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"The entire reason the vikings fought was because they had shit all resources back home. The only way they survived was by stealing from others and then using that wealth to trade for food imports and such. Alongside that large scale fishing was a thing, and I believe the iron isles do allow for fishing, just not farming."

This is not true, while we in Norway lacked the good farmlands they had in sweden and denmark there was still a decent access to natural resources. Iron is quite abundant in Sweden and you also found decent veins in Norway. The norse were for the most part traders and explorers and sources tell that the sighting of the longboats was a celebrated event because it brought traders whom travelled over vast distances and brought several items to the table.
The word Viking is most likely "de som bor ved viken" or "those who dwell in the vik" a vik being a smaller more narrow version of a fjord. It was later given the meaning it has today of someone who plunders, rapes and pillages.
The viking age started with the sacking of Lindisfarne, a christian monastery 11 years after the massacre of Verden where Charlemagne had executed Saxon pagans by the thousands (4500 according to written sources) they had also torn down and burnt the Irminsul which was a sacred ash tree for all whom worshipped Goden/Wotan/Odin.

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