[AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

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[AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by UtariOnzo » Sat Dec 10, 2016 18:19

So the intention of this little AAR is to create a rival Empire to Aegon's Iron Throne. And what better choice then Old Valyria? I decided to think on things, and settled on an alternate scenario regarding the Doom. Details of this will be given as the story goes along, but suffice to say that Valyria, while weakened, was not destroyed outright by the Doom.

I used custom start, with Ruler Builder Unlocked to get a character that could rival Aegon, as well as console commands to get the other rulers up to snuff with swords for their families, finish colonisation instantly rather then build up etc etc. I also chose to make the character a Blackfyre, in order to set up the big war against Aegon and/or his descendants when the timing is right, as well as get access to the Targ bloodline trait. This is a real connection, the Blackfyres are still Targ cadets, but things will be more clear as we progress.


The Doom of Valyria came to the peninsula unexpectedly. The Fourteen Flames, breaking free of the magics of the Valyrian Dragonlords, erupted. A great sundering occurred, splitting the land with the boiling waters and broiling lava of the Smoking Sea. The fabled Dragons, the source of the Freehold's power, died in their nests and homes within the collapsing mountains, or were brought low by the toxic fumes in the air.

By the end of the natural disaster, a new one formed. Free of the threat of the dragons, the surviving slaves of Valyria rose up against their masters. Dependant upon their magics and warbeasts, many of the old Dragonlord families died in the uprising, fighting outnumbered against the hordes of people they had kept oppressed for so long.

Seeing the Motherland collapse in on itself in fire and blood, the free cities followed suit, each declaring their independence and slaying their governors. Only in Lys and Old Volantis did the Valyrians survive, having bred their way into the populace, or otherwise holding the keys to power. Daughters against Mother, Freeholder against Freeholder, the entire oligarchy came crashing under its own weight. Watching from afar, the Targaryans of Dragonstone learned their lessons from the deaththroes of the old Freehold.

From the ashes of this conflict however, rose a new family. Blackfyre, an old cadet house of the Exiles, managed to take control of the Lands of the Long Summer during the Uprising. Over the course of the next century, they slowly pushed onwards, uniting junior and senior families under their banner, or putting them to the sword. With the twin weapons of Father's Fury and Mother's Grief, the Blackfyres forged a new Kingdom from the carcass of the old.

Finally, in 7995, this warband managed to cross the smoking sea on great iron-bound boats, before marching upon Old Valyria itself. It was around this time that the Exiles chose to turn their eyes from the east, and look west...

Chapter 1 - The Council of Gaemon

"All Hail Emperor Gaemon, First of his Name!"

Spoiler: show

"Hail!" The collected Lords cried.

Approaching the dusty stone throne, the young Blackfyre turned to view his subjects.

Lord Haerys Botagonar of the Valyrian Isles, a good strategist and Gaemon's Master of Arms.
Spoiler: show

His family sword Talon hung on his side, the pommel carved out of his ancestor's long dead Dragon's bone in the shape of a vicious claw.

To Vaeron's side stood Lord Vaeron, head of the Embaryens.
Spoiler: show

Descendant to the ancient owners of great Jade mines on Sothoryos, the namesake familial sword of Jade hung upon his belt. Such was the wealth created from its mining and trade, at great risk in the deep jungles, the Embaryens took to having small stars of jade on their arms. While a poor fighter, Vaermon had inherited his family's talent for stewardship.

Standing in the centre of the ring of Lords, was Lord Haerys Anogaryen, Lord of the city of Oros and the High Lord of the Valyrian Mainland.
Spoiler: show

Governors of the Oros city for centuries, the Anogaryen family bore the city's colours and keep upon their own arms. Their family sword of Skinpeeler sat menacingly upon Aenar's back, a creat claymore designed to eviserate the bodies of its wielder's enemies.

At his left flank stood Lord Lucerys Atroksiarys of Rhyos, whom carried the dark steel blade of Black Death.
Spoiler: show

Much like the Anogaryens, the Atroksiarys' had managed to hold their ancestoral lands of Rhyos. When the Blackfyres came, they joined their liege in answering to the three headed dragon.

On the right of Aenar stood Lord Qoherrys Daomiorys, the newly risen Lord of the Long Summer.
Spoiler: show

Descendant of sailor-merchants, Lord Daegar had been risen to landed nobility by Gaemon on the eve of their approach to Old Valyria. Befitting a wealthy family, his ancestral sword was named Glory.

And finally, High Lord of Elyria, Lord Doniphos Ilvar stood.
Spoiler: show

Alone among the Northern children of Valyria, his family had answered the call of the Blackfyres. For this they were named the Seneschals to the King, and now would serve again to the Emperors.

Moving to Gaemon's side, Doniphos drew his longsword, Titan's Bite, and took position by the Stone Throne. Giving his friend a curteous nod, the Emperor sat down, before watching as the High Priest Vaegon began the coronation.

Spoiler: show

"Gods of Valyria, Dragons of old, I pray to you now to offer you the Divine Son Gaemon of Blackfyre as the trueborn Emperor of Valyria.

Gods of Valyria, Dragons of old, grant him the strength of Fire.

Gods of Valyria, Dragons of old, grant him the wisdom of Blood.

Men of the Motherland, bend your knees!"

The gathered nobles took to their knees, Doniphos continuing to hold his sword raised as his liege's sword defender. The priest continued.

"Praise him!"

"Praise be!" echoed the crowd

"Gaemon of Blackfyre, I crown you Emperor of Valyria. May your reign be long and just. May you respect the rights of your Lords and Freeholders. May you rule your subjects wisely. May your slaves bring prosperity to the realm."

At this, a procession of servants entered the room carrying chests. At their front marched a slave of Ghiscar origin, bearing a Golden Crown ringed with iron dragon's teeth. Stopping at the dais behind the High Priest, the slave bearing the crown kneeled, offering it up. Taking the crown, the old priest set it upon Gaemon's head, to the applause of the Valyrians in the room. After this, the High Priest spoke again.

"My Emperor, within the Temple of Dragon Hill we recovered some dragon eggs from before the Doom. We do not know if new life can be brought from them, but as a coronation gift, the Priesthood grants them into your care."

The slaves opened the chests, revealing the stone-like eggs inside. Rising from his throne, Gaemon walked down towards the servants, placing a hand upon each egg. "I see eight eggs here, one for each of us Lords and a spare. Thank you High Presit, I shall render this one unto my care. The rest are to be given to each of these Lords, and one saved for my wife."

Watching as the eggs were granted to each of his subjects, the young Emperor's mind turned to the raven he had received that morning.

Aegon Targaryan, his distant relative, had announced to the Blackfyres his intention to take Westeros and forge a new Empire worthy of old Valyria.
Spoiler: show

They were not far apart in age or skill, Gaemon and Aegon, but in his mind he saw himself the superior. While Aegon might have already brought several of the Western Kingdoms to heel with Dragons, Gaemon had rebuilt the old lands with none. Only by the sweat of his brow, the gift of his tongue and the edge of his sword had he and his family rebuilt Valyria. Crowned now as undisputed master of the Motherland, he would bring the Exiles to heel...
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by Action » Sun Dec 11, 2016 00:21

Very nice, I love your style! I wonder, could you perhaps include the names of the submods you used in this story? Maybe a family tree for these lords as well? The heredity of Old Valyrians is quite interesting to me. Thanks!
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by UtariOnzo » Sun Dec 11, 2016 01:05

All the vassals are custom-made by giving some rando courtiers land (aside from Elyria who was already a selectable lord) so are non-canon. Don't forget, this story is all part of an alternate version of the doom and GOT lore already!

I used console commands to grant swords and eggs to them after cheating out the colonies to get the start I wanted. I'm not good enough a modder to manually make lineages. However their rises and falls will make an apperance in the story all as part of this Alternate Timeline take.


Colonise valyria
Dynamic CoA
More Decisions

Unfortunately upon saving my 'start' and then reloading it I am suffering CTDs right after loading up again. Going to try to revert to 1.3 to see if that rescues it, otherwise it'll be a complete restart and having to change a few names and bits in the prologue. I'll simply update the OP if that becomes the case, better this problem now then halfway through
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by Action » Sun Dec 11, 2016 01:09

Ah, that's right. Thanks for the submod list, as well. I've never played the colonize valyria one before, could you maybe post a map of the peninsula?
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by UtariOnzo » Sun Dec 11, 2016 01:21

Here you go.


The mod does nothing to the peninsula itself, as a submod editing the map would likely cause huge compatibility issues. Instead, blackninja just made the already existing 'non-playable' provinces into playable ones that are colonisable ruins. It has some nice event chains related to remaking the Empire as a Monarchy or Empire tier merchant republic, having a head of the priesthood etc etc, good submod.

Anyways, yeah, having huge CTD issues here and reverting version will not save it so chances are this will be a hard restart and editing the OP.

EDIT: spoke too soon, managed to last more then 5 minutes without a CTD so we'll be keeping this save.
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by Action » Sun Dec 11, 2016 01:43

Awesome, thanks.
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by UtariOnzo » Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:32

OP has been updated. I'm now running version 1.3 on 2.6.2. The CTDs came back and the save itself ended up corrupted with all kinds of weird traits. Continuing the story on from a fresh start.

Chapter 2 - The First Dragon

Gaemon smiled as various guests arrived in the throne room. A week prior, the Master Aenar Qhaedar of Volantis had agreed to marry his sister Vogarra to the new Emperor of Valyria.

Spoiler: show

With this marriage, an alliance with one of the powerful families of the First Daughter had been secured. The Qhaedars long supported the old Freehold, Aenar and Vogarra's predecessor Horonno II having gone out of his way to declare a new Freehold. Both a pity, and a blessing, that he had died to an angry mob Gaemon thought.

Still, the Qhaedars would be valuable allies when the time would come to bring Volantis into the fold. It was thanks to Gaemon's First-Wife, Empress Aerea and her whisperers, that such a union was able to be brought about.

Spoiler: show

The wedding itself was conducted in the fine Valyrian tradition, oversaw by the High Priest himself. Unlike the Andal barbarians of the West, the couple would be left to consummate the wedding when they (or truthfully Gaemon) saw fit. Instead, a lavish feast was held.

Tables lined the throneroom, stacked high with the best foods available all the way from the Free cities to the Jade sea. Seated with his new wife, the first watching from another table, the young Blackfyre leaned over to speak with Doniphos.

"Well, with the support of the Qhaedars, I think it's time to bring the north to heel, no, Lord Ilvar?"

While an attractive man in his youth, power had rendered the Elyrian Lord fat and corrupt. The Ilvars had been a smaller Freehold, who'd spent almost their entire wealth to purchase the Governorship of the island they called home. His hair a muddied blonde, and with the bulge of his gut, the elder noble looked a shadow of what his family once was.

Despite this, his eyes betrayed the old blood within him, piercing back at his Emperor's. "With what army? You might have taken the cities of the mainland back with a few thousand men against a rabble of slave-descendants, but you're talking about fighting Daughters."

Doniphos' tone was harsh, but honest. A seasoned and brilliant general, he had little time for formalities, and less for over-imaginative battle plans. Before becoming such a glutton, he was once a skilled swordsman as well, but such days were behind him.

"Better we build up the army, see if any of the Lords can hatch their eggs first. You want to bring the Daughters back in line, you need fire to go with the blood."

Wrinkling his nose at this, Gaemon sat back, a frustrated look on his face. As much as it displeased him to hear, the young Valyrian knew his Seneschal spoke the truth. He'd already had several ravens from Lord Vaeron Embaryen of failed attempts and experiments. Gaemon's own egg had sat in its chest still in his private quarters while the Court Physician, an enslaved Maester, poured over whatever scraps of parchment remained in the libraries of Old Valyria.

"Still, at least your line has been protected" quipped Lord Qohertys. He was referring to the announcement that Empress Aerea was pregnant, something that had indeed given Gaemon a boost of morale. He looked now across at his First-Wife, a fine warrior in her own right with Mother's Grief. While his marriage to this Volantine was diplomatic, Gaemon's first marriage was one of passion, lust, of two warriors who had fought on the field together, braving death, and relished each other's bodies afterwards to remind themselves they yet lived.

His thoughts were interrupted by an emissary bawling into the room. "My Lords! My Lords! Um... Uh.. Oh.. Sorry.." Shooting nervous glances across the room, the middle aged man suddenly realised all attention of the assembled guests was firmly on him.

"Oh spit it out, damnit!" Gaemon cried

"Yes, yes, sorry your Majesty.... Ahem.. I bring the apologies of Lord Vaeron for not being able to attend the wedding of Emperor Gaemon and Lady, erh, Empress Vogarra. Instead his Lordship presents this small gift." Reaching into his pocket, the emissary from Mhysa Faer approached the head table, placing a tiny wooden box infront of Gaemon.

"What is this, does he dare insult me...?" Flipping the box open, the Blackfyre cut himself short. Inside was a claw talon, tiny almost like a babe's fingernail, but a talon none the less.

"It is the first claw clipping from Moonblaze your Majesty. Lord Vaeron has brought a new dragon into the world."

Spoiler: show

Wide eyed, Master Aenar, Gaemon's new brother-in-law, turned to Gaemon at once. "Valyria has dragons again. You should strike now before the Exile hears of it. The Freehold he was offered is yours for the taking!"

"No, the dragon is but a babe and it's not even the Emperors! It's useless to us right now!" Doniphos quipped back.

"I say we march on the north, let's fold the closest Daughters, their armies alone would give us enough strength!" Lord Haerys bellowed.

Soon, the entire headtable was awash with each of the Valyrian Lords and the Volantine Masters in attendance arguing over the next course of action. Ignoring them for the time being, Gaemon continued to gaze at the tiny claw in front of him. For what seemed like an age, he ignored the chaos of a feast rapidly becoming a council spat, before rising. Silence descended as he raised a hand to speak.

"We do not have the strength to march on the Daughters yet. But I will have it declared to every free city that Valyria has birthed dragons once more. The Exile is too busy carving up his lands across the shivering sea, lands we will bring rightfully to heel in due time. I want every Lord to make ready to sail for Mhysa, Lord Vaeron will teach us his secrets."
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

PostPosted by UtariOnzo » Mon Dec 12, 2016 00:55

Chapter III - The First Daughters.

Emperor Gaemon paced the courtyard of the Black Keep, his palace-fortress in Valyria. Behind him, his newly tamed dragon Stormwyrm bathed in the sunlight. Barely old enough to be ridden, the young beast was small. Still, he was ready to be shown to the world, along with the other Dragons that had been successfully hatched and tamed.

Spoiler: show

"They're running late..." Gaemon muttered, being overheard by his First-Wife Vogarra. She laid a comforting hand on his side, ever the rock to the man after the previous First-Wife was executed for adultery upon birthing the bastard daughter of Haerys Anogaryen no less. While Aerae had been disposed of swiftly, Gaemon could not yet risk rebellion for trying the same with one of his lords. Instead, he had had the High Lord flogged and marched naked down the streets, as harsh a punishment as he dared risk.

"The Dragonlords will be flying here no doubt, husband. But in the meantime, I have other news..."

Gently, the Volantine took one of Gaemon's hands and placed it at her belly. Another child, to go with the son she had given him, and the daughter of his third. Not only that, but a week prior his new Second-Wife had birthed a another son.

Spoiler: show

Young Daenerys, a handmaiden to Vogarra who had been married to the Emperor on account of her good breeding and sharp mind. She too would produce Blackfyre children to rule the Empire.

Placing a soft kiss on Vogarra's lips, the Emperor smiled. He loved Vogarra, but it was a content and passive kind. Not like the raw, unfiltered passion he held for Aerae before her betrayal, or the lust for his concubines. Still, she made a fine and noble wife.

Gaemon's thoughts were broken as the tell-tale cry of dragons rang in the air. Landing upon the courtyard with their own mounts, Lords Lucerys and Qoherys bowed before their liege.

Spoiler: show

Raselion and Morghul took positions alongside Stormwyrm, the three sunning themselves as the Dragonlords spoke.

"Your Majesty, it is time to bring the northern Lords to heel" Lucerys stated. Nodding, Qoherys gave his agreement. "Indeed, your majesty. Even now several of the other Lords have hatchlings too and will be joining us as riders."

Gaemon grinned toothily. Valyria indeed birthed dragons once more, and his armies had grown considerably under the Martialship of Haerys Botagonar. "Still, we must not forget the failures of Vaeron and that bastard High Lord of yours Anogaryen. I hear their dragons have built lairs within the remains of the mountains of their lands. A shame they weren't eaten or burned for their incompetence...."

Lucerys ground his jaw at the mention of his liege-lord, while Qoherys gave a distinct grunt. It was known that both their own wives had been having an affair with the High Lord, whom was fast becoming something of an embarrassment for the Valyrian nobility. "We have prepared our armies already, your Majesty. Just say the word and we shall march in the morrow. With our dragons, and our own forces, it should not be needed to wait for reinforcements from the Isles."

"Well, that all depends if they choose to fight, Lucerys.." the Emperor quipped. "Send the envoys out. Tell Zobridar and Azantone that the Motherland has risen once again. They shall submit or be burned by dragonfire. Fly back to the mainland and prepare the armies, but do inform the High Marshal. We might still have need of the Isle's men with our dragons so young."

Bowing, the Dragonlords called out to their mounts in the ancient Valyrian tongue, embarking before setting off with great beats of leathery wings. The Motherland's first test was about to begin.

Several weeks later

Emperor Gaemon looked up at the walls of Mantarys and spat on the ground. "A city of monsters and murderers.." he muttered, commenting on the terrible state of the city since the fall. Isolated from the surviving cities of the mainland and Elyria, the city had degraded into debauchery and incest on a level even the High Valyrians dared not tread. It was with the advice of his Dragonlords that Gaemon left with an advance host from the Mainland, crushing Lord Vaekar's armies before Tolos could arrive to assist them. And now, the Blackfyre watched as Stormwyrm flew above. The Lord of Mantarys had held himself up within the city walls, along with the rest of his inbred filth, and soon dragonfire would cleanse them all.

"Your Majesty, an envoy from the Triarchs of Volantis.." said Doniphos at his side. "It appears he's got something to tell you."

"Very well" sighed Gaemon, before heading with his Seneschal to the war tent. Passing inside, Gaemon observed a strange and foreign looking man dressed in the style of the Volantine freeholders, but with an iron collar wrapped around his neck. "So the Triarchs decide to insult me by sending a slave as their envoy? Spit it out cur.."

A deep bow from the slave followed, before he presented a parchment scroll to the Emperor. "Your Majesty Gaemon Blackfyre, Dragonlord of Valyria, I am Gold Leech and I present you this message... the Noble Triarchs request that you respect the sovereignty of the Lords of Mantarys and Tolos. They ask of you to withdraw your armies and not to bring dragonfire to the lands." The slave swallowed, as the gathered Valyrian Lords stared at him. "The Triarchs are unanimous that failing to abide by this reasonable request will leave them in no other position but to march upon you..."

Gaemon laughed, taking the parchment and screwing it into a ball. "The Triarchs will march upon me? They send me a slave to deliver their petty threats? Have they no respect...?" Lord Haerys the High Marshal quietly moved to his Emperor's side, whispering into his ear.

"My Emperor.... Your dragons are young and they may not be able to bring the city to yield fast enough. Volantis has a great army, and combined with Tolos and Mantarys they may prove a threat. We cannot fight all three at once.." Raising a brow, Gaemon scoffed. "Threat? They can send all the men in the world that they want.. While our dragons may be young, they are still dragons. Lord Haerys, you shall send this slave back with the customary reply."

Wrinkling his nose, the High Marshal nodded. Drawing his sword Talon, he indicated to the tent guards to seize the one called Gold Leech. Gaemon spoke, with a cool and callous tone "I assume since they sent you, you must be quite the useful and clever slave. Useful and clever enough that you might seed them with handy children to fatten their chests. Cut off his pillar and stones to go with the hands and send him on his way."

"Your majesty, please, no! No!" cried out the slave as Haerys got to the brutal work. Leaving the grisly scene, Gaemon exited the tent. "Stormwrym! It's time to show this city what you can do!" Landing at his master's feed, the young dragon quickly brought Gaemon into the air above the city. Steam billowed from its jaws as it waited for the command.

Spoiler: show


The steam vanished, to be followed by a brilliant white hot flame. Scores of men lining the city walls screamed out as their armour melted onto their flesh. A small dent in the forces, but enough to shake the morale of the defenders.

On the other side of the city, Gaemon watched as his forces hammered at the main gate with a battering ram, smashing their way through and charging in. Sweeping low and avoiding arrows and ballista bolts, Gaemon brought Stormwyrm to a position to assist.

"Dracarys!" Gaemon cried once more, as his dragon wiped another group of enemy soldiers off the face of the earth, their corpses already ash before they hit the floor. Seeing this, the rest of the defenders of the outling walls retreated back to the central keep.

A week later

"What do you mean not here? Search the keep again! Even the dungeons, especially the dungeons!" Marshal Haerys bellowed at his troops. He knew he needed to find the master of the city, and soon. Emperor Gaemon continued circling the central keep as the Valyrians poured in. The city itself had been over run, but without the main prize, Haerys knew time was running short. He already had reports from the other Dragonlords scouting that the Volantine army was on its way. The seige of Tolos had barely begun, and with a split army, the old commander knew victory lay in the two city's surrender before their ally could relieve them.

Surprisingly, he didn't have long to wait as soon a party of spearman dragged the master of the city before him. "Your Lord, we found him hiding in the city's temple."

"Very good, right, well then what have you to say for yourself?" Haerys asked in a condescending tone. A broken man lay before him, muttering listlessly. "They did it, my generals betrayed me, betrayed me. No, it was my wife, my son!" Slapping the Lord across the face, Haerys roared again. "Answer me!"

Snapping out of his mania, the Mantaryan spoke in a weak voice. "The city is yours. I yield to your Emperor..." Nodding in satisfaction, the High Marshal waved a hand dismissively. "Let the Emperor meet him in his tent for judgement, I need to meet with my generals." Every moment was precious now. With the army of Volantis on the Valyrian's heels, the Marshal knew he needed to move the army quickly to Tolos to bring them to heel. He would also need to leave a garrison here, if only to slow the advance of the Triarchs.

A few days later in Tolos

Emperor Gaemon watched as the two errant Lords were thrown at his feet. He had delayed seeing Vaekar of Mantarys until the old man had witnessed Tolos burn by his dragon as well. And now, with both of those cities under his thumb, the Dragonlord could see them at his leisure.

"Lord Vaekar, Lord Horonno, I am willing to spare the lives of you and your families, as well as cease the burning of your lands by our dragons, under the terms of your fealty to me. Volantis as seen the power of our dragons and abandoned you. What is your answer?"

The two Lords looked at each other, before returning their gaze to their new master. There was no choice in the matter for them. Horonno of Tolos spoke first. "As Lord of Toros, I do surrender to your overlordship and swear mine and my family's undying fealty to the Stone Throne.." A repeat of the same by Vaekar sealed the proceedings, before both were cut free of their bonds and sent back to their cities. Watching as his new vassals left, Gaemon turned to Doniphos, ever at his side.

"Do you think they'll be compliant?" He asked. "No your majesty, as soon as the Empire's dragons are elsewhere they'll try to rebel. They've tasted independence long enough to not want to give it up." Gaemon nodded, knowing the advice to be true. "I agree, which is why I want you to stay here and keep your eye on them."

"My Emperor? Are you intending to march again so soon?" The Elyrian gave his liege a puzzled look. "Yes, I intend to punish the Triarchs. The armies of Tolos and Mantarys will be brought with me and the cities' garrisoned replaced with your own troops. It'll be hard to rebel against their new Archon without soldiers." At this, Doniphos's puzzlement only grew deeper. "Archon? You mean Master Vaeron of Tyria?"

Gaemon laughed and shook his head. "No, not my Archon. Their Archon. You. I shall have you be the Overlord of all of North Valyria. Watch it closely my friend, I'm trusting you."


Please excuse the Stepstones icon being used for the Empire tier title. Seems there's a bug with Dynamic CoAs since loading this game again.
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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

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Chapter IV - The Mother Returns


The Emperor let out a satisfied laugh as he read the morning's note. With the strength of their dragons, the vassal lords of Haerys Anogaryen had forced the adulterer to abdicate his title to his 3 year old son, Aeryn. In addition, Dragonlord Qoherys of the Lands of the Long Summer had arranged for the lecher to 'retire' to Driftmark, before taking the regency of Haerys' son.

"Well it seems I won't be needing to arrange his death after all" Gaemon mused to himself, before turning his attention to more important matters. His Council Archon, Master Vaeron of Tyria quietly spoke as a larger parchment was handed to the Blackfyre. "The draft letters of demands to Volantis, as requested your Majesty."
Spoiler: show

To Triarch Belicho ,second of his name, Head Triarch of Volantis, Patriarch of the Elephant Party, Master of Vedys Lands and Freeholder of House Vaelaros.

I, Emperor Gaemon, first of his name, of House Blackfyre, Emperor of Valyria, Highlord of Central Valyria, Lord of Valyria, Tyria and Aquos Dhaen, Dragonlord and Defender of the Old Faith, do hereby list the following demands.

First, the City of Volantis and all of her colonies, dependants, fiefdoms and territories, as De Jure Vassals of the Ancient Valyrian Freehold to which the Empire of Valyria is the recognised successor, shall submit to the Overlordship of our person and all of our successors of the Empire of Valyria.

Second, all Triarchs, Masters, Lords, Barons, Freeholders, members of the Tiger Party, members of the Elephant Party, free men, serfs, Ladies and free women, as De Jure subjects and citizens of the Acient Valyrian Freehold to which the Empire of Valyria is the recognised successor, shall bend the knee and swear fealty before our person and all of our successors of the Empire of Valyria.

Third, Triarch Gorys Qhaedar shall submit payment of 1500 Dragons for forfeiting the pact of non-aggression and familial love between House Qhaedar and House Blackfyre, as agreed upon between our person and Triarch Gorys' brother the late Lord Master Aenar Qhaedar, and sealed by marriage between our person and Lady Vogarra Qhaedar.

We do enforce these demands by right of De Jure Overlordship of Volantis and all of her colonies, dependants, fiefdoms and territories as rightful successor of the Ancient Valyrian Freehold. We do also enforce these demands by right of Dragon Conquest as Dragonlords of Volantis.

Failure to submit to these demands will result in the immediate enforcement of terms by arms and Dragonfire.


Emperor Gaemon, first of his name, of House Blackfyre, Emperor of Valyria, Highlord of Central Valyria, Lord of Valyria, Tyria and Aquos Dhaen, Dragonlord and Defender of the Old Faith


Lord Haerys, first of his name, of House Botagonar, Highlord of the Valyrian Isles, Lord of Gelios and Imperial High Marshal


Master Vaerion Silverdrake of the City of Tyria, Archon of the Empire of Valyria


"I assume I need to sign here..?" Gaemon asked, as two slaves offered him a quill and a glass inkwell respectively. A nod from Vaerion confirmed the Emperor's assumption, as he placed his signature to the parchment. "Since they sent the first insult, pick your most trusted slave to deliver this . I shall compensate you should the Triarchs damage his person... I'll be getting it back off the Qhaedars anyways."

Sharing a chuckle over this with his liege, the Master carefully folded the document before taking a candle and a waxstick and dripping across the fold. "Your signet, your Majesty.." Gaemon rubbed the signet ring on his finger a moment. His dynasty, cadets of Targaryan, shared the three headed dragon, but rouge red shield instead of the Aegon's noir black, with the dragon's colour also reversed.

It was a quiet source of shame to the Blackfyres, to be descended from the legitimised bastard of a minor freeholder Dragonlord. Ever more shameful too, that the family to which they held lineage from had chosen to flee, selling their properties and lands to establish a keep on some insignificant rock off the shore of a barbarian continent.

The Emperor considered where he had gotten to. Already he had brought order back to the shattered peninsula, already he had brought dragons back to the Valyrian motherland, and soon he would bring all of the realm's Daughters to heel. He then deigned to consider his distant kinsman. Aegon the Conqueror they called the Targaryan now if his Whisperer's scouts in Westeros were to be believed... Aegon the Animal Tamer, Aegon the Barbarian King, Aegon the Exile, that should be his true name, his family's legacy.

Pressing the signet to the wax, Gaemon resolved to himself that within his lifetime he would see the black dragon consume the red. Until that day, he had more important matters to deal with.

Two weeks later, off the coast of Valyria

Having received no reply over the following days, Gaemon flew on his Dragon Stormwynd over the Smoking Sea. That morning his war council had agreed to a bold plan to deal with Volantis, and their army and fleet. While with the dragons, and the addition of the men of Mandarys and Tolos, the Valyrian army could defeat the 20,000 Volantine men-at-arms on land. But at sea they were vulnerable, the various ports and habours of the Motherland barely beginning to return to their former glory and the Royal Fleet hardly worthy of the name.

In order to counter this threat, the High Marshal would take the main Valyrian force, some 14,000 men, and the Dragonlords Qoherys and Lucerys. They would act as a diversion, to appear as the main invasion force by land. In addition, the army would also act as the anvil, keeping the Volantines occupied within Little Valyria or perhaps the upon Demon Road in the ruined land of Draconys.

For his part in the plan, the Emperor would lead a smaller force of 7 thousand men onto whatever ships they could beg, borrow or steal. Fishermen boats, mercenaries, a rag tag armada that would strike at the very heart of the Old City and the main port. The Emperor himself would command Stormwyrm and fly ahead of the motley fleet, in an attempt to burn the Volantine navy in their ports.

"Well Stormwyrm, it seems we have our work cut out for us... Fly on, faster faster!" Gaemon encouraged his dragon, pushing the young wyrm to its limit, cutting a path through the sky to their target. After a few hours of flight, they reached the coastline. From his vantage point, he could already see many of the Volantine fleet at sea, the white specks of their sails drifting off the horizon towards Valyria. While it was too late to stop the vanguard, Gaemon consoled himself with unleashing Dragonfire on those ships not yet embarked, timber and sail erupting in bright white flame.

Satisfied with the destruction wrought, the Emperor turned his dragon about, avoiding the ballista bolts and catapult rocks flinging towards them from the nearby city walls. Knowing the enemy had managed to get some of its fleet to sea, the Blackfyre made haste to return to his own rag-tag armada and ensure its landing.

Three days later, Old Quarter of Volantis

Lord Vaekar of Mantarys brought his mace bludgeoning down upon the head of the Volantine sarjent infront of him, caving his iron helm and sending the poor thing under it crumpling to the floor. All about the old man, his army fought sword, tooth, nail and foot for the Black Gate.

"Imagine the surprise on the Emperor's face when he sees our banners here!" Lord Horonno, master of Tolos, quipped after thrusting his arming sword into the under-armoured armpit of another soldier. "All the more surprised when he sees you of all people on the field!"

Taking the time to catch his breath as the battle raged around them, Vaekar spat on the ground before answering the implied insult. "Do not think to judge me young man. You also saw what dragonfire could do and hid in your own tower in shame.. I intend to reclaim my family's glory here in person."

"Young man? Hah! I've lived through eleven winters, 44 years or so by the count of the Priests" Horonno retorted, pausing himself to spy out the field. The combined forces of North Valyria, under orders of Archon Doniphos, had managed to force a landing into the Old Quarter of Volantis itself. Against the orders of the war council, Doniphos of Elyria had sent his vassals ahead, 8000 men strong, while taking command of 6000 to march down the Demon Road and draw out the main Volantine force. So far, the plan was working, as the defenders some 2000 strong fell by the score to the swords and spears of Valyria.

"I wouldn't think you'll find much glory here, Vaekar. We surprised them, these bastards didn't stand a chance. Suits that you should have chosen an easy fight to put on your armour. You were already known as a craven long before that Blackfyre came knocking."

A snort came in way of answer as the flag of North Valyria, Or two-ended Dragon on field of Purple, was raised above the main gatehouse. Looking over the battlements back to the sea, the two lords spied out sails on the horizon. And an ever growing black dot floating above them.

City of Volantis, a few hours later

Gaemon watched from above as his fleet began the landing of the main city. Scores of soldiers leapt off of the vessels that had come as close to the shore as they could, some even deliberately run aground, while others rowed on little boats from the larger ships. Having used his dragon's claws and breath to beat off the defender's attempts at countering this, the Emperor decided to land and conduct the siege in person.

"General! I want those boats dragged ashore and away from those blasted walls. Get my men off of this shore, I want this city surrounded by earthworks before nightfall!" Gaemon demanded, heading over to where one of his commanders, the Imperial Justicar Gorys, had landed. "Aye your majesty, but if I may.... See there?"

Confused, Gaemon followed the pointing finger of his Imperial General. In the distance, where the Old Quarter was located, he could see the flag of North Valyria flying. "That's impossible, how did that happen? Those men should be on the Demon Road, holding the main Volantine army!"

Gorys merely shrugged. "Perhaps they were not engaged at the pass? Or perhaps this is a ploy of some kind? These people are known for their tricks. Either way we won't know till we break through to the Old Quarter, your majesty, and see with our own eyes."

"Very well" Gaemon sighed, walking alongside his commander as the siege of the city began in earnest.

Spoiler: show

2 weeks later

Lord Doniphos bowed low to his Emperor in the war tent. He was still in his armour and clothes from the night before, having marched through the night to reinforce the Valyrian army. "You majesty, I have arrived with the rest of my men. Please, forgive me for attending in person but... It was quite rude of you to deny me my honour on the field."

"I gave you a direct order, Archon. You were to remain in the North to ensure my rule, and you were supposed to send your entire force down the Demon Road.. The Volantines have 14000 men now wandering around anywhere and we have no force out there to shadow them. Tell me you at least have scouts looking for them?!?"

Swallowing, the Elyrian replied with a careful tone. "I do, your majesty.... It is precisely because I have my scouts out that I took the decision to break your orders. Before I set out, the envoy we'd sent to Triarch Belicho returned. Apparently he'd managed to escape from whatever new master he'd been sold off to, but he came with important information. Volantis is at war with Lys, and the slave found their army to the west, not east."

Gaemon clicked his jaw in frustration. While his friend had indeed broken his orders, he needed to know more. "Go on.." Now more free to speak, Doniphos continued. "Knowing their army was on the other side of the Black Wall, I decided to split the troops. I took the core of the army down the pass, as you asked, and met no resistance, as I expected. As for the armies of Tolos and Mantarys, I procured some more boats and ships for them. Turns out from my spies that the Old Quarter itself is quite lightly defended, the nobles within it relying more on the Blackwall's reputation as a high and mighty fortification to keep the rabble out. As you can now see, that reputation has been proven grossly exaggerated."

"Very well.. But I admonish you for not keeping me informed of the change of circumstances. Consider yourself lucky that your plan paid off, otherwise you'd be feed for Stormwyrm.... Now your troops have arrived however, we will be ready for the final assault.Tonight." Another bow from Doniphos followed, before the other lords and generals entered the tent, pouring over a map displayed on a table to make ready for the last push.


Gaemon roared as Stormwyrm threw another Volantine archer off of the city walls with its claws, engulfing the unfortunate soul in flames before snatching the burned corpse in its maw. The assault for the city was continuing in earnest, troops from the Old Quarter pushing out from the Black Wall while Gaemon's force attacked from the southwest. Several parts of the city battlements had already fallen, and street to street fighting was beginning to take place. Still some pockets of resistance remained, especially around the heavily fortified western gate, of which Gaemon's focus now lay.

Bitter combat raged underneath as the High Valyrian encouraged Stormwyrm every further, blasting apart towers in white flame, or plucking troops off the walls with claws and leaving them to fall heavily on the ground below. Soon, the First Daughter would be forced to submit.

Suddenly, Gaemon noticed disturbing sounds in the air. Horn calls, deep and throaty with a distinct squeal, almost like an Elephant's trunk. Pulling Stormwyrm away from the walls, he pulled to turn it toward the origin of the noise. Torches glinted in the horizon as a great host of men marched towards the beseiged city. Belicho had arrived, and was making no hesitation to try to relieve it.

Spoiler: show

The Emperor flew up high, out of reach of any arrows, to gauge the Volantine army's strength. Three great lines of men, the dark of the night making it difficult to see what numbers and what mix of troops. Cavalry formed a fourth line at the front, more visible and clearly ready for a charge to the Valyrian rear, where many troops were still waiting to climb the siege towers and ladders.

Gaemon knew he had to act fast. Diving down, he commanded his dragon to bring death and destruction to the enemy centre, ignoring the hail of missiles whizzing around as Stormwyrm breathed fire over the enemy. For a few moments, the Valyrian had the better of the force, men wavering in the sight of a great beast in the pitch black, but in his haste Gaemon made a fatal error in allowing his dragon to land. Arrows now could find purchase, digging into the dragon's scales and flesh, while rending small tears and holes in its wings. Crying out in pain, Stormwyrm bit out at its assailers, tooth and flame fighting back before it could take the punishment no more and lifted into the sky.

Knowing to risk such action again would be foolish, Gaemon brought his dragon away from the advancing army, cursing his foolishness. Landing heavily in the midst of the Empire's forces, Stormwyrm growled out in pain while it's master dismounted. "Go, fly back to home and rest while you can" the Blackfyre commanded his dragon, watching as the beast limply took off again.

Marshalling the Imperial force, Gaemon quickly had what troops on the walls his orders could reach turn about, and use the fortifications against the enemy. Those not yet within the city formed up in ranks, hurriedly setting up for an incoming cavalry charge.

Mounted now on a horse, the Emperor moved up and down the thin line, rallying what units he could as the enemy horses and elephants crashed in. Fighting in desperation in what should have been their moment of glory, the Valyrians stood firm in the face of the initial assault. Soon, however, the main line of the army made contact, sarjents and archers bringing death. In the face of an army almost 19000 strong, the few outside the walls could not stand. Retreating into the city, Gaemon pushed his survivors through the streets. With the walls stopping any further Volantine advance, the Emperor knew his success lay in linking up with Doniphos' forces. It was, in effect, an advance and a fighting retreat at the same time, and in the end just a little over 2000 men of the original landing force broke through to the North Valyrian army.

Despite the desperation of earlier, Gaemon found that things had fared much better for the main force. With the success of taking the Black Wall earlier in the seige, Doniphos' men had encircled the various keeps and fortified estates within the Old Quarter. Blooded, bruised and exhausted, the Emperor was greeted with the sight of almost the entire Vaelaros family in chains, having been forced out of the familial palace at swordpoint.

"Quick, bring his sons to the wall. I want Belicho to see them when he arrives!"


Saddled and headed towards his foe, Belicho rubbed at his heavy eyes as the sun rose over the city. The smell of battle hang heavy in the air that morning, the harsh sting of burning wood and the nauseating stench of drying blood and spilled innards. This wasn't the first battle the Essosi Valyrian had faced, he had long been accustomed to death on the field. But this time was different, it was personal. Some upstart descendant of a bastard had come to his city, under his tenure as chief Triarch, and that bastard would pay.

"Your Grace, the enemy flies the flag of parlay on the Black Wall" a junior master informed the old noble, riding along side. Belicho knew this could be either the best of news or the worst. It was unknown whether the force on the western wall was the main body of the Valyrian army, but he knew that whatever was left was within the Old Quarter. If they had been beaten and broken, even with control of the wall, they would be unable to break the fortified mansions of the old blooded nobility. But if they weren't, if the western attack was a diversion...

The Triarch's thoughts came to a halt as he rode his horse towards the bridge that separated the Old Quarter from the rest of the city. Above, he could see the while standard of parlay, and before him were a small detachment of horsemen. With frustration, the old noble noted two dragons circling above, their riders watching the proceedings. These were different from the beast his men had wounded the night before, most likely the mounts of the other new Dragonlords.

"Triarch Belicho, second of his name, we advise you to come no further across the bridge!" one of the horse mounted Valyrians cried out. "And who are you, that I should bow to your orders?" Belicho replied, continuing on.

"Because, Triarch, I am Archon Doniphos Ilvar. I am here to take your terms of your surrender, and I have your sons!"

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Re: [AAR] A Tale of Two Dragonthrones

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This was very interesting. You seemed waaayyy too overpowered for my like, with those masterful traits, those dragons, AND those Valyrian steel swords. IMO it quickly loses its entertainment value to play the game if you have it that good. Nobody can really challenge you EXCEPT for Aegon, and I doubt he has interest in Essos so you would have to be the one to stir that fight up. Good concept with a lot of role playability though, especially after Gaemon does and his two-dozen sons and daughters by different women begin the inevitable succession crisis. So is this dead, or do you plan on continuing it?
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