The True Pirate Kings [AAR]

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The True Pirate Kings [AAR]

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I'm not a native english speaker so forgive the wrong grammar. I made this AAR after enjoying my second playthrough of the Stepstones with some mods on like Congenital Overhaul, Bloodlines and a f*ck ton of Sin's mods. I'll try my best to be clear and concise as I tell the story of the pirate kings of stepstones and their campaign to make their mark on the world.

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He was a true pirate. He pillaged, razed and plundered his way through life. His infamy was known not only at Westeros but also at Essos and beyond, it is where he enslaved and raped and killed his way seeking promised gold and treasures. Even the mighty King Aegon's lands were his playground. He sacked King's Landing and Dragonstone not once but twice. On his first raid of King's Landing he earned a Valyrian Axe from the corpse of a lord protecting his realm. He fought honorably and died. He wasn't even five and thirty when he grew tired of his kingdom. He grew weary of it being too little. He shared his vision with his second son. His first was not worthy in his eyes so he disinherited him of his kingdom. The second was an exact image of him in his prime. Brilliant in mind and also a Skilled Commander to top it off. They set their ambitious eyes on Tyrosh where whispers of a weak army due to internal wars was being heard. And the weak is something that is to be taken advantage of the true pirate said. They declared the war with the backing of his vassals who were eager enough to offer their levy to him. Not that it mattered to him since he abolished the council and assumed authority in his first years as a ruler. His vassals both feared and respected the true pirate. The enemy wasn't green enough to let them have their way though. The enemy ruler sent his best sword and whatever is left of his men to attack the southern territories of the king. And the true pirate rushed to the battlefield eager to smell blood and fire and smoke while his heir set his eyes towards the enemy's unguarded capital. There he battled the ruler's best sword. He was wounded but that did not stop him from continuing the battle. The fight was filled wit shock and awe from the ones that could only watch as the two powers clashed. The guard was truly Tyroshi's best sword. They fought through mud and sand and water taking advantage of the surroundings and making the best of every situation. He was winning but suddenly he realized that his wounds have affected his focus for a moment. And at that same moment, the sword pierced his body and out came his life's blood. The true pirate's vision became cloudy in his last moments though he was bothered that some of his men were carrying him to safety. "Just leave me be." He would tell them if it weren't for the blood gushing out of his mouth. He closed his eyes as he envisioned the sea and all of it's beauty. The grip on his axe loosened as the true pirate perished.

Chapter 1: His Vision
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To be continued
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