Candied Dornish Meth, Hardcore Conditioning or maybe Varys?

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Candied Dornish Meth, Hardcore Conditioning or maybe Varys?

PostPosted by cyanidebaby » Wed Sep 21, 2016 00:20

Kids aren't usually that...stabby. What did Qyburn do to them? They became Ramsay Bolton's ready-made heir material in maybe a few weeks. What do you suspect?


Book Varys is more overtly ruthless than show Varys, so it wouldn't have worked for him to kill Pycelle himself-especially since the moon tea Marg accusations never happened and Kevan got blown up in the sept. In this respect at least, Anton Lesser's Qyburn fits the assassin role nicely, but he got 30 or so kids to brutally stab people! I've heard people call him Westerosi Josef Mengele, he's a scientist and a convincing manipulator, so it's certainly possible he drugged or brainwashed them, but I sort of wondered if Varys still secretly controlled the little birds, found out the Pycelle assassination plot and the wildfire stuff and let it happen so that more people hate the queen, only then to resume control in Westeros and have them turn on Cersei's new plotting buddy.
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Re: Candied Dornish Meth, Hardcore Conditioning or maybe Var

PostPosted by armychowmein » Thu Sep 22, 2016 19:45

Yeah, the TV show makes Varys look like a loveable teddy bear who schemes well. In the books, that dude is effin ruthless.
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Re: Candied Dornish Meth, Hardcore Conditioning or maybe Var

PostPosted by LancelotLoire » Mon Sep 26, 2016 14:32

I have to be that guy... TV Varys is drooling when compared to book Varys. Book Varys brought about the chaos in the seven kingdoms (War of the five kings and the aftermath) as well as ensuring that said chaos remained. This entire plot was to ensure the 7 kingdoms were weakened for a return by Aegon to conquer and restore order. Aegon having been raised since his youth to not only rule but to also understand the realm of lesser men. And of course there is the whole spiriting away of a certain Edric Storm and a Lannister cousin. The removal of Aegon from the tv show means that Varys entire plan rested on Viserys and/or Daenerys.. One who is killed before the war event starts by a savage horseshagger.. The other a girl who has been heading in the complete wrong direction for this entire time... AND, who has so far shown herself to be a terrible ruler.
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Re: Candied Dornish Meth, Hardcore Conditioning or maybe Var

PostPosted by Max14354 » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:52

If the kids thing really bothers you I can give you a reasonanle explanation. Those were poor kids in the middle ages, who lived their whole lifes in extremely bad conditions, this kind of upbringing generates a thing called psychopathy, happens all the time in Brazil where little kids steal and kill at the age of 10. Thats how Qyburn gets them to do what he wants, no need for him to brainwash them.
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