Dragon parthenogenesis

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Dragon parthenogenesis

PostPosted by DorlasAnther » Thu Oct 27, 2016 15:02

I have a small problem. So, as most likely everyone accepts, dragons can change their sex depending on situation, just like many real animals. But I read somewhere in AFFC (or DwD, not 100% sure which of those two books) theory how dragons don´t need another, but even if there is one living dragon in the world, it can lay eggs and preserve the species. I couldn´t find anything about it on wiki, so I figured: Why not ask group of people who know the lore?
So, have you read it too, somewhere, or did my mind just connect ASoIaF with something I read in some other book? (It would also explain how could last Targaryen dragon lay eggs, when there was no male to make love with her)
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Re: Dragon parthenogenesis

PostPosted by Max14354 » Thu Oct 27, 2016 15:20

The valyrian language doesnt distinguish genders in their vocabulary, some maesters believe thats evidence that dragons dont have a specified gender, others believe that they need to mate and a dragon's sex may vary. There is not a defined explanation for it. You can believe whatever you want and its not worth going to deep into the matter since Martin himself wont care enough to provide an explanation. If all theories dont work out for you then you can go with this one: Magic!
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