]- Orys Baratheon, Storm King of New Valyria -[

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]- Orys Baratheon, Storm King of New Valyria -[

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This story may flip-flop between narration and character views at times.

This is the story of how Orys Baratheon went from first Lord Paramount of the Stormlands to the Storm King of New Valyria.

Part One:
Spoiler: show
Orys knelt in front of his brother.

"In light of your recent efforts as commander and the siege of Storm's End, I hereby name you first Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, and you shall be betrothed to the late King Argliac's daughter to strengthen your claim." Aegon the Conquerer decreed in the small throne room, his voice ringing. Balerion the Black Dread, his dragon, could be heard roaring in the distance while he forged the iconic Iron Throne.

"I do accept this title. Thank you, brother." Orys responded, trying to hide his glee.

"Rise." Aegon said, making a hand motion. Orys got up in front of all the gathered lords and ladies. They clapped out of respect, but only the Valyrian lords really put some heart into it.


Part Two:
Spoiler: show
Orys had four children with Argella Durrandon. A daughter Rhaenyra, who would be betrothed to the first Lord Paramount of the Westerlands. A daughter Alysanne, betrothed to Aegon's only son and heir to his new kingdom. A son Rolland, his heir, betrothed to Aegon's only daughter. The Targaryens would be forever intertwined with the Baratheons forevermore. And finally Alyn, a second son, betrothed to a Stark.
Rulers ruled and rulers died, soldiers fought and soldiers died, but it was not until Argella perished that Orys really knew what death was. He grieved for months, and was so angry that he executed an entire family, House Swann, to give one of his bastards a high lordship after they rebelled.
He had two bastards with the fair Megga Hightower, Alison and Quentin. Quentin, the bastard with the lordship, was eventually legitimized, but Alison never was. She formed a cadet dynasty of Ereham, and her descendants would have made up a sixth of the dynasty in the end.

Orys eventually remarried to Lanna Lannister, sister of the Lord Paramount. With her he had three children, two daughters and a son, Jarman, who would be younger that Rolland's first son. The daughters would be married off to low lords, but Jarman was different. It was then King Aegon I had died, and his son King Aenys I inherited. Aenys was a tyrannical, torturous drunkard who was eventually exocommunicated. He ruled so horribly, Orys almost divorced his daughter from him. But he didn't for fear of Balerion's wrath.


Part Three:
Spoiler: show
The letter came by raven, and the maester read it aloud:
"Dear my beloved uncle,

I would be honored if you would come to King's Landing and serve me loyally as Chief General.

King Aenys Targaryen, First of his Name, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men,
Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm"

"Well, his title is longer than his actually message." Orys joked. The maester chuckled and rolled up the parchment. "Will you go within his wrath, my lord?"

"I think so. If anyone can curb his wrath, it will be his only uncle. His mother, Visenya, is dead, and his Aunt is infirm." Orys responded reluctantly.

He set out for King's Landing the next morning with his son, as Aenys' sister Haera came of age for marriage. It was not a long ride at all, for Storms End was directly south on the Kingsroad.

For Rolland, King's Landing was a wondrous city full of interesting people. He had never seen something so large, but the Red Keep that was under construction was a different spectacle for him. They entered the already-finished throne room, where Aegon's Iron Throne sat. But more eye-catching was the way Aenys sat. Balerion curled around the pole nearest to him, and the stained-glass windows looked bright and shiny after the servants scrubbed them backbreakingly.

"Uncle! How great to see you!" Aenys called. He sounded crazy even from afar. Orys thought he was becoming a lunatic. "Might want to get moved in, you'll be here for a while!"

"Okay. I have brought my son, to marry your sister." Orys stated.

"Oh, her? I sent her out to deal with the rebels. Her mother can't quite get there in her state." Aenys responded casually.

"Hm. Well, I suppose I'll go to my quarters and wait for my first assingment."

Literally the next morning, rebellion broke out. The Lannisters and Tyrells, who both had family executed by Aenys, were in open rebellion with the lady of the Kingswood, who happened to be Alison Ereham's daughter. Orys was summoned to the throne room.

"I suppose this is your first assignment as Chief General. Go do your thing and put down these rebels like you did Argilac the Arrogant." Aenys said, and waved him away. But Orys stood stock still.

"Nephew, I don't think going to war with some of my friends and even my granddaughter is a good idea." he said slowly.

That's when Aenys showed a side of him Orys had never seen before. It's like he flipped a switch. "Are you going to join the rebels too, then?" he sneered. Balerion growled, sensing his master's anger. He didn't dare defy Aenys, as he could be "apprehended" just like those Lannisters and Tyrells just as easily.

"No, Your Grace. I will go to battle. Just don't expect me to execute my own family." Orys said, gritting his teeth.
Which left his son Rolland alone in King's Landing, under the clutches of Aenys the Mad Targaryen, First of his Name.


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