READ THIS: Suggestions Guide

Post your ideas on how the mod can be improved or features you would like to see.

READ THIS: Suggestions Guide

PostPosted by blackninja9939 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:50

This forum is to be used to post suggestions you have for the mod.

All posts will be read but not all will be responded to. Do not bump your thread repeatedly because you think we have not seen it, we have.

If you have a suggestion, do a brief check of other recent threads to make sure you are not posting the same things someone else has already done.

Make a thread for each new suggestion, unless you are posting a group of changes to one thing.
eg: Make two threads if you have a suggestion for the Kings Guard and the Slavery System, make one thread if you have two suggestions for the Wildlings.

When you make a suggestion be as clear as possible in what you are trying to convey, make the suggestions specific and not just "more events" or other such vague phrases.

When reporting about a portrait not looking good, instead of saying "THAT PORTRAIT LOOKS BAD XYZ CHARACTER NEEDS A NEW ONE" providing dna code as well as reasoning for why it doesn't look good would be appreciated (eg: doesn't fit book description). To get the dna for a character, open up the ruler designer and make a portrait you think would look better then once in game use the console and type in charinfo and hover the mouse over the characters portrait and record the dna and properties listed in the tooltip.
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