Being Regent - Strategy?

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Being Regent - Strategy?

PostPosted by Taipan61 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 03:08

Through some fortunate and unusual circumstances I find my character Regent of The Reach, which currently also incorporates The Stormlands due to Inheritance of the current Boy-King. The boy is only three so I have 10+ years of Regency rule ahead of me. I do actually want to keep this king in power, as his siblings are useless, but at the same time I would like to feather my nest and build up my power base in the South.

What disappoints me is the lack of teeth you seem to have as a Regent. As far as I can tell, as Regent of this mighty land, all I can do is:

Replace Council Members.
I could replace the existing High-Lords with low-borns which do have highers stats, but that will just piss off Lords and could cause internal rebellions. Should I be selective and actually do this? Could I then revoke the rebellious High Lords title and give it to myself?

Plot to make the various High Lords rebel
I want to keep this realm together not pull it apart, though then again should I be selective and plot and make a High Lord rebel? Like above could I then revoke the title and give it to myself?

Grant myself title over one of the Boy-Kings counties.
This one county being the one that the Lannisters and Gardeners have fought over for the last fifty years and a long long distance form my power base in the south. I'm not even a High Lord, and am already two counties over my demise limit of three.

Plot to investigate the legitimacy of the Boy-King
I'm not a Gardner, so there will be 100's of people ahead of me with a rightful claim on the throne before my name comes to the top of the list.

.....and that's it as far as I can see. I would of thought being Regent would give you some real legitimate power. Am I missing something bleedingly obvious?

Is there any events that crop up when you are Regent to give the game a bit of spice?

Does anyone have other strategies I can use while I am in this "Powerful" position?
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Re: Being Regent - Strategy?

PostPosted by Valor1 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 18:32

There is one event where you can declare the King incapable and continue to rule as regent for a long time,even if the King reaches adult age.
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Re: Being Regent - Strategy?

PostPosted by kaxa80 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 09:01

Even though the whole regency system is fairly shallow (especially in vanilla), GOT mod makers quite decently improved on it in this mod. Firstly on the whole title hoarding ambition of yours. As a regent ,if you try to interact with yourself you might notice an option which is titled "Give yourself liege's title" ,which unremarkably , does was it says (it allows you to take any of your liege's none king tier or above+none main titles which he holds directly), so indeed it would be a valid tactic to try to piss of your liege's vassals by removing them from council, and then hope that they rebel at some point and then,if you get lucky, claim those titles from your liege (Of course that is if he actually manages to successfully defeat those rebels and then consequently revoke some of their land). Now secondly regarding those events you mentioned, yes there actually is one pretty neat event that allows you to completely usurp all of your lieges titles but i'm not entirely sure if whether there are special prerequisites to it or how rare it is, all i can say is that it often resolves around the concept of you maintaining your regency for while.

Other than that, unfortunately you don't really differentiate from the average joe of a vassal in regards to realm wide power.Also something worth mentioning, if you have a claim to your liege's main title as his regent i believe you get an option in the intrigue menu to attempt a coup d'etat, also from time to time you might get options to steal from the realm's treasury but as i've noticed those sums are more often than not trivial and not really worth potentailly giving your liege an imprisonment reason (which he can use when/if regency ends).
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Re: Being Regent - Strategy?

PostPosted by knuckey » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:01

Here is what you can do as a regent (most of which is added by the mod):

- Grant self liege's spare titles
- Lower crown authority (only once per regency)
- Appoint/fire councillors
- Declare war on behalf of your liege for your own claims
- Launch a bloodless coup for your own claim on your liege using the claimant faction
- Veto your liege's own declarations of war
- Decide on title grant requests from your liege's family and vassals
- Appoint characters to the kingsguard
- Preside as judge in your liege's trials

If you are looking to expand your own powerbase an important thing to consider is that you are immune from any repercussions from your liege whilst you are their regent. So fabricating and enforcing your claims will be much easier.
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