showed us a welcoming smile. ‘’Ha-hello my Lord’’ I stuttered nervously,

‘’I am Lord Humfrey of Smithyton, and this is my guardian, Ser Gallen Corbray.’’

Loren started grinning, ‘’Welcome Humfrey and Gallan, I would be Loren of the Rock.’’
He then gave a thoughtful expression. ‘’I knew your father you know. A very brave and honourable man. He showed no fear until the end, personally nothing in the world would unnerve me more than facing a dragon’’

I nodded.

‘’I’m sure you make him proud.’’ He said ‘’How do you like the Westerlands so far?’’

‘’Very, mountainy.’’

Loren laughed.

‘’Yes I guess you could say that indeed.’’

It was then that a soldier approached us and informed Lord Loren that another visitor had just arrived. The last one. Meanwhile the other people in the room started walking towards an exit.

‘’If you would excuse me.’’ Loren said. I nodded again and me and Gallen followed the crowd.

Outside was a decent arena, it's stone seats already filling up with hunderds of people. The ground within the ring had a light, and sandy color. Me and Gallen got a seat close to the front.

‘’I’m betting Pelleas would have loved to see this.’’ Said Gallen.

‘’He’s too young.’’

Gallen grinned, ‘’like you?’’

I laughed, ‘’yeah, like me. But seriously Pelleas is just too young to see people fighting.’’

Gallen shook his head. ‘’You’re never too young, it’s the world that we live in, a fish shouldn’t only start swimming when he becomes an adult, and a boy should learn to fight when he can wield a sword. I know you only started training when you where about 10, but it’s normal to start when you turn 6 years old.’’ Gallen stretched himself and lied down in a strangely confortable way on the cold stone seats.

‘’I will take his training upon myself when we return, you are almost 16 anyway.’’

‘’That’s many years from now’’ I said laughing.

‘’Time passes faster than you think, before you know it you’re walking around with little fools who complain about the sweet taste of Eastern Bread, or you’re married.’’

He said, and he gave me this weird look.


He grinned, and at that moment a loud applause started, I quickly clapped along. Loren was already seated on his chair and three men walked in. The man in the middle started shouting their names. Then they walked to the side of the ring together. The two men mounted their horses and started the duel. It was spectacular to see for me, but Gallen kept making remarks about what they did wrong in his opinion.

‘’Why don’t you join then, show them how it is done correctly.’’

‘’I would if I felt like it. Besides, that would be unfair to them, I mean just look at them.’’

I looked but it seemed to be ok to me, but then again, this was the first fight I ever witnessed so maybe I wasn’t a reliable judge. Gallen then started counting down, and when he hit zero the man with the green shield got propelled out of his seat. Gallen turned his head and gave me a smirk.

‘’Next up will be Ser Donnel Harte and Ser Androw Orme’’

A red and a Yellow rider clashed shortly after, both going neck to neck.

‘’Look at that yellow individual.’’ Gallen said ‘’he knows exactly what he’s doing, he’s wearing mister red out.’’

It was indeed true that Red seemed way more invested into this duel, throwing himself into every thrust with passion. but red didn’t manage to knock him off, yellow held his own against the attacks.
Until his horse suddenly staggered just when a weared out red knight plunged into him again, hitting him in the leg, piercing through it. With a sickening scream the yellow knight fell upon the ground, the lance breaking the flesh in the process. The blood gushed upon the sand, and Gallen looked at me closely as my face filled itself with horror. The crowd went silent.

Yellow’s ward sprinted towards his Guardian, and screamed something towards a few men at the sideline. I turned my face away and was just hoping it would end soon.

‘’You shouldn’t look away.’’

‘’I don’t want to see it.’’

‘’If you look away now you will never be a man.’’

I decided to look. And I saw the yellow knight being carried off. He somehow managed to wave at the crowd. The crowd cheered.


And the crowd followed suit. Gallen shook his head. ‘’He’s probably a good man and all, but one shouldn’t receive applause for losing, ever.’’

The tourny ended shortly after, with Ser Mors Toland defeating the Lord commander of the kingsguard in the final round. The day would end soon, but I will carry it with me until the end of my life. I’m certain my father would approve of that.
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Re: The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

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Notes: the ser Androw in this act is not the same as in last act


Act 2: 8008

I had the dream again, the one where I’m lying in my bed, waiting for something to happen, and then it happens. A cloaked man shows up, crawling through my chamber door, and I can’t scream, I’m numbed. My wife is right there but she can’t hear me, my mouth makes no sound. The hooded man crawls closer, to my bed side, shadows covering his face and a sweet smell is coming from his clothes. I want to look away, but I just can’t.

‘’I didn’t mean to wake you Humfrey.’’ The man said, playing with his knife.

‘’I didn’t mean to wake you.’’


With a shock I wake up screaming, almost giving my wife Myranda a heart attack.


Myranda embraced my shivering body as I tried to convince myself that I was actually awake. My hands where shaking as I grabbed her back.

‘’Just- just a bad dream, the one with the cloaked man again. It’s ok.’’

‘’You don’t look ok.’’ Myranda said.

‘’That’s temporarily.’’ I said, as I broke free from Myranda’s embrace. I sat at the end of the bed and thought about the reason behind this bad dream. It was more than likely the heritage of my stillborn son. I remember being there and seeing it happen. He came out and looked so peaceful, and beautiful. But I immediately felt that something was wrong. Something wasn’t right when a newborn baby doesn’t cry. And I found out pretty quickly why. How could I feel so defeated due to losing someone I never even knew?
Life is mysterious in that way, and the gods surely had their plans with him.
And they surely had their plans with me, a true knight, knighted by Gallen himself. And quite possibly better than Gallen, although I wouldn’t say that in his presence. I stood up and dressed myself while Myranda watched me, which was strangely comforting.

‘’I will return this same day Myranda, consider staying faithful to me in that period.’’

Myranda laughed, ‘’I thought you knew me.’’

I smiled ‘’I do.’’

I walked excited into the courtyard, where the horses where already being prepared for the journey ahead, albeit a small one, the destination was Leygood Keep, the lordship right next to Smithyton. I walked right up to Honor and gave him a hug. The horse had been very reliable these past years. Carrying me wherever I had to go, and never losing its strength albeit its age. I was pretty sure he had become blinded this past year though, he didn’t seem to recognize me until I talked to it, even when I was standing right in front of it. And talking to a horse looks pretty silly, lets be honest, so I didn’t really like this new development.

‘’There we have our little fool!’’ Gallen came riding towards me seated upon his scarred and shivering horse, followed by our hulking diplomat, Ser Quenton.

‘’Your noble liege, Lord Moryn Rowan is waiting on us Humfrey, you’re not being a good vassal delaying like this.’’ A smirk played upon his lips while Quenton gave a puzzled look.

‘’I doubt Moryn cares that much about me being late. Besides I’m not late.’’

Gallen laughed. ‘’Well, ok, I could have sworn you where.’’

I climbed atop of Honor and followed Gallen and Quenton along the grassy path uphill, waiting on top was Moryn’s party. I greeted them like it should be done, and how my mother teached me. A bald man laughed.

‘’You did change a lot since the last time I saw you Humfrey, this goes for Lord Amelryc Kidwell as well of course. Have you been introduced before?’’ I shook my head.

‘’Well he is right here, be sure to greet each other, it’s important for my vassals to know each other, and get along, wouldn’t you agree?’’

I nodded and a slender built man, about my age, stepped forward, and gave me a hand.

‘’Welcome Lord Shermer, my name is Amelryc Kidwell, very pleased to meet you, from what I heard about you from Ser Corbray we have a lot in common.’’

I already knew he was going to say something like that, but most people present here have a lot in common if you think about it, how many fathers died in that field after all, 10 years ago? Too many to count.
I gave Amelryc a long hard look, and my guts told me that his personality went deeper than he was showing us. He reminded me of a lizard-lion, lying dead silent in the water and pretending to be a tree trunk. But that was ok, I had my own guard up as well.

‘’I’m certain we do, pleased to meet you Lord Kidwell.’’

Amelryc nodded.

‘’Shall we go gentlemen?’’ Gallen said.

‘’But of course Ser Gallen.’’ proclaimed Moryn with a warm smile.

‘’Let’s go people, lets see what the new generation of the reach have to offer us.’’

Gallen gave me that smirking look again, knowing full well what was about to happen. He loved seeing me stressed out for some reason. Losing my cool. He then gave Lame Cow a loud slap on its side and went over the hill, to the west. Our party quickly followed him.

Riding towards Leygood Keep I rode next to Lord Moryn and got into a conversation with him about Gallen, apparently it was Moryn who had invited Gallen to the reach when his father, lord Corbray passed away, Gallen accepted to get away from the brother he despised and before he knew it he was in smithyton, teaching the one and only Lord Humfrey.

‘’What do you know about Lame Cow?’’

Moryn raised his eyebrows amused. ‘’Excuse me?’’

‘’His horse, it’s covered in scars, do you know what happened, was it really due to a battle or..?’’

‘’Ah so it’s called Lame Cow, isn’t it?’’ Moryn Chuckled.

‘’You think he did it, don’t you?’’ he said, while he made cutting motions with his right hand.

‘’Do you really think that way about your mentor?’’

I looked down embarrassed. ‘’I-I just thought that maybe there was more to the story.’’

Moryn kept his eyes on the road and frowned. ‘’There is, but it’s not what you think, Gallen can be a bit… eccentric but he does love that ugly horse.’’

I nodded and quickly changed the subject. We arrived shortly after in Leylood Keep and our group split up, most of our group going to the seats at the ringside, while I had to ride into the dungeon upon Honor since I was a contestant. The dungeon was moist, dimly lit, and just generally poor kept, with water somehow leaking from the ceiling even though it hasn’t rained in days. The idea was that I would finally test myself today, and really fight to see how good I was when it came to combat, if I wanted my plan to work then I would have to distinguish myself here today, prove to everyone and myself that I was truly a man, and a force to be reckoned with.

I noticed that at the end of the dungeon there stood a few mounted knights close to a door, no doubt my opponents and presumably veterans of many wars, and incredible, and they could probably fly as well, and spit fire. I slowly rode towards them, trying to look confident. I would say that it worked though. Maybe.

The fattest knight spoke first.

‘’Welcome stranger, also here for gold and glory? What might your name be?’’

‘’That would be Lord Humfrey Shermer, of Smithyton.’’

‘’Ah, a real lord huh? Is this your first tournament?’’

‘’How can you tell?’’

‘’Most of us ride directly towards the arena’s door instead of waiting near the entrance.’’

The man laughed. ‘’My name is the noble Leyton Inchfield, pleased to meet you.’’

Suddenly the arena door opened up and a man made a signal towards me and another knight. I didn’t really understand it, but the push Leyton gave me in my back gave me reason to think I might have to fight already.

‘’Good luck, Lord Humfrey Shermer, of Smithyton.’’ Leyton shouted from the dungeon as I rode into the sunlight, which almost blinded me. A short man then walked towards me and my fellow knight and started shouting our names.



The crowd applauded as me and Androw shook hands.


I expected a lot from this fight, but the truth is, I took him out with just one attack, visibly surprising him and the crowd, since this Ser Androw was apparently no small deal. The small man jumped to Ser Androws aid and helped him up.


The crowd cheered me on, and it felt great, I didn’t realize I was this good, maybe Gallen and me really where miles ahead of the other knights like he said. Or maybe just me, I haven’t seen Gallen fight since I was a kid. After the applause ended me and Ser Androw where directed to the side of the ring, where we could see the other knights clash. We dismounted, sat down, and saw the other knights fight.

‘’That was some clean fighting you showed there, impressive.’’

‘’Thank you, this is my first tournament, so that means a lot to me.’’

Ser Androw Nodded.

‘’Have you heard the news from Kingslanding? A messenger just arrived before our tournament started.’’

‘’Did the grandmaester die again?’’ I said laughing.

Androw shook his head wildly.

‘’No, no no. Aegon Targaryen died.’’

I could not believe what I heard, Aegon was in the prime of his life, and I remember him riding that colossal dragon above Smithyton the day my father died. He seemed invincible, especially after he forged the iron throne. Possibly using my fathers sword.

‘’Really? How did it happen?’’

‘’They say a man in white, possibly from the kingsguard, murdered him, right when Aegon dismounted Balerion after a visit to Rosby. The man was masked and ran through the crowd of nobles that had gathered there, with Balerion chasing him. Then, to save the crowd Lord Paramount Loren who was actually armed, unlike the rest, supposedly tried keeping the dragon at bay, nobly dying in the process.’’

I was stunned. This meant that the Westerlands and the Iron Throne both got a new ruler.

‘’And now Aemon…’’

‘’Yes, Aemon would be our new king.’’ Androws face took a grim expression.

‘’You heard the rumors as well I see?’’

‘’I have my reasons to believe them.’’


I rushed to the center after mounting Honor, and shook Steffon’s hand soon after.

‘’May the best knight make it to the final.’’ Ser Steffon whispered as the crowd applauded.

I rode to the side of the ring and ready-ed myself for the charge, with Honor breathing heavily, since my old pall had no condition in his old age, and seemed burned up after the fight with Ser Androw. I wondered how I was supposed to fight in the finals if I even made it. The screaming of the crowd overshadowed my thoughts when Ser Steffon charged upon me. In panic I let Honor charge, but it went wrong, and the horse ran in a very strange pace. I got hit on my shield, with a sickening blow, that made me feel like my organs where trying to crawl out of my belly though my mouth. I got launched back into the saddle and almost fell off, but in panic I managed to grab the horse at the neck, keeping me in place. Honor staggered slowly onto the other side of the Arena where I had to stop right before hitting the wall that surrounded our ring. The crowds screams filling my ears. With one voice overpowering all. ‘’HUMFREY, YOU HAVE TO HIT IT.’’ I looked up and saw Gallen shouting and pointing in the wild crowd. ‘’HIT YOUR DAMN HORSE, YOU WANT THIS RIGHT??’’ I nodded absently.

‘’IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT, IT WON’T JUST FALL UPON YOUR LAP, YOU CAN’T ALWAYS BE NICE WHEN YOU’RE STRIVING FOR YOUR GOALS.’’ Then something followed with the word casualties, and the rest was indistinguishable. I saw Ser Steffon charge, and dumb I turned my horse, and made it charge. Again it had that strange pace. I looked at the horses weathered head, and thought for a second that seemed to be endless, with Gallens words circling though my head.

I gave Honor the hardest stab I could muster with the blunt end of my lance.
It cried out with the most agonising sound that I could think off, it was like a piece of his souls was shattered off and trying to escape his body by force. But it ran though, faster than it ever did, it’s old legs charging up to Ser Steffon and his much younger horse. And my foe slowed his charge down cautiously when he saw what was happening. I quickly lowered my lance for what could possibly be the most powerful stab in Westeros, knocking off Ser steffon and making him fly away from me like he had wings. With a loud smack he fell. But he immediately stood again, to show he was ok.

The crowd cheered louder than ever before and I almost felt like singing, despite Honor making all kinds of noises a horse shouldn’t make. But I didn’t care, this was my moment, the Reach would see what I was capable off, surely my father would be proud.


I bowed and was about to go ringside, but the small man stopped me right in my tracks.


The crowd erupted into a loud booing as Leyton galloped my way, laughing loudly.

‘’Well well, if it isn’t our lord of Smithyton. Glad to see you made it this far. Also excuse me for causing this noise, let’s say I have my past in Leygood keep.’’

I laughed and extended my arm. ‘’I figured something like that, may the best man win.’’

He shook my hand enthusiastically and laughed. ‘’I hope not!’’

On our way home I looked at the shiny medal glittering in the sinking sun, the red light shining with passion over the metal. My most prized possession, gold.

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Re: The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

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Act 3: 8010

‘’Personally I can’t say that I am THAT surprised.’’

Amelryc leaned forward on his horse, seemingly relaxed even though the situation was looking pretty grim, behind him was a decent army, 1200-1300 men, all ready for battle, dressed in the green and black colors of house Kidwell. All of them completely silent. The rain being the only one who spoke in the background.

‘’But I think our fathers would be, Humfrey, I do not know if you can recall, but they where close friends, right until the very end, when they met their fate, you know that story. I can still see them sitting there, you know, talking about our mothers, Lord Moryn, the Gardeners, and how they thought that only they truly knew eachother.’’ A smile played on his lips.

‘’And here we are, right on the hill where my father stole my mothers heart.’’

I was seated atop of the ancient horse called Honor, and right beside me stood my mentor, Ser Gallen Corbray, my vassal, Master Unwin of Coppercross and my diplomat, the hulking Ser Quenton. Behind me where my loyal men, 1274 loyal men, to be exact. I doubt any of them knew that it would come to this.

‘’You chose this place just so you could say that?’’

Amelryc was silent for a moment, his green eyes trying to pierce me while his horse made loud breathing noises.

‘’I thought it would make you see the full picture, Humfrey, for you see this is the land where I grew up, and my father grew up, and his father before him and so on. The ground here is filled with Kidwell history, not Shermer history. Have you even been here before?’’

‘’Let’s not beat around the bush here Amelryc, according to the document’s Ser Quenton found I am the rightful lord of Ivyhall.’’ Ser Quenton nodded.

‘’I will press my rightful claim.’’

‘’Your forged claim.’’

‘’Rightful claim.’’

Amelryc sighed. ‘’I know how you think, Humfrey, it’s all me, me, me. I recognize it. I saw it the same day we first met. At the tournament, you showed your true colors Humfrey and I keep track of that, I do not easily forget that. If there is one thing that I can tell you is that these sort of things will only bring pain and destruction, and they will get back to you in the end. What do you think Moryn will do?
Stand by and watch you take what has been in the Kidwell family for many generations? You can kill me Humfrey, you can kill Erren, but there will be karma. Eventually you will see that, and when you do, I hope you do not cry. Because I can’t stand a man who can’t stand upon his own two feet. This is my last warning. Return now, and we will forget about all of this. I will even welcome you in Ivy Hall like the friend you should be. But if not, I WILL meet you on the battlefield, and you will know all about the word karma, for it comes to all who commit an evil act.

Amelryc turned his horse and signaled his commanders.

‘’Best of luck, Lord Shermer.’’

We returned to my army, men who where born and raised in the area of Smithyton, most of them where my age, and some where older, soldiers who fought during the field of fire, now 12 years ago. I had nothing but respect for them, like they deserved.

I looked at the shaking and visibly scared Unwin, house Shermers only banner man. I looked at the always silent Quenton who got us this far, and I looked at Gallen, the man who raised me after my father died, the man who saved me from that boar when I was just a little boy, and the man who took me all the way to Casterly Rock to meet Loren, the last king of the westerlands. I saw my first blood there, and now I would see it again. These men might not be the greatest of the Reach, but they where the ones I trusted, and on my quest for more I could not afford to lose one of them, not right now.

I led the charge, like a lord should, I led them right into that glittering steel.
I realized at once that I made a mistake when the arrows came flying our way. First the sound, then the first one, then the first one in the flesh of my old friend. I felt Honor’s old feet losing it’s grip beneath me, and the old horse screamed like a newborn babe. There was nothing I could do about that, we needed to attack, if you want to win then you have to take it, I slapped Honor as hard as I could.

The next thing I recalled was the screaming, and the crying, the overall horror around me. It was nothing like they promised about war, there where men, brave men I personally had known dying a honorless agonizing death, intestines crawling out of their belly’s. Shit filling their pants. Bodies surrounded me, as did the people who where still fighting in the distance, and soon to be dead.
Rain was still on going, though poorly, washing the life out of us.

I tried to stand but the ground was slippery, and I felt a crippling pain in my right knee. I needed to get out of here. Through the drizzling rain I heard a voice thunder.

‘’Lord Humfrey Shermer! Lord of Ivy Hall!’’

From the fighting shadows a man appeared, dressed in a black and green cloak, with plain looking armor. He was covered in dirt and blood from head to toe but I immediately recognized him as Amelryc.

‘’What a coincidence, meeting the ‘rightful owner’ of Ivy Hall here, among the dead, wouldn’t you agree.’’

I made some grunting noises as I tried to stand, but I failed and fell upon the dead. Amelryc stabbed his sword in the mud, leaning on it. He looked at me with his green eyes, his intentions hard to guess behind this mask he always seemed to wear.

‘’I told you where this would lead you and your friends Humfrey, but you’re very selfish aren’t ya? I wonder what Honor thinks about all of this?’’

As I looked below me I realized with a breaking soul that the animal corpse I was sitting on was Honor.

‘’But not only Honor, how will that newborn son of yours, Raymon, think about this over many years? And your wife, Myranda? And your sister? And your brother? And your mother? And this guardian you seem to look up to?’’

Amelryc pulled his weapon out of the mud and slowly walked my way, his dripping hair falling around his face.

‘’You see I recognize so much of you in me Humfrey, that may be why I’m mostly disappointed, I can see who you truly are, and that is also how I can see why you attacked me in this fashion. But what I learned when I was fairly young was that there are indeed consequences, harsh ones at that, to everything you do. However, you should be grateful that your death will at least be poetic, dying on top of Honor.’’

I drew my sword and raised it, but it didn’t seem to bother Amelryc.

‘’Me, me, me. That is all over now Humfrey.’’

With a simple sweep he disarmed me, and I fell down backwards on Honor, his blood coloring the back of my head. I could feel the tears erupt from my eyes, and there was no way that it was the rain. I realized I never told Myranda I loved her. I realized it had indeed been me, me, me for years now, am I really a bad person then? I sacrificed my friends only for a small piece of land that I did not even have an emotional connection with. Gallen, Unwin, Ser Quenton, the many men who followed me into this hell, they could all be long dead by now, bleeding out in the mud around ivy hall. Perhaps it was for the better if I died now, by the hands of a hero defending his home rather than winning a war only caused by greed and deceit.

‘’I prefer to call him Little Fool.’’

Amused Amelryc looked towards Ser Gallen, who looked equally terrible as Amelryc.

Gallen gave Amelryc a thoughtful look.

‘’Surrender Amelryc, or you will be added to the long history of Lady Forlorn. ’’

Amelryc laughed. ‘’If I surrender then that would be the end of house Kidwell. No, no. I’d much rather die defending my home. Or even better, see you die, for that matter.’’

‘’I’m afraid Captain Armen already got that beautiful son of yours for us, what’s he called, Erren? If you die I’m certain he would love to sign the required paper.’’

‘’He’s too young, you can’t let a kid like that sign!’’

‘’I’m afraid the laws of Westeros allow that.’’ Gallen smirked.

Amelryc attacked Gallen furiously, but he was blocked with shocking expertise. Gallen wasn’t fighting like he normally fought with me during our training. I knew he was holding back, but this much?



Amelryc literally jumped at Gallen, and with a supernatural reflex he raised lady Forlorn, piercing the man, the point sticking out at his back. Amelryc gurgled something indecipherable. And for the first time I could see exactly how Amelryc felt, total surprise.

‘’Well, shit.’’ Gallen proclaimed.

Amelryc dropped from the sword, clawing softly in the air. And then, nothing.

‘’That went kind of wrong, but we need to go, now. While you where sleeping on your trusty steed our army has been completely overrun. Stand up.’’

I tried to stand but fell immediately, screaming with pain.

‘’I fucking hate you , you know that?’’

Gallen sheathed Lady Forlorn and put me on his back, dragging us away from the incoming army.
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Re: The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

PostPosted by Eldred » Sat Aug 27, 2016 23:32


Act 4: 8014

I sat next to the younger version of me as I saw the dragons flying over yet again. First the black one, then the red one and finally followed by the green one. On top of it I could see a woman.

‘’That must have been Visenya, it was her who eventually gave birth to Aemon and Valarr, Aegon’s only children.’’

The younger me just looked at me laughing with joy like a kid would. Then he ran off into the house, like always.

There was something about the younger me that made me feel calm, and happy. Maybe he possesses what I did not have anymore, but what is it? Youth? I am still young, twenty six. Lord Moryn still threats me like a child even after what I did. Even after Amelryc was lying down, bleeding in the mud and rain. Even after Erren got casted out of his home, crying. I wonder if Erren still feels young. I looked at my hands, and they showed no wrinkles, like when I was ten years old and the world caved in. While that certainly effected me when I was younger I would not say that it took away my smile forever, I remember laughing with Gallen. And erupting with joy as he took down that boar where we feasted on together. No, something else did this to me, something that happened much later.

A man walked up to me, with a wound gaping from his belly, green eyes piercing through mine. He sat next to me on the fallen tree. Blood continued to drip from his clothes.

‘’You are still here.’’

I looked at Amelryc, with all his blood and mud covering him, and for some reason I didn’t find his appearance to be strange, that is the power of a dream I guess.

‘’It’s important to me Amelryc, this place, this time. I guess it represents me in my final and purest form, before Gallen’s teaching’s got to me, and before the superficial things of life started to lure me in.’’

Amelryc nodded softly.

‘’I understand you Humfrey. It all haunts us. I myself must have been about thirteen back then.’’

Amelryc stared into the distance and went silent for a bit. The only sound was the dripping of his gaping wound and the crying that Pelleas did from inside my house.

‘’Yes I recall it now, I stood in front of him.’’

His face grimaced.

‘’I wanted to ask my father if I could come with him, prove to him that I was a man… and then those dragons flew over, Balerion, the black dread was flying there right above me. The terror that it struck in me was immense, and my father could see it in my eyes. I looked down trying to hide it from his stare but it was too late. I didn’t say a word to him and silently he and his men rode off onto the field to meet your father, Raymon. It was the last time that I would see my father, and the last impression he had of me was fear. We all have our demons and regrets Humfrey, longing for moments before certain events, but out of my own experience I can tell you that it will not matter, there is no way that we can flee from the inevitable, even in our dreams.’’

‘’But what if that event is our personality Amelryc? I know that you claim to be like me but the truth is that you are nothing like me. You might have a similar story to me, and maybe have some of the same motivations but in the end you are the one who did what was right while I am the reason that you are dead. I am the reason that hundreds of men died on that field, and I am the reason that Erren is without a home.’’

I could feel the world darken around me as I spoke these words and before I knew it, my view was as dark as night, the stars only softly giving a light. I slowly looked to my side while my neck was feeling like it was made out of wood. But Amelryc was no longer there, the hooded man that had followed me though my dreams was seated there. I felt paralyzed as the sweet scent that was booming from his clothes reached my nose. A wild terror was screaming from inside of me, begging me to leave as the only visible part of his face, his mouth, twisted into a soft smile. But I could not. I could not even speak. The man proceeded to place his cold hand on the side of my face, and I could softly feel his pulse against my cheek.

‘’I didn’t mean to wake you Humfrey.’’

I opened my eyes wide and terrified. I found myself in my bed again, alone. Through the opened door of my room I could see my loving wife Myranda, who was cradling our newborn son, Amelryc Shermer.

‘’You’re awake.’’

I nodded, and Amelryc laughed as Myranda tickled him.

‘’Pelleas arrived, said Moryn wanted you to travel to Goldengrove.’’

I rose up, wondering what Moryn’s intentions where. There was always that chance of him arresting me for what I did to the Kidwells. Which in retrospect was completely pointless since I did nothing with those new men. There was no way that I could go from here, to advance my power. Unless I overthrew Moryn, but that would look very fishy, if I came forward with another obviously forged claim. No, I couldn’t do that.

‘’Pelleas and Ser Gallen are waiting for you outside my love.’’

I got dressed and hugged my wife along with my newborn son. Then I hugged Raymon, who had come to love me after my battle for Ivy Hall. I guess I gave him more attention than before, and I guess telling someone that you love them does affect their opinion about you.

Outside stood Gallen and Pelleas. Gallen looking the same as he always did, but my brother had become fat at Moryn’s court. And weak. Pelleas had always been more of a bookworm anyway. His training with Gallen that had followed my training was no success. I remember Gallen kicking him in the gut for being such a horrible student, with Pelleas spitting out blood. It was then that I decided that Pelleas his training should be overseen by the maester. My brother became decent at his craft of treasurer and the very day that he turned sixteen he decided that he wanted to spend his days at Moryn’s court. Moryn accepted and I wasn’t even consulted. Moryn might use him as a hostage of course, but if I knew Moryn well enough then I’d say that wasn’t true.


Pelleas stuck out his hand in a cold and unemotional way, like he didn’t mind being away from me for several years. Truth be told I could miss him and his remarks of course, as we both could miss our sister Olenna like toothache. But still, he was my only brother.
I hugged him, which kind of threw him out of his balance.

‘’How have you been Pelleas?’’

Pelleas took a second to take it all in, scanning me from head to toe, looking for my intentions.

‘’All has been well brother. And how are things for you? I heard you fathered another son?’’

I smiled.’’That is true.’’


Gallen smirked. ‘’Yeah, yeah, great and all. But we should go, we got more than enough time to act like women at Lord Moryn’s court.’’

I laughed. ‘’ I guess you’re right Gallen, best to not let our dear Lord Moryn wait.’’

I mounted my new horse, a young one that Gallen jokingly called Deceit.

Goldengrove was the same as I last remembered it, with a great deal of flowers coloring it’s entrance and filling up it’s content. In this entrance stood the smiling Lord Moryn himself, only surrounded by two guards.

‘’I see you brought back our honourable invitees Pelleas.’’

Moryn looked at me with a suspiciously joyeus look as he stood there between the flowers. Of course that could be nothing but still, I wasn’t about to trust this man no matter what. Gallen was at my side though, and would Pelleas really betray me? I was his very own kin. I would have to stay alert though, I told myself that much.

‘’You called for us Moryn, why?’’

Moryn laughed. ‘’Don’t act so on edge Lord Humfrey, it is my pleasure to tell you that this is actually a feast with many interesting fellows. I myself managed to arrange this, and you will love it. Or hate it of course, that is also an option. But please do remember that the people here are not nobodies, and it would be wise to at least keep them on your side. I’m sure you will manage. Please follow me.’’

We followed Moryn though the lush garden that was teeming with life. For me it had always been apparent that Moryn wasn’t that much of a gardener, even though he supposedly was a descendant of Garth Greenhand himself. But most of the things I saw growing here I never saw before.

‘’Do you like them?’’ Moryn said.

‘’I do actually, did you collect all these plants?’’

Moryn shook his head.

‘’I’m afraid my mother did all the work, she loved flowers as you can see. I just maintained her legacy.’’

Moryn pointed towards a row of pale blue roses.

‘’Look over there, are you familiar with the legend of Bael the Bard?’’

‘’Never heard about this bard before.’’

‘’That doesn’t suprise me. You see, it is a legend from the North. If you want the full story just ask any northman you come across, but I will keep it short. There once was a king beyond the wall, named Bael who was called a coward by the king of the North, so he took the disguise of a bard, climbed over the wall and entered winterfell, there he asked the King for the most beautiful flower in winterfell in exchange for some songs. The king thought he meant one of those blue flowers over there, a blue winter rose, and accepted. The next day his daughter was missing, with only a blue winter rose lying in her bed.’’

Moryn laughed.

‘’My mother always loved that story for some reason, and she managed to get a bunch of these flowers from the last Stark king. She was a gardener you see, one of the very last, may they rest in peace.’’

‘’May they rest in peace.’’

We arrived in the grand hall, which had a high ceiling and it’s interior was build out of oak wood. Across the walls the signil of house Rowan was displayed, the golden tree, along with various mounted weaponry, all shields of which marked with the golden tree. The hall was filled with about 30-40 people, seated at two large tables, and many of these faces seemed to be unfamiliar to me, except one. And he rose.

‘’Lord Humfrey Shermer of Smithyton, conqueror of the tournament at Leygood Keep! By the gods you have grown a lot since then little man!’’

Ser Leyton Inchfield embraced me laughing.

‘’Please sit with us Humfrey, and please sit with us Humfrey’s friends!’’

I sat in front of Leyton and we catched up, telling stories from the past six years, although I decided not to mention the whole Ivy Hall incident. Until Gallen brought it up.

‘’He literally jumped at me, like a mad dog!’’

Leyton almost burst out laughing, trying his hardest not the spit out his ale over all of us. Apparently Leyton didn’t care about who was right, and what was disrespectful. Just like Gallen.

Next to Leyton I noticed a middle aged brown haired man talking passionately with a white haired middle aged woman, they managed to ignore Leyton’s presence with ease. Which was no small feat.

‘’I have no appetite in seeing you dodge my requests again and again Harlan. You have to do something, or I WILL. I know him better than anyone here, and it simply can not continue like this.’’

Harlan went silent for a bit, while Leyton’s laugh filled up the space around us.

‘’You best not do that, unless you can convince Rheanys to help our cause, she is your only hope if you want to act. Don’t forget what he has. I did not forget what happened to Loren either, and neither should you. If you decide to act I will not harbor you.’’

‘’Bah, Rheanys hasn’t even been herself for over a year. Something happened to her Harlan, maybe it was Aegon passing, maybe it was something more than that, who knows. Point is there is noone I can count on anymore, and I simply can’t ignore what is happening anymore, yet you can? You will see that you are incorrect about this ordeal. I am certain of that, it is only a matter of time.

The woman glared silently at Harlan, then slowly her gaze moved to meet my eyes.

‘’And you, reachman. Would you harbor your Dowager Queen if the time comes, or do all reachmen decent from mice?’’

‘’I was completely stunned when I realised who was talking to me, she did not look like what I was expecting of her. I was expecting a stunningly beautiful woman who had fire in her eyes. But this was a weathered woman, who had seen her battles, who had fought her battles.

‘’Yes…. yes my lady, anything.’’

She faintly smiled.

‘’Good. Harlan, you best take a hard look at him and remember what you are, because it would seem that you have forgotten.’’

Harlan took a second to measure me up.

‘’With whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?’’

‘’I am a vassel of the Goldengrove my lord, the name is Humfrey Shermer.’’
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Re: The chronicles of Humfrey Shermer (AAR)

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update march 2017

It is save to say that I will never continue writing this, but I played the game out back then, and these are the notes on which I was gonna base the rest of the story:

Spoiler: show
In SMithyton, reach
field of fire just happened
Moryn Lowan my liege
Harlan Tyrell paramount of the reach


teached by Gallen Corbray (wroth proud cruel paranoid), who wields Lady Forlorn


Aegon takes dorne


Civil war starts led by Androw Meadows lord of blueburn
Gallen teaches me to be paranoid and deceitful
Gallen takes me as squire
Mother, Cymoril makes me marry Myranda Doggett (kind, content, diligent)

8003 (act 1)

Meeting Paramount Loren Lannister and attending Tournament
See my first blood as Androw Orme gets maimed
Become Selfish
Gallen starts educating Pelleas


Orys dies of plague
Gallen marries Petola Ball
Become Commander for Moryn
Aegon revokes a great deal of ironborn county's after rebellions
Aegon revokes the stormlands from Orys's his daughter
Gallen knights me, and I become skilled

Quenton (huge, brave) gets us the rights of IVy hall held by Amelryc Kidwell
Pelleas is a squire for Gallen

Gallen devotes most time to training troops now
Petola (kind, content diligent) becomes spymaster
myranda Pregnant

stillborn son
Donal Swann becomes the stormlander paramount

8008 (act 2)

New Lord commander Orbert Caswell
Aegon killed by Ser Doss of the kingsguard (mountain clansman, ruthless, creal)
New kings is Aemon who is insane, declared incapable shorly after by Loren Lannister
Tourney of leygood keep
defeat ser androw in battle, who is ruthless, wroth
ser steffon Graves who is deceitful and patient, we go head to head but I win
Leyton Inchfield, who is fat and gregarious, I defeat him and win the tourney
During the tourney our maester dies
Loren eaten by Balerion


Pelleas now teached by my new maester, Hobert because he's a good steward but no fighter
Lord Moryn invites me to a feast in the goldengrove
Grandmaester Marwyn is regent now instead of Loren
Myranda Pregnant Again
Ser Dermot of the Kingsguard (disfigured brave and stubborn) now rides Balerion
Son is born, Raymon Shermer


Lord Linden Oakheart hosts Tournament of Old Oak, I don't fight, Ser Arus wins (sloth kind, Zealous)

war with Amelrye Kidwell for Ivyhall
Gallen kills Amelryc in single combat during the battle of Smithyton
we lose that battle
mercenaries aid us and we take the Ivy Hall, capturing erren and forcing him to sign
Myranda Pregnant again


Son born, I name him Amelrye
My son Raymon Betrothed to Lynesse


Pelleas joins Moryn in Goldengrove
I become commander again for Moryn
My sister Olenna becomes betrothed to an 8 year old


party of 8014,
where Visenya Targaryen/Leyton Inchfield/Paramount harlan attend

Tourney at goldengrove, hosten by Moryn.
I defeat Lord Aemon Redding
I face Gallen Corbray in the final round, he defeats me


Septon stole money and fled
Harrold Cuy hosts tournament of sunhouse, I lose round one by randyll Knarsdale
Ser Harrold Appleton, who fights incredible, wins
Paramount Harlan murdered, followed by Owen, (who is deceitful rude cruel wroth)


Raymon now gets trained by Gallen, is a sloth
Lord Paramount Owen gets executed by the iron throne, so grandmaester Marwyn
New Paramount is 1 year old child Victor Tyrell
Status update pictures


Amelrye also tutored by Gallen
Ser Quenton has a son, Garth
Tourney at Longtable
I meet Harrold Appleton in battle, he wins
Harrold defeats aemon redding in the final
the excommunicated visenya joins my court, with vhagar
Become great friends with Leyton Inchfield after drinking


Robett defeats Ser Doss the kingslayer in the final round
Myranda Pregnant again
Gallen leaves for lord Moryn
Visenya takes over the childrens education
tourney at greenshield, the 16 year old obert hunt defeats me
Leyton defeats Gallen
20 year old Osmyn Tarly defeats Leyton in the final round
My daughter Ceryse is stillborn
the high septon tries to imprison Visenya but I defend her
alester finally marries olenna
I invite Osmyn to my court, he accepts
Ser Quenton died


Tourney at grassyvale
facing the brother of Amelryc, the landless Lorent Kidwell, I defeat him
Walys Dunn defeats me (21.5) only Visenya is better (22)
Osmyn defeats Leyton
Walys defeats Osmyn and wins the tournament
Rheanys Targaryen dies
Aemon tames Meraxes
pelleas is plotting to kill me, lets say Gallen informs me


beyond the wall king Arson of Winter Keep takes the wall
raymon a poor fighter so far, and amelryc is already better than me
Amelryc defeats me 1 on 1
I'm training Mervyn, son of Osmyn


The king beyond the wall executed Orbert Caswell, the Lord commander
the new commander, donnor stark reconquers brandons gift
Paramount Brandon Stark attacks Arson to restore the nightswatch
Harrold Appleton dies, impaled at a tourney
aemon apparently sold someone into slavery and is not incapable anymore, but hes excommunicated
aemon gave his brother Valarr the paramountcy of the iron islands
Gallen is very sick and went insane


I declare war on Osmyn, for indepency
Visenya and Osmyn at my side
we lose the initial fight, even tho vhagar did his thing
hire mercenaries and besiege goldengrove, where pelleas and Gallen are
Visenya flies inside with me on vhagars back, taking all relatives of Moryn prisoner
I talk to Gallen, who is seriously injured sick and insane
Then our army returns to smithyson where Moryn is
In the battle I meet Ser Oswain Webber in personal combat, he runs
I win and become independant of goldengrove
I knight Visenya
Aemon rapes another wife
Leyton Inchfield is murdered
I take Mervyn as squire
new lord commander, Osmyn the Tickler


Due to a faction becoming real big I decide to push for abolition of monarchy right now,
me visenya and Osmyn march in hopes of grabbing Victor, we soon split up, Osmyn leading a small group
to distract the main attacking force, while me and visenya besiege highgarden
the plan works, visenya captures victor and we win
Pelleas begs for forgiveness and I do, I grant him Smithyton while I rule from highgarden
I grant Ivy hall to Lorent Kidwell, brother of Amelryc restoring their family, both vassels go to Moryn

Meet Garth around this time, jail him. Release him for a lot of cash.
Gallan has a daughter, Eldacey

war for abolition of iron throne
Osmyn Tarly and vhagar killed in battle
visenya crippled and Aemon wounded
we somehow win the battle, white peace


Grandaughter born, Janna
war in the reach for council power led by Hosman Varner
Send letter to aemon to demand hosman to stop, it works
I get inducted into the small council as advisor
Lanselyn Lannister arrives at my court


Martyn Hightower declares another war for council power
we concentrate our troops in Cider Hall, Moryn and my son Raymon at my side, Gallen as bodyguard for Moryn
We lose a mayor battle, and Moryn gets captured
We retreat our remaining troops to Ivy Hall, and both sons are at my side now
Martyn Hightower attacks us, 9000 vs 15000
We lose and lose the war, I surrender personally to Martyn who wields vigilance


I turn 40
Tourny at Ivy Hall, hosted by Lorent Kidwell
I defeat Gwayne Hutcheson
I wound Ser Leyton, defeat him after
Ser arys defeats me in the final round
Aemon gives visenya a new dragon egg, she hatches it and it's called Famlyre
Lord Edwyd Wesbrook and Martyn Hightower manage to get even more council power
Tourny at Holyhall
Ser Tristram takes me out immediatly

Humfrey is murdered, Garth the Monstrous did it but he gets away with it.
Funeral Speech by Visenya, Pelleas and Gallen. Other attendee's are all lords of the reach, including Garth.



Lord Moryn becomes incapable and dies
Garth the monstrous attacks Pelleas to get Reynard Florent (11) on the throne


Aemon somehow Maimed
Gallen fights against Pelleas during the war
Garth wins and Archon Pelleas is dethroned, the reach has a paramount again with Reynard Florent.


Petola Ball dies of Gonorrhea she got from Gallen.
Aemon dies from his maiming, Valarr inherits


Lyman Lannister, son of Loren revolts against Valarr, Pelleas helps Valarr


During this war Pelleas gets slain in personal combat vs Roland 2 of Crakehall
Raymon, son of Humfrey inherits.
Gallen gets a new wife and kid.
Androw Orme finally dies, of depression


Gallen dies of gonorrhea. Lady Forlorn returns to the Vale.


The war between Lyman and Valarr ends, Lyman loses.
Melwys Tully loses all his land and is executed by Valarr
Martyn Hightower dies of a natural death.


Lyman loses all his land


Cymoril dies a natural death
Eldacey marries the heir to house corbray and current wielder of Lady Forlorn, who trained with ser pearse of barlebury
the entire Shermer family somehow gets captured by the new lord of Oldtown,
Amelryc Shermer loses his eyes and is released.


Lyman lannister dies a natural death


Mervyn Tarly inherits Hornhill


Garth gets murdered
Olenna dies a natural death
Visenya dies, was crippled and blinded from age. But fully aware.
Raymon Shermer Castrated by hightower, he has no son. Pelleas his son is also castrated.


Myranda dies infirm


Victor Tyrell dies from the dreaded plague, while still a slave


with the death of the childless Rhalla the Targaryens die out and Veamond Velaryon becomes king


The only Targaryen Bastard, qoherys storm rides Balerion and is king of the iron isles
Balerion kills Flamlyre in an meaningless civil war from the iron isles, Vhagars line dies out


Qoherys fights for independance and is legitimized as targaryen


Qoherys loses and is captured, reach declares to liberate him


Qoherys released and marries osmyn tarly's great granddaughter. apparently valarr is his father.


The shadowy figure in Humfrey's dreams is actually Garth, the idea was that it was a vision of my impending death
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