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Quick question on a problem

PostPosted by Liltigercub22 » Sat Nov 12, 2016 22:36

For some odd reason, my friend can't join my game, community tab doesn't show up for him and when he tries to join from serverID it says invalid ID, and when he hosts the join game button doesn't work and he constantly waits for ServerID.
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Re: Quick question on a problem

PostPosted by Shades of Darkness » Sun Nov 20, 2016 22:28

You said his "community tab doesn't show up" so I am assuming you are using steam.


1. Add him as a friend (there is a tab that says friends in the top left corner of steam).
2. Get him to accept your request.
3. Launch CK2 AGOT.
4. When you are in the game host multiplayer and then click shift tab(once hosted).
5. Right click his profile icon (bottom of the screen) and click invite to game.

Hope this helps.
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