Help with custom Rhoynar buildings

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Help with custom Rhoynar buildings

PostPosted by SBerger » Mon Jan 16, 2017 06:12

So for fun and add some flavour in this mod, I decided to try to add Rhoynar castle and city upgrades to world_rhoynar provinces, since I never felt like they truly were best represented by the heavy infantry focused Essos upgrades. So far everything is fine, I have the buildings made in 00_base_values.txt, added the upgrade paths in 00_upgrades.txt, and added their names in 00_buildings.csv. In game, there are no issues with the buildings themselves, but in upgrading castles and cities. when console firing the event 950, I get the message that improvements have been made and "improve holding" removed, but no upgrade to the next level upgrade (This is going from 2 to 3 levels)

The three files are located here. Anyone know what's my problem/if I need to edit any other files? As a comparison, I looked at the same files for Colonize Valyria and everything seems to be just the same.

If anyone's wondering about the levy sizes for the buildings, it's just that I halved all the castle levies for game play reasons.

Thanks in advance, I have almost no experience in modding of this scale.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I also removed world_rhoynar from the world_free_cities list so they don't get both the Essosi castles and Rhoynar castles.
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