The White Dragon (Targ AAR)

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The White Dragon (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Sat Oct 22, 2016 04:36

(Not going to have any images on the preface. Also, i am brazilian, so any bad english its probably because of that. Also i rewrote the preface.)

Send feedback :D

Hello everyone! Ive had a very good ideia and i thought it would be fun to try it out, you will see it on the prologue or on the first chapter. Anyways, i began my game on Robert's Rebellion, playing as Aerys. They won the war, obviously, but at the end of it, Aerys is deppressed for some strange reason and he commits suicide, right when he and Rhaegar are having a metting.
Rhaegar is now king and he is meciful with everyone, sending Robert to take the black. So, after that, i played untill 300 AC, and i got a dragon in the process. Our story begins when Rhaegar decides to hold a feast in the name of Aegon, the Conqueror, commemorating the 300th of the conquest of Westeros.

Some basic information you nee to know is that Jon Arryns dead, beingSucceeded by another Jon(which i will call Jon II), this Jon got accused of killing some Martell family members, and thus the Martells called a meeting with him, in which he was a complete a-hole, and there began the war of the Lying Viper. Jon II tried to make the crown intervene, but Rhaeger said something among the lines, "you began this by yourself, now end this yourself". Jon II clearly got very angry at that.
Anyways, Rhaegar also hatches a dragon in the begining of the year 299. The rest down below is just for curiosity and is poor written because i rushed through it and i believe i didn't ever read it afterwards.

What happened in between that and our history?

282 - 292 AC: Nothing really happens in these 10 years besides Robert's Rebellion. To get some info, the Burning of Greenward was the battle that won the war. Rhaegar was in a bad situation; 2 of Robert's armies were attacking him with full force; but he didn't lose his mind, and he got into positon on a hill nearby the florest of Greenward. He then poured oil in the florest in front of them, and prepared thousands of flaming arrows. In less than a day the florest was ready to become hell, and so it did. When the soldiers came with their shining armour, they burnt, when the horses came galloping, they burnt, and when the lords came shouting orders, they burnt.
Months later, when Rhaegar arrived on Kingslanding, he demanded a metting with his father. In the metting, Aerys commited suicide. Some saying that he burnt himelf, and others saying that he had thrown himself of the Red Keep. It didn't matter how he died. But it mattered that Rhaegar was king now, and he was a merciful one, freeing the lords that rose against him father, sending Robert Baratheon to take the black and taking Lyanna Stark as his queen.
-Robert is known as Robert the Unworthy
- Jon Arryn dies when Randyll Tarly kills him in battle, being succeeded by a cousin, also named Jon. him being 8 years old

291 - 293 AC: The Grey Plague spreads through the Reach, killing Mace Tyrell and 4 of his children, Garlan, Reynard, Julyia and Emmyn Tyrell, leaving only Willas and Loras.

295 - 297 AC: Doran Martell's vassals feed rumours of Jon II Arryn cospiring against him, and some even led him to believed that his long dead Brother, Lewyn Martell, was killed by Jon I Arryn. Enraged, he demanded a metting to disprove these accusations. They did met, but it soon turned into a bloodbath, Doran getting out wounded, but with no noble deaths. There, it began the Lying Viper war, as the Arryns and Maesters of the Citadel called it
Jon, knowing that the dornishmen were fearsome fighters and that he was the last Arryn surviving, he desperately asked the crown to intervene. Rhaegar refused, saying that Jon began this war by himself and now needs to end it by himself
The first major battle was fought in 296 AC, happening in the Crab's Shore, where Dorne attacked and raided the areas outside the Bloody gate. Jon attacked, and although he had the numeric advantage, Doran had the terrain advantage, taking high ground on the hills of the Vale. Spears rained in the knights, horses died and fleed in panic. A victory of the Dornishmen.
The second major battle was a counter-attack of the Vale. The main force attacked them in front, the castle levys flanked them from behind and reinforciments came fron the left and right. Surrounded the dornishmen killed many, but died in the thousands too. After that, the dornishmen retreated to the Bloddy Gate. Big mistake, they were stuck between there and their enemies. The battle raged, Doran was capturated and the war was over.

298 - 299: In Rhaegar's stay on summerhal, he found a strange rock in a oval form, with ice Blue scales. He decided it looked like a dragon egg, and he brought with him. In the beginning of the year of 299, Rhaegar has a compulsion to go into his and room and....... Well, he dosen't know what happned. He only remembers that he entered his room, and when he came back to consciouness he had a Ice Blue dragon on his lap, hot, hissing and smokes coming out of him. He named him Baelax

- Family trees to better understanding
- Prologue.(Sorry for not having images yet, there will be plenty in the actual AAR. Will do family trees aswell. Also i am Brazilian, so poor writing, ya know why)
- Chap. 1
- Chap. 2
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by DorlasAnther » Sat Oct 22, 2016 08:11

So...are you some clone of myself? Some time ago, I had playthrough where I started as Aerys during Robert´s Rebellion, won it, commited suicide, colonized Summerhall with Rhaegar and found dragon egg at the end of century, when I also hatched it (I think it was also in year 299).
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Sat Oct 22, 2016 18:45

DorlasAnther wrote:So...are you some clone of myself? Some time ago, I had playthrough where I started as Aerys during Robert´s Rebellion, won it, commited suicide, colonized Summerhall with Rhaegar and found dragon egg at the end of century, when I also hatched it (I think it was also in year 299).

Lol, i dont think so, but honestly, things go to shit. Not gonna lie aswell, to make this scenario possible i did a lot of console, but the rest of it i didnt really used much of it. You'll see when i begin writing it!
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Sat Oct 22, 2016 20:55

Here it is, the family tree, here are the names. Btw pretend that the guy without a number is 15, he is Viserys also, Rhaegar brother.
I also forgot about Stannis of the stormlands, he is 35, but ya'll know Stannis the Mannis, also Balon, he is 45 and he is still a cunt. Theres also the dragon, baelax, but ya'll know dragons so ye.

Targaryen Family

    1. Rhaegar Targaryen - age 40
    2. Lyanna Stark nee Targaryen - age 33
    3. Rhaenys Targaryen - Elia Martell daughter - age 19
    4. Aegon Targaryen - Elia Martell son - age 17
    5. Visenya Targaryen - age 15
    6. Jon Targaryen - age 13
    7. Maerys Targaryen - age 11
    8. Aerea Targaryen - age 9
    9. Daemon Targaryen - age 4
    10. Matarys Targaryen - age 1


    11. Eddard Stark - age 36
    12. Hoster Tully - age 60
    13. Jon II Arryn - age 24
    14. Doran Martell - age 51
    16. Willas Tyrell - age 23
    17. Tyron Lannister - age 26
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Sat Oct 22, 2016 23:59

Gonna rewrite the Prologue
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Sun Oct 23, 2016 15:59

Rewrote the preface, hope its better now
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Mon Oct 24, 2016 02:11

Prologue: A Feast of Red and Black

"He likes you", Rhaegar said to his unaware son. Baelax had blue and white scales, giving him an icy look, contrasting with his black teeth and claws, his horns looked like the purest snow, his wings white gradient with blue, his eyes like the deep ocean and from the little Rhaegar had saw, his flames were a shining yellow, blinding you when you saw it. The dragon played with Jon, biting and scrathing him, while Jon let out little grunts of pain or effort. The beast was the size of a big dog, and was very strong. "If he'd like me he wound't bit me", Jon said, clearly enjoying himself. He sat up, with Baelax on his lap, hissing with joy. "Thats how dragons play", they both smiled while Baelax flapped his wings, landing smoothly on the bed close by, turning his head and hissing.

Rhaegar coudn't help but feel jealous from the son. The dragon loved him, and they were always together. Jon even taught commands to him, like dracarys. Rhaegar was always careful not to say that near the dragon, as it made him breathe fire and, well, it obviously burnt things, and the last thing he wanted was something getting on fire as dragonfire had shown itself extremely hard to put out when Maerys accidentaly said that in the courtyard, burning good wooden swords.

"You should take a bath, the feast is going to begin soon", Jon got up, looking at Rhaegar like he always did when there was a feast or a meeting of some kind. Rhaegar knew he didn't like those, and that he'd play with his brothers and sister rather than stay on a dull feast. "At least greet all the guests, then 'ill let you go outside with your brothers."

"and sister", he laughed. Aerea preferred to stay with his brothers and play with her bow, staying as far away from the "boring ladies", as she always liked to say, "i want to be like Visenya, not my sister, but Aegon's, the Conqueror sister-wife, she was an warrior, she also rode a dragon into battle and i will too!". Rhaegar couldn't do anything but to tell her to not get in any trouble.

It was going to be a busy day to Rhaegar. He had to check the kitchens, making sure that every dish was delicious. There would be 35 dishes with all kinds of meats; deers, pigeons, fish, capons, sturgeons, cows, pigs, etc; all accompanied by many vegetables; onions, parsnips, fennels, garlics, shallots, lettuces, etc; and spices from all over the world, Myr, Pentos, Yunkai, Astapor and Meeren.

After he made sure that the cooks were working at their best, Rhaegar walked through the halls of red stones of the Red Keep until he got to the Great Hall.There he found the three-headed dragon hanging from the walls, the candles on the lenghty table and the big tablecloth proudly showing the red and black of his family. As soon as he got in, he met his beloved wife, Lyanna Stark, the one he won a war for. He gave her a deep kiss, she enjoyed it, but gently pushed him back, "after", she said. Rhaegar smiled. He didn't see all the other nobles around the great table until he wrapped his arm on his lover's waist and began the relatively long walk to the dais.

Willas Tyrell and his brother, Loras, the only surviving sons of Mace Tyrell, that was caught by the Grey Plague, together with other 4 of his children. With him, some of his vassals talked to each other, the Hightowers, Florents and Ashfords. Tyrion Lannister, with his wife and only daughter. The Imp was very good and fun friend, and he talked with his brother and sister. With him came the Kennings, Crackehalls, Paynes, Braxes and Sarsfields. Jon Arryn laughed at a joke from one of his vassals. Around him standed members of big families of the Vale, Corbarys, Waynwoods, a Baelish and Moores. Doran Martell standed as far away from Jon as possible. The men sorrounding him bore the banners of the Daynes, Blackmonts Jordayne and Ullers.Hoster Tully sat on the dais, with his grandchildren, no riverlords came to the feast, he was only there because he sat in the small council table.

It was a slow walk to the dais, being courteous and greeting the guests. When they finnaly got there, Aegon sat besides the king's chair, a magnificent one at that, detailed with rubies and black silk. He sat there. "Did you see your brothers?"

Aegon pointed to the Great Hall door, where the nobles washed their hands, and these immediately got greeted by three royal princes and one royal princess. Jon, Maerys, Daemon and Aerea greeted every noble entering the Hall."Did you say that they would go play in the courtyard if they greeted everyone?"

"Did you expect me to say, no, you will stay here against your will...?", Aegon frowned, enjoying himself.

"I heard kings need to be cruel and rule with an iron fist", Aegon said, making a playful expression. The only thing Rhaegar loved more than his son was Lyanna. He remembered the first time Aegon won when they were sparring with wooden swords. He was so happy he jumped, but he was quickly in the ground when he was tripped by his father, never let your guard down, Rhaegar said proudly, its an advantage to a smart opponent. From that day on, Aegon never seemed to let his guard down, even though he dropped jokes whenever he had the chance, he always brought his sword everywhere he went, even in feasts and meetings.

Rhaegar came back from the past when Jon grabbed his arm, "we greeted everyone! Can we go now?", Rhaegar looked through the windows, its going to rain, "you can, but don't get wet", Jon prepared to run away with his brothers and sister but was interrupted when Rhaegar grabbed his arm, "or dirty".

"We won't!", Jon said as he ran away. Rhaegar called Arthur Dayne, "go with them, and make sure they don't get in trouble, bring Barristan with you", Dayne looked around, frowning, "yes, your grace", he said reluctantly, Rhaegar watched as the man in white armour walked away.

"Rhaegar", Lyanna said in the softest voice, making Rhaegar's heart beat a little faster, "how about a toast?"

"of course", he smiled and grabbed his glass of wine, got up and threw his arm in the air, dropping wine on his cloth, "lords and ladies", he rotated his waist as silence fell into the room, metting all the eyes on him, "today we commemorate the 300th year since the conquest of Westeros!", he smiled even harded, showing his white teeth, "a toast for Aegon, the Conqueror!", he yelled as so many others did, Aegon, The Conqueror! Aegon, The Conqueror! Aegon, The Conqueror! And then began a feast of red and black


Prologue, Part 2

Jon sparred with Maerys, wooden swords in hand, while Arthur observed and tutored the young boys. He and Maerys loved to spar, they did it all the time, but clearly Jon was better, winning 3/4 of the "rounds". Aerea trained her bow skills and the young Daemon played with Baelax. Father didn't like Aerea playing with swords and bows, but she always said that she wanted to be like Visenya, mount a dragon and fight in wars. None of them had silver hair besides Daemon, and all the ladies told him that he was beautiful, but he didnt't look any better than the others with the ruined clothes he used, all dirty and wet from the rain that began falling. Barristan looked up into the sky, only to be met with grey,brown and even a little of white in the sky. The sun hid in the horizon, making the day look red together with all the shades of grey and black. The day is all of red and black, like my house's banner.

"how about we go inside now kids?", he said as he turned around to see Jon helping Maerys get up from the mudd, fathers not gonna like this, Jon thought. Barristan sighed, and was about to say something, but the bold man was interrupted by the sounds of yelling from inside.

Aerea saw the preocupation on both kingsguard's faces, she was a quick learner, and she knew to read expressions, "its just a feast", she said putting down the bow, "men yell at feasts". Arthur walked over to stand next to Barristan, "i think Barristan is right. Let's get inside"

"but i wanna stay with Baelax!", Baelax was on Daemon's muddy lap, hissing at the rain, "Father dosen't let him inside when theres feasts!".

The yells didn't stop. Jon parried one of Maery's attacks, then he extended his hand, showing his palm to his brother, "stop, stop", he said, almost whispering it, "You two shouldn't worry about it", putting down his sword, he looked at the door, "my father has --". Jon saw a thin layer of a red liquid coming down the steps, mixing with the water of the rain, he felt his heart beating faster than he thought it was possible, wine, its just --.

The door busted open to reveal a shine of light, blinding his eyes. Now the yells could be properly heard, but not only that, the screams of dying men, the cry of a baby and the sharp sound of steel beating against steel. The air smelled smoke and burnt meat. His eyes adjusted to light, he then met the eyes of Aegon, it seemed he would cry. Suddently, a shadow came behind him and violently threw a kick into his back, pushing him foward and making him fall into the stairs, rolling down and metting the ground with a horrible sound. Each blow the stairs gave on Aegon seemed to hurt more on Arthur and on himself. Did he give up?

Jon could not even think about it. He never saw his brother give up.

"Aegon!", Barristan Selmy yelled as he unsheated the sword, Arthur did the same. A soldier followed by two more slowly walked down the stairs, proudly showing the rose on their surcoats, "look at what we've got here!", the man in the middle said out loud, extending his arms outside, like he would give a hug on Barristan, " 2 old men and 5 dragons!", Jon saw Aegon crawling with only one arm in their direction, his legs were twisted, and Jon could now see the blood on his clothes, he also saw the pain in his brother's face. He's crying now. "You're going to kill those kids", the man said, pointing his sword at Jon, "in order of king Viserys". Barristan face showed horror and rage, "Viserys is not a king!"

The man laughed, "he is, now that his brother is dead, and all his children --", Arthur could hear no more, he advanced and the man was quickly thrown down, with a cracked skull, then the dance began. Jon saw his brother, still crawling in their direction, he ran to met him, as everyone else did "what did they do to you?!" Jon now cried like a baby, with his hand holding his brother head up, touching his silver hair. Aegon never lets anyone touch is hair, he thought as his brother died in front of him, "they.... father and.....", he began sobbing, "and the baby..... the baby Jon", Matarys?. His purple eyes glistened with the Great Hall's light as he smoothly grabbed Jon's muddy cloak, trying to find a support for his fading life, "i tried to.... to protect them..... i failed Jon...."

"JON!", he heard as he came back to reality, Barristan's face was bloodied and one of the men was in flames, laying dead on the ground, black as our banner, "we need to go now!", Barristan yelled while his sister cried, Daemon was on Arthur's arms, Maerys had his mouth open, but refused to cry and Baelax hissed on his arms. Jon got up, and ran as fast as he could. They went through the city, seeing the smallfolk as they cursed or yelled when they pushed someone out of the way. They arrived to the port, Arthur yelled something that Jon couldn't remember, and they got into a ship, not a big one, as Jon was used to, but a fishing ship.

Jon watched as the land went away, togheter with father and mom. And my sister Visenya, who is probably dead aswell. And Matarys, who didn't even knew how to walk. And Aegon's sons. He didn't remember their names.

Many people died, he was sure, but he could only think about them. Viserys will pay with Fire and Blood.
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

PostPosted by Mistefar » Mon Oct 24, 2016 02:11

rewrote the prologue too.
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Re: Of Ice and Fire: The Bloody Century (Targ AAR)

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Chapter 1: The Dragon's Nest

Jon lost sight of King's Landing a few hours ago, but when they were slowly drifting away from everything Jon ever knew, they saw the lights on the now dark city, and they heard the steel distantly in the maze of streets of the capital. With was unberable; Jon was trembling and he could still feel his heart fastly going bum, bum, bum, bum. When he gazed at the deep pool of darkness of the Blackwater Bay, he rose his head, and for a moment he thought all the stars were gone, but then he realized it was still raining.

No one dared to open their mouth since they got into the fishing boat, but Jon didn't mean to stay quiet after what happened. He turned around to met Arthur and Barristan, still in their white armour, their cloaks dirty and bloddied. Aerea sat in the middle of the tiny boat; she was beautiful and although she didn't have the silver hair of the Targaryens, she had the purple eyes, the soft skin bathed in white and gold and her brown hair of a northerner just added a strange and unnatural beauty to her; Maerys was standing next of Aerea, with Baelax on his arms, hissing and moving uncomfortably. It looked like he glowed white and blue in the darkness.

Jon wondered how Daemon slept after everything they've been throught; He was a true Targaryen on apperance, silver hairs, purple eyes and the softest skin Jon had ever touched; it took a while to realize there was not only 5 people in there . He glanced at a tired silhouette in the dark. He quickly met the eyes of an old man with barely any hair. He was probably the man Arthur yelled at when they ran from the Red Keep, the owner of the small ship. He decided not to speak.


The old man had died on the third day, but no one had noticed until the smell became unbearable, and when they saw it, it wasan't long before the body was floating in the light blue waters of the Narrow Sea. Barristan said they were going to Essos, that they would sell their white armour and cloaks and buy some lands, planning to build an army to strike back at Viserys. No one was sure of what happened there, but it was clearly a betrayal. Murdered in a feast in their own castle. They deserved better.

Each day was worse than the other; One day the sun burned Arthur and Barristan (the Targaryen children didn't seem to mind the sun), and the next day brought rain and storms with it. Jon was sure that they would drown every time it happened, and althought he didn't like to feel wet the entire day, at least they had water. What did bother them was the fish they had to eat everyday. It was raw and probably expired, but no one was willing to starve to death, so they ate it anyways. They even tried to heat up the fish with Baelax's fire, but he'd burn it whenever they tried

When Jon glimpsed the land far away in the seventh day he would have jumped if he had the forces to do it. "Land...", he spoke lowly and less excited than he really was. It was enought to make Barristan uncomfortably move and sit up. The bold man looked at the distant land as everyone else did, and an smiled appeard on his face.

"Myr", he softly resounded. Jon looked closely and he saw it. the remote people moving throught the markets of Myr ;with their colourful hairs and clothes; the ships on the port, big and magnificent, with fearsome creatures or beautiful ladies carved in their hulls. It was a wasteland of orange and yellow, blue and red, white and black. The land was slowly coming to met their pitful fishing ship. Go faster damn ship, Jon thought as he shook the boat railing, thinking that it would make a bit faster. It felt like it did.

When they arrived at the port, the boat crashed on dirt and grass, where a family of poor slaves worked to clean the clothes of their masters. Jon had heard of slaves, and it was a repugnant ideia for him. But as long as someone can help us...They jumped out of the boat, Jon being the last one. He had Baelax on his arms, the dragon hissed, and now Jon realized how dangerous it was to bring the dragon in a foreing city like that. "You know this place Barristan?", Jon asked while he grabbed the old man's hand and leaped off the boat

"I've been here quite a few times", he replied, the way he talked hinted the effort he was making to bring Jon up, "and i know someone that could help us."

"Do you?", they began following Barristan through the crowd of colours contrasting with the dirty slaves and with themselves; they stank raw fish, their clothes were dirty, their hairs were tousled and you could see the blood in the former kingsguard's cloaks.

"Your father sent me on missions here when you were a baby", my father, everytime anyone mentioned his family another piece of his broken heart seemed to fall upon the ground. They entered a dirty and less colorful street, which was still very colourful. "And when you stay in here for more than 5 months you make some friends, your grace". Every time someone called him your grace he felt like he was replacing his father, and that he would never be as good as he was. Jon saw slaves working on a building, carrying heavy stones here and there, a man was selling magnificent armours, swords, maces, halberds and spears, all of which were ornamented with gold, rubies and saphires. He saw many people selling clothes and jewelry. A woman sat in the middle of the road, with a dead baby on her hands, and naked children played on a dirty water puddle, on the side of the streets. The nobles stayed away from them.

Barristan stopped and began staring at a Myrish that wore only rags,. He looked tiny at first, but when he got up to stare back at Barristan he became a robust mountain, he had a light beard and a dark hair, with brown eyes. Barristan said some gibberish in another language. High Valyrian. Grand Maester Pycelle had begun to teach him high valyrian, but he died of a heart attack before he could get a grasp on it. The stupid maester they sent from the Citadel was so useless he didn't know high valyrian.

Arthur had his hand on the grip of Dawn when the man jumped up, but after a moment the tall man smiled and led the group inside a house close by. More like a palace. The building was big enough the hosting of at least half a hundred people, the outside was decoraded with plants and flowers, with statues of bats on the entrance. The ornaments of corridors and walls were all of a pinky red and white, with a banner with 3 white bats in a pink field hanging on the way to a lustful room. Jon assumed it to be Great Hall. The tall man was a slave of a fat individual. This one had an enourmous belly, all of it covered with beautiful tunic contaning his banner's colours.

Barristan and him chatted, and something he said made the fat man look at Jon, "So you are the king?", he said with an unusual accent. Jon never heard a myrish talk in the common tongue, but he already hated it. The man frowned when he saw the dragon on his arms, who was in silence for once. "Is that the dragon they talk so much about?", he smiled, "My name is Gyloro Trellos. Gyrolo The Old, if you want"

"His name is Baelax. The dragon... If you want", an smiled slipped from Gyloro when Aerea said that. He turned around and led them to pretty table with a tablecloth filled with green and white, apples painted in red, haging from purple flowers. What got Jon's attention was the amount of food on that table, it made him realize how hungry he was.

"I heard stories of what happened. Unfortunate, very unfortunate", he said as everyone sat on the chairs and grasped a fruit or a meat of the silver plates. He seemed to try no to show his disgust for their clothes and smell, sicker for their apperance more than anything, but failed miserably anyways. "Let's be direct. Give me the dragon and i'll give you everything you need". Jon almost choke on his food

"I will win the wars to come with Baelax", the man seemed dissapointed

"You won't win any war if you don't have an army",he tried to touch Baelax, but the beast almost ate his finger.

"There's other nine cities i can go to", Jon learned to have a sharp tongue with Aegon, the brother who... He couldn't think of if in that moment.

"And in those nine cities they'll want your dragon." the man said buntly.

"And i won't give him", Jon said as he leaned foward, almost falling off the chair, which was too tall for him, "but when i hold the throne, you can ask anything of me. Anything but my dragon."

The man made a hum noise as he was sitting in one of the chairs, spreading his fat and letting it go made him look like a monster, "Pentos. Never liked Magister illyrio. If you win the throne will you help me take some land for myself?", he said. Jon could see the hope in his expression. He looked at Barristan, he nodded ever so slightly, then he looked for Arthur and he sent an encouraging look, he looked at beautiful Aerea and at Maerys, at Daemon and at Baelax. I don't care about Pentos...

"Nothing will be easier."


"Legend tells that they were visited by the incarnation of the Seven", Arthur went up and down, following the movement of his horse, "and the Seven crowned their first king, Hugor of the Hill". The Andal Coast was an arid place, and Jon felt the salt in the air. the wind sent clouds of sand up and the rocky formations gave it an ancient look. A sea of rock and sand. Arthur knew a lot about the Andals and during the trip his stories were certanly entertaining, the Andal Invasion was Jon's favorite story. He was happy to have the first men's blood running through his veins, they were so strong they pushed the andals back south with the help of the children of the forest when they tried to conquer westeros. The sun reflected on Baelax's scales, hiding his blue and showing off his blinding white. They saw the castle in the distance, which was named Andal Coast oddly enough.

It wasan't like Myr or any of the other free cities, this was a true castle, with a moat and a barbican between the castle and the drawbridge. It was made out of the orange stone of Essos, blending well with the desert if it wasn't for the sea close by. Guards stood tall in the barbican's towers when they reached the drawbridge, which was immediately raised when the soldiers saw the three-headed dragon approaching. The flags were given by Gyloro. "Your grace", the guards mummed when they entered the fortified outpost. A boy silently waited in there.

"Take care of the horses", Arthur said as the group of royal princes went in. He's probably a slave.

A man in a brown robe came to met the king, "Your grace", his necklace was made out of many metals; silver, copper, bronze, yellow gold and pale steel, "may i present your room?"

Jon glanced at the slave boy, " i'll stay here for a moment, you can wait in the courtyard, i won't take long", the man prepared to walk away, but he was interrupted by the king, "and... How did a maester get here?", Aerea frowned, she only saw it now.

"The maesters of the Citadel are wise", a smile slip out of his lips. He was taller than Arthur, but not to much, his eyes were gold, a straight, but tosled, blond hair composed his head, under and over his lips he showed a blond goatee, "and they are wise to help the rightful king. My name is Corliss your grace."

"It's good to know that the realm is not made out of insane people like my uncle", Jon gracefully dismounted, "you can go now, bring them all to their rooms", he pointed his finger to his brothers, sister and protectors, "and prepare a bath for everyone, including me". Maester Corliss nodded and went away with them. Jon saw the relieve in everyone's face, and he knew he showed his own relieve when he was alone with the slave boy. "What's your name?", he asked in the little he knew in high valiryan.

"I know the common tongue, master", the boy was frightened by Jon, "and my name is Sabas, master." He was not Myrish, he didn't have the accent.

"Don't be afraid of me", Jon led the boy through a simple room with holes in the walls, for archers, "i am a westerosi. Have you heard of Westeros?"

"Yes, master", Sabas said as they climbed up the round stairwell leading to one of the towers of the barbican.

"You can talk freely", they were up the stairs when Jon said that, "in Westeros we don't have slaves, and don't call me master. Call me your grace". Sabas had nothing to say for that. The little conversation was remembering him of his mother, know your people, she would always say, love them, and they'll love you. Jon never met anyone more light hearted than his own mother, the only one that got close to her kindness was Aerea. Jon realized she looked a lot like their mom now.

After Sabas told him that he was born a slave, Jon dismissed him and comtemplated the orange and yellow landscape. He then went to met Corliss, who was in the courtyard, waiting for him. Myrish sellswords trained in there; Jon was surprised by the size of the army Gyloro contracted for them, 13.000 men. What the castle lacked of beauty, it made up for space for troops and weapons. The maester led Jon to the castle, which had a fortified oak gate. The inside was cold and he was grateful for it, but the orange stone was sandy, and the air was a mixture of aridness with the salt of the sea. When Jon arrived on his room a bathtub with cold water awaited for him, and he made sure to send the handmaidens out, he stayed in there for at least one hour and a half.

He seized the moment, but he felt something missing on his room. Baelax. He was with Maerys and Daemon on their room. Jon put a black and red tunic that Gyloro gave him as a gift, black breeches and a pair of boiled leather boots. When he got into Maery's room, Baelax played with Daemon, but looked at Jon immediately after he entered the room. It was the same as his, with a balcony with view of the courtyard, 2 beds displaying silks of light blues tones, a chest for their clothes, and a desk with a mirror. The dragon flapped his white wings, flying towards Jon, he then landed on his shoulder. It was widening, his shoulder, and he was sure that Baelax couldn't fit in it some time back. It was a 2 month trip from Myr to the Andal Coast. It was actually besides Pentos in the map Gylro had shown Jon, he said that he bought it from a failing lord from Bravoos.

"Jon", an old, but full of stenght, voice came from the balcony, "i knew you would come here", Barristan slowly walked in the room, extending his hand to Jon, "a letter", he said, giving a worrisome look. Jon grabbed the letter; it had no seal, just a simple rolled up paper. Jon extended it.

Spoiler: show
Jon of houses Targeryen and Stark, first of his name, king of the andals and the first men, lord of the seven kingdoms and protector of the realm

The Eagle hunts dragons , the Lioness caught a little Lion, and the Rose prepares his poison. It is not how it is supposed to be, your grace, with this in mind, beware of your surroundings, because the Wolf is quiet, the Trout is restive and the Viper is in chains. And you wondn't want a thousand ships at your door would you?


A Friend.

"What does this means?" Jon didn't understand. How could he?

"I don't know who is behind this, your grace", Barristan moved back into the balcony, "... But it seems like he is trying to help us", Jon followed him outside, feeling the breeze on his face and hair, "he's giving us information", the Eagle, the Lioness and the Rose, of course!

"I think... I think i get it", Jon saw a myrish mace meeting a helmet, "Cersei.... And Jon..."

"It might be them", Barristan turned and rested his hand on Jon's shoulder, "but we have more important things to worry about..."

a thousand ships at our door... "They are planning to attack us"
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