The Attack of the White Walkers

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The Attack of the White Walkers

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I honestly don't think this classifies as AAR, but there's no better place to put it, so you know. Why not.

A few hours ago, I played a game as a custom lord of Lonely Light during AFFC. The white walkers attacked and crushed the Wall. Then... well, let's say the North was more focused on the south.

Spoiler: show
They came in the night. Like a winter's blizzard, the wights flew through the quiet city of White Harbor. I was asleep when the screams started, and then I was up and running. Nobody screams in the night, unless it's from a fox attack. Or pirates, they sometimes come up from the Sisters. But when I ran to the window, I didn't see a fox nor pirates.

My wife woke to my call. "The children!" I hissed. One look out the window, and she was on it. As soon as I grabbed my dagger, they crashed through the wooden walls. Skulls that would implant themselves in my brain for a long time to come. A slash with an ice sword, and my wife was bleeding from her jugular.

I roared and ran at them with my dagger, and when the weapons clashed, I could see into its eyes. The cold, dark emptiness of a merciless killer. It brought back memories of my childhood, stories of the White Walkers eons ago. Then my weapon shattered into broken icicles. Another slash. I got one last look at my dead wife before she got up, and then world went black.


Part One:
Spoiler: show
"In the North, Winter had crushed the small bands of wildlings. Hardhome was the last surviving settlement when they where sighted by the Nights Watch. Most of them followed retreating wildlings through the mountain path west of the Shadow Tower, but some diverted the Watch by attacking the wall. Jon Snow was one of the first to fall.

The walkers attacking the Wall in a frontal assault served as an anvil. The ones who came from the pass were the hammer to that anvil, crushing Castle Black from the other side. If those things could actually think, maybe I would think them tactical geniuses. But no, only cold, zombielike creatures, not living human beings."

-Journal of Maester Samwell Tarly, Castle Black

With the Wall fallen and the Northern host with Robb fighting the Lannisters, the wights' army only grew in size. Raiding Hardhome had added mass to the army, and destroying the pitiful villages close to the Wall even more. Only when Bran sent ravens from Winterfell did Robb realize his mistakes and turn the host around, but by then it was too late. The capital of the North has fallen with Bran.

The North had almost fallen, and the wights turned their eyes to the east and west. Robb had positioned himself at Moat Cailin, the only place he could hold while his allies fought the Lannisters. But what he didn't realize was that they weren't heading for him. They were heading for White Harbor. But what could the white walkers do there besides destroy and kill?


Part Two:
Spoiler: show
When Robb heard reports of the city being sacked, and the Manderlys being slaughtered, he realized what they were doing. Adding mass to their army. The more they killed, the larger their army became, and Robb could not hold against tens of thousands of snow zombies. His concern turned deeper when the ships sailed from White Harbor. Desperate traders trying to escape, or worse?

A mixture, it seemed. As the ships were just leaving, wights had stormed on. One captain barricaded himself and a couple sailors at the driving deck, while his own undead crew and a white walker tried to kill him. He sailed straight to the northern Vale, where he called for help to the shores. Days after that, fishermen found the ship run aground and deserted. Whether the captain survived was unknown, but one thing was certain: The quarantine was broken.

At this point, Robb was terrified and grieving. With both his little and bastard brothers dead, he was left as one of the only Starks remaining. He almost sent out the command to storm Winterfell, when the wights finally appeared. Scouts had arrived just before them, and Robb called a frantic order to form up. They must not let the onslaught continue into the Riverlands. His meager host of four thousand men tried to hold the pass against the undead monsters, but they were no match against the twenty thousand. Robb even sighted the white walker king among them. But Jon had Longclaw, and still died. Robb slashed at the walkers in a vicious battle with Ice, crushing through one and engaging the king. They circled viciously for a long while with the carnage of all Robb's soldiers dying in the background. Robb gained the upper hand just as a wight impaled his back with a bonesword. Robb slowly died, his last views of the world a cold downfall of snow, and the hungry blue eyes of the white walkers' king.


Part Three:
Spoiler: show
The North had fallen, and the wights spread throughout the Riverlands, and even a small host through the Vale. The wights from the ship were finally sighted, after a few empty fishing villages on the coast. The mountains served as great cover for the wights as they pillaged the hill clans and some coastal provinces, gaining a huge army. Walder Frey and most of his children were slain when the wights crushed the Crossing from both sides. Seagard was next, where the white walkers were as ruthless as before. Then, they circled Riverrun.

Without being able to cross the rivers, the king was trapped on three fronts. Edmure Tully and his young son were trapped on all three sides of the triangular castle, bombarding the fifty-thousand-strong host of the dead.

The white walkers in the Vale had a tough time with Heart's Home. Lyn Corbray slayed one of the white walkers, not a wight, with his Valyrian steel sword Lady Forlorn. But they finally won, executing the Corbrays, and then came upon the Eyrie. Now, this one was even harder. A mountain fortress, the wights had to pass three gates to even get to the castle itself. Little Robin would be safe for a while, at least until the knights of the Vale showed up.

By this time, Stannis had concluded his battle against the Lannisters. Tommen and Myrcella were put to the sword, and the rightful king was seated on the Iron Throne. The armies of the Great Houses that remained finally were able to revert their armies into declaring a joint War for the Dawn with the Iron Islands.

Riverrun fell, and with it the two Tullys, effectively extinguishing the line. Iron King Theon Greyjoy had joked that the Iron Islands would be safe unless the White Walkers learned to swim, but they didn't know about Riverrun and Seagard's vast navies. The king crammed all of his wights onto the ships and sailed for Pyke.

Robin Arryn was on his way down the little pulley system to escape when the wights crashed into the gates of the Eyrie. The knights who were helping him down were killed, and the pulley system was let loose. It was a long fall for little Sweetrobin, who perished very young. With the Riverlands and Vale crashing down with the North, only four kingdoms remained. But not for long.


Part Four:
Spoiler: show
House Hoare was incinerated in Harrenhal three hundred years ago by dragons. But now, Petyr Baelish and a small army sit there to guard it from being overrun once again, but this time by ice, not fire. The meager garrison of 200 gave up hope as soon as they saw the massive army of wights following their leader. The battle was over quickly, with Littlefinger killed. Sansa Stark made it out, somehow.

Stannis himself led huge stack of a host, thirty thousand. "The wights could not stand a chance." he said to himself. The armies crashed together just as the ships crashed into Pyke. Simultaneously, fighting was going on in different parts of Westeros. Near King's Landing, thirty thousand hits thirty five thousand. Wights versus man. In essence, a 1v1 versus a wight should easily favor the human, especially with equal numbers. The battle raged for a while, but Pyke was a different story.

The ships hit the rocky shores of Lordsport, and the wights spilled out onto the city. Ironborn tried fighting back, but it was no use. The city was overrun within minutes. Iron King Theon closed the gates of his castle just in time for the wights to pile into it. The maester sent a raven to the other islands, warning of white walker invasions. But, alas, the white walkers broke through and crushed the remains of the castle's garrison. Theon retreated to the furthest castle with Asha and some guards and cut the rope bridge, remaining safe.

Stannis Baratheon was slain in battle by a white walker, and that basically ended the battle for the remaining host of one thousand, who were desperately fighting the wights' host of quadruple their size. But the merciless white walkers don't take surrenders, and slaughtered them anyway.

Aegon the Conqueror once landed at King's Landing when he began his invasion of Westeros. Now, the wights attacked the near-defenseless city in an invasion of their own.
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