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Chapter Ten - When Iron Blades Clash

"Aye, this 'Targaryen' can come and pry the Iron Isles from my cold, dead hands!" Euron was excessively angry.

"Are you sure that is wise, your grace?" Rodrik the Reader began. "This 'Targaryen' has a dragon. And from the reports I have read, a damn big one." Sitting across the small council table was Harlaw.

"Reader, I don't recall asking your advice!"

"But I'm still going to give it," he replied. "Because I don't intend to let foolish animals like you determine the fate of me and my get."

"You treasonous cunt, I'll..." One of the Harlaw men who had accompanied Rodrik helped him up from his seat. The other three moved between him and Greyjoy.

"You'll what now? I'm afraid my old ears aren't the same as they used to be."

Euron stared in anger as a third of his kingdom walked out of the door on him. If I win the war he'll give me more than his life in recompense.

The Goodbrother representatives followed Harlaw out the door. Make that half my kingdom.

Lord Voltmark sat silently with the other lords at the table. This emergency council session had gone worse than expected. Asha Greyjoy and her piss-faced, dickless brother had declared publicly for the pretender Aegon Targaryen.

The room was dark, almost black, as nobody had yet bothered to light a candle.

"How long until a Targaryen host could make it to the Isles?" Volmark asked.

"Two, three months tops. Surely some Lannister and Tyrell parties will land long before that though." Euron ran a scarred hand through his matted black hair.

"I suggest we take the offensive," Orkmont said.

"Are you fucking mad?" Euron replied calmly. "They have at least two hundred thousand men on the mainland!" His tone was more than slightly less calm on that note.

"Think about it. Your brother rebelled against the Iron Throne thrice, and only relied on defensive methods, outside of his failed invasion of the North."

"Aye, we're fucked either way, so why not?"


Aegon Targaryen marched his hosts from the North back to the Crownlands after learning of the abrupt end of winter following his victory over the Others. From there, he sent out ravens to all the lords, ordering them to prepare their crops and reform their armies for the invasion of the Iron Isles. Then, Aegon sent a raven to the Isles with an order to submit to Targaryen dominance again. Having learned the terrors of war first hand, and wanting to avoid it if at all possible, he even offered to allow the Iron King to retain his titles so long as he did obeisance to the Iron Throne and didn't raid Westerosi lands under his protection.

In short, Euron would have none of it, though the actual wording was much more... Interesting. Aegon had raged for hours to the council and hours to his wife about the reply before drifting off into a troubled sleep. The next day, he awoke with renewed determination to make Euron eat every shameful word of the letter.

He immediately sent word to his lords to make double time for the capital, and ordered Lord Velaryon to send his best ships to burn the Greyjoy fleet in harbor. Lords Lannister and Tyrell would land armies upon the Isles in a fortnight to soften resistance for the main thrust towards Pyke, led by Aegon himself.

It was a good plan. A well thought out, masterful plan, but its implementation proved difficult. For starters, many lords refused to raise their levies, and only the threat of royal intervention forced Bywater, Ryker, and Baelish to raise any men at all.

By 308 AC, the royal hosts were ready to sail in King's Landing. But to Aegon's surprise, they would not have to embark on such an endeavor. Lord Rosby sent word that his castle was under siege by a massive host of Ironborn, and forward scouts confirmed this fact. Aegon immediately moved his thirty thousand men to relieve Rosby, but found the siege abandoned. He then received word that the Greyjoys were assaulting the capital and made double pace for King's Landing.


"Fire!" The captain shouted, and a hail of arrows rained down upon the Ironborn trying to scale the walls. The remaining Wildfire stores were being fastly depleted as they attempted to repel the siege.

Rplly Duck approached him, in the process pushing a scaling ladder over and eliciting a terror-filled scream from the three Ironborn climbing it. "What's going on, why are we being attacked?" Dolly asked, confused. He had only recently been awoken and informed of the siege. Though he had received different reports from different people, and had decided to have a look for himself.

A siege tower approached, but a flaming crossbow set it aflame. Ironborn jumped from the top of the tower to escape the all-encompassing flames. "They breached the Mudd gate, but we've managed to hold the others. A contingent..."

"Soldier, WHO breached the Mudd gate?"

"The Ironborn!"


Rhaegal roared in delight, spewing flames over the attacking Ironborn, consuming their ships and siege towers. According to Rolly the siege had lasted three days and the men were about to surrender when relief finally arrived in the form of Aegon's host. The cavalry charge into the Greyjoy rear had crippled the Ironborn host beyond saving except for a small 2000 man force estimated to have escaped on the ships.


The throne room was as elegant as ever. Though lacking in much of the Targaryen-centric ornamentation that had adorned it before the War of the Usurper (Robert had much of the memorabilia destroyed on his ascention, though more of it was stolen during the sack that preluded it), the room was nonetheless glorious. As usual.

The glory was increased by the fact that Euron Greyjoy was in chains, kneeling before the Iron Throne. "Lord Greyjoy," Aegon began, emphasizing the word 'Lord,' "You are charged with treason, rebellion, the murder of your niece and nephew, and the attempted murder of members of the royal family. What say you to these charges?"

"Fuck you." Greyjoy refused to meet his face. Aegon nodded and Rolly slammed the hilt of his blade into Euron's jaw, filling the room with the sound of a crack and eliciting a grunt of pain from Euron.

Aegon laughed. "If I were any less of a man I would have you flayed alive and fed to my dragon without any chance of survival..." He looked over at the sleeping Rhaegal, as if to emphasize this point. "But luckily for you, I'm not my grandfather. You have two options," Aegon sighed, growing bored of the company of the man who had personally tried to murder his children before being detained by Lady Brienne and Ser Gendry the Bull. "Renew your fealty to the throne," he tapped the side of one of blades that the throne was comprised of, "or die." He again looked at Rhaegal.

Euron's eyes met Aegon's. After much determination and effort, Euron spoke his two word answer. "Fuck you."

"Okay. You made the choice." Aegon turned to Rhaegal. "Rhaegal," he began. "Take him." And the dragon lunged forward, frying Euron and swallowing him in one clean, almost graceful movement. To his credit, the Ironborn king didn't scream.

"Next order of business," Aegon started. "Rodrik Harlaw, you are named Lord Paramount of the Iron Isles, may you and you heirs rule it wiseley yada yada, from this day until the end of time. You will depart for your new lands as soon as possible."

The day passed quickly for Aegon - his victory having envigorated him, and the war leaving a lot of stitching the realm back together to do.

At the end of the day, Aegon, his ass sore from sitting on hard metal all day long, his head aching from listening to the many, many petitions from city dwellers whose businesses or shops were damaged in the assault. As soon as he reached the bottom step, Varys burst into the room. "Yes, yes, don't bother knocking or anything," Egg mused, overlooking the serious expression on Varys' face.

"Now is not the time for jokes, you grace!" Varys snapped, getting Aegon's attention. "I have called an emergency meeting of the small council. You MUST attend!"

Aegon sighed before following Varys.
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Chapter Eleven - A Dance of Dragons

"You look beautiful," the man said.

"I know," she replied. "Let's not get too into this. We were wed for a reason."

"Okay, fine. But it wasn't a lie."

She sported silver hair and purple eyes. On her dress, the three-headed dragon of House Targaryen. On his chest, a golden rose on a field of green.


"I want him arrested immediately!" Egg shouted, slamming his fists onto the table, before pacing back and forth rapidly. "How in the seven fucking hells could we have let this slip past us?"

"Daenerys Targaryen sacked Myr a month ago, she would have acted by..." Girys began.

"You fool! The bitch would need more time to act than that, to build alliances and produce heirs! We've given her all the time she needs. She married him three gods damned years ago and it took you this long to figure out his real name?" Egg asked Varys in astonishment.

"Your grace, there's..."

"Shut up! Gods dammit!" He punched the table again, tearing skin from his knuckles and opening fresh wounds.

"Your grace, I protest," the Halfmaester started.

"Oh, save it, a great many worse things will be happening to all of us if we don't get her - and his - head on a spike soon." Aegon was starting to calm down. A little.

"Your grace," Varys spoke up again. I have more troublesome news... " Aegon frowned. "He has tamed Viserion."

"Arrest his father, arrest his brother, strip them of their lands and titles before they can be used against us," Aegon ordered. "Let the Golden Rose forever be a curse against your enemies!"


"Lord Tyrell," Dany stated. A formality. Beside and behind her were two rows of six Unsullied - an honor guard. Standing wither her was her husband, Garlan Tyrell, and before her was Lord Paramount Mace Tyrell and his heir Willas. Deanery's belly was swollen with child, and Garlan wanted his newest son to be born in the Reach, for this one, unlike his two previous sons, would take the Tyrell name. And Daenerys needed to meet with her allies in Westeros in order to coordinate an effective plan to defeat The Pretender. An heir to Brightwater.

"Show me to your council chambers and we can begin."

"Right away my queen."


"The Pretender has armies here and here, and seems to have realized the threat and mobilized his armies to block us," Garlan started, pointing at Farring Cross. "As soon as your child is birthed, I suggest we land you Unsullied in Bywater. Catch them from the east, and my father will harry them from the west. We'll form an implacable hammer and anvil as used by Baelor and Maekar against the Blackfyres over a century ago."

Dany smiled. She liked the comparison of Aegon to the Blackfyres - the most infamous pretenders in modern Westerosi history.

"Greyworm, Barristan, Jorah, what do you think of this plan?"

"It's as good as any, Khaleesi," Jorah said first. Daenerys had accepted him back into her army and heart after the Sack of Volantis, as he had single handedly killed twenty guards and opened the gates for her army, saving countless lives and proving his loyalty.

"I agree, though from what I know of this pretender, he is not as keen to fall into traps as we might hope, or he would never have managed to claim the throne in the first place, let alone sit on it for so long. He is no Aerys I or Jaehaerys II, but a man of the vintage of Daemon Blackfyre or Aegon the Conqueror - a man to be respected. He is brave, bold, dashing, quick and handsome, or so I've heard. He has most of Westeros convinced he is who he says he is. Hells, he might even believe it himself." Barristan stretched his muscles out as he spoke.

"So you advise caution?"

"I advise caution in all things, your grace. Coming from an old knight who's slammed broken hand in a door more than once out of impatience." Barristan smiled one of his rare smiles. He didn't do that much, anymore.

"Grey Worm?" Dany spoke up, requesting the advice of the leader of her Unsullied.

"Yes, my queen."

"What is your opinion of the plan?"

He hesitated before continuing. "It is good plan," he said in broken common.

"Then it is decided," Daenerys said, her tone going from inquisitive to authoritative in a flash, a trait gained from years of front line commanding.


Aegon stood at the balcony, looking out over the dark city. It was his. For now. His wife, Arianne Martell, approached from behind, grabbing his waist. "Join me in bed, my love," she said suggestively. Arianne pressed her chin into his back, inhaling his scent. The two had become attached, very attached, though their marriage was originally political in nature it had turned into much more. Men in the streets whispered about how their glorious king had "tamed" the wild Martell woman, but in many ways it was the other way around... Men don't tame women, women train men, he thought.

"Arriane, what am I supposed to do? I have Daenerys closing in from one direction and treasonous lords the other. And my job is to keep the peace. To make life better for everybody - or as many people as I can. But I can't help but think that the only way to accomplish my job is to take my own life. Many people will die in the war to come. Many good people, who have no business dying. I've seen war before, I don't fancy seeing it return to the realm." Egg rubbed his eyes. "I just don't want this all to be for nothing."

"What for nothing?"

"This," he replied, waving his arm to emphasize everything. "There has to be a reason I won where others failed. There has to be a reason for our existence, that of our children," he finished, his tone unsure.

After a moment of thought Aegon laughed at himself. "Look at me, getting all philosophical on the eve of war."

"Don't kid yourself honey, you've always leaned a bit towards the philosophical side," Arianne joked. The two turned and returned to the bed, where they made love.
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Looks like i'm going to read something tonight!
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Chapter Twelve - A Black Dragon and a Golden Lion

The dragon landed in the courtyard of the Red Keep. Much to his dissapointment, Aegon hadn't been greeted by his wife, the Queen, who had been sent back to Dorne with the youngest of her children on the request of his good-father, Prince Doran.

Rushing up to greet him, however. was Myrcella Waters. The girl had grown over the years, as had her brother. They called Tommen the Lionknight, and Myrcella was known the realm over for her fair features and keen intellect - the latter a result of her tutelage by Aegon and Arianne at the Red Keep.

"Your grace, do you need any wine? I've heard fighting is terribly thirsty work?" She asked, averting her eyes. Egg had no idea why she always did that. It made the conversations... Unusual. Then she did something she had seldom done before. She looked him in the eye. Something about the green hue entranced him. "It's in the kitchen, if you want me to get it for you, or we could go together?"

For some reason the offer seemed much more attractive than it usually did. "Sure," he replied, sliding off of Rhaegal. Myrcella approached it. "Can I," she asked, gesturing to the dragon.

"Sure, she doesn't bite. Well," Aegon laughed. "Not unless I tell her to. Isn't that right Rhaegal?"

The dragon purred, as if replying. Myrcella ran her hand across its green scales. After a moment she returned her attention to Aegon. "Let's go get you that drink then, shall we?"

The two began walking.


They talked together, enjoying one another's company the entire way there. As it was night, the kitchen was empty aside from them.

"So, I guess this is where we go our separate ways," Aegon asked, hesitant to see her go. It was then that Egg noticed the smooth - loose - gown she was wearing.

"I guess it is," she replied, smiling awkwardly. He turned to find a small cask of wine.

"Of course, we don't have to part ways just yet," she said, suggestively.

His back turned to her, Egg briefly considered what he assumed to be her coming onto him, but brushed the idea aside. I'm married, he thought, shrugging the idea off. "I can't. I don't have any more business with you right now." His voice was nervous.

"Of course, of course," she continued. "I just wanted to say," she undid the lace holding her clothing on. "I'll always be here if you need company. You know, somebody to talk to." Myrcella grinned.

Egg turned around, and was shocked by what he saw. "I'm married, it's not," but he couldn't finish his sentence. She was on him in an instant, pressing her lips to his with the ferocity of a lioness.

Egg tried to pull away, but Myrcella held him firm, unbuckling his belt. "I want you. I've wanted you from the moment I could think of wanting anybody. I will have you." And she pushed her lips to his again. But this time he did not pull away, but cupped her breasts in his hands. It was almost an hour before Egg managed to tear himself away, back to his quarters. When Rolly saw him staggering, half-clothed to the royal bedchambers, he rose an eyebrow, but knew better than to ask. [i] It's not the business of the Kingsguard to ask questions.[i]
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Chapter Thirteen - A Great Game of Cyvasse

Aegon Targaryen sent twelve thousand men to secure the crossing at Farring Cross, while his main host of thirty thousand men prepared to sweep the Reach clean of the allies of the Breaker of Chains. Ravens were sent to all the high lords of the realm from both Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen, demanding that all true men declared their loyalties.

It didn't take long for answers to arrive. Lord Peytr Baelish, who had long since consolidated his hold over the Trident, pledged allegiance to the Dragon Queen, citing her numerical superiority in dragons and dragon riders. The Tyrells, who had obviously sided with Daenerys by wedding Garlan the Gallan to her, also officially declared their loyalty towards Daenerys.

Jon Connington's kin, who were given the Stormlands on his death, declared their loyalty to Aegon - he had, after all, made them a great house. In response, Daenerys legitimized and declared Edric Storm, the bastard of the usurper, as her Lord of Storm's End, in the hopes of drawing Stormlander houses to her side. She only partially succeeded, convincing Houses Dondarrion, Selmy, Seaworth, and Penrose to declare for her.

Lord Selwyn the Evenstar, whose daughter was serving as the first woman ever indicted into the Kingsguard, under Aegon, openly declared his support for his king, raising 3500 men and besieging the rebel holdings.

In the Reach, House Florent, House Redwyne, and House Hightower declared for King Aegon, whilst the Tarlys of Horn Hill proved adamant supporters of the Queen, declaring Aegon to be a "bastard usurper parading as if he had a drop of highborn blood." Aegon made special note to deal with Tarly after the war.

House Frey, as expected, declared neutrality before eventually being incited by Daenerys to declare for her by promise of a future royal marriage. This, along with the fast-growing friendship between the Lord of the North and the King, prompted Jon Stark to declare his loyalty to Aegon and begin martialling the hosts of the North to once again march towards war in the south.

The Martells declared loyalty for King Aegon, as he was wed to Doran's daughter Arianne, and the burning of Quentyn Martell years prior had turned House Martell into the fiercest rivals of the would-be Queen of Westeros. Prince Doran Martell ordered Lord Edric Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, to lead an army of twenty thousand spears, all Dorne could spare, north towards the Crownlands to aid His Grace.

On 25, June, 309 AL, Aegon decided to strike first, and hit an approaching Tyrell host in Hammerhal - near to where the original Field of Fire took place. Just as in the past, Aegon's dragon decimated the Tyrell host, killing Lord Hightower.

Meanwhile, the Tullys retook Riverrun yet again from the Freys, butchering every last one in the keep, and declared loyalty to Aegon in order to win back the Trident.

Peytr Baelish ignored this minor nuisance and marched south with some thirty thousand men, but by the time he reached the northernmost keeps of the Crownlands his force had disintegrated to twenty thousand, as House Blackwood, House Darry, and House Mallister declared for Aegon and withdrew their support from Baelish.

Tyrion Lannister, whom Aegon had raised up from nothing, decided that "the wisest course of action was to remain neutral." And at that moment Aegon began to regret not giving the West to House Vikary, a bastard Reyne branch.


Battle of Rosby, 309 AC

"Dracarys!" Aegon shouted, and Rhaegal spewed flames ovover the Unsullied forces. Some of them went unscathed, protected by their shields, but it was a minority. Egg was clearing a path through the center flank for the Green, as his side had come to be called (a reference to both the greens of the First Dance, and the color of his dragon), knights to cut through.

Though their fortitude and discipline could be commended, it would never be enough against dragon flames. Too bad, I could have used good, disciplined men. They're wasted on her. Egg still had trouble believing that at one point years ago, he had been insistent that she would be his bride. Thank the gods I chose Arianne.

The Green and Black knights clashed, and companies of Unsullied moved to protect vital Black assets. Like siege equipment, Egg thought as he set another group of Unsullied aflame.

Then a roar, and a flash of light caught Egg's attention as the world swirled about. He began to get dizzy as Rhaegal plunged towards the ground, but the dragon managed to regain stability and began to rise again, giving Egg a chance to regain his bearings.

Maybe ten feet above and twenty feet to the right of them, hovered another dragon. A silver dragon, Egg noted. On its back, a man in silver armor, adorned with a golden rose.

"Surrender to our queen and she will show you mercy!" The man, Garlan Tyrell shouted.

"I've heard of her famed mercy in Slaver's Bay! She is no queen mine!” And with that the duel began with a roar. Rhaegal, her green scales almost shining attempted to drive upwards towards Viserion, but the great silver beast, smaller and nimbler easily dodged the half-hearted attempts to knock it from the sky and managed to tear part of the membrane on Rhaegal’s right wing.

“Dracarys, Egg shouted,” and a bolt of red-blue fire sprang forth from Rhaegal's mouth with a mighty roar. Rhaegal veered to the left, nursing its injured wing as best it could as the two dragons circled about one another once more. Aegon noted that Garlan was nursing a major burn on his sword arm, where the metal plate armor appeared to have melted into his arm. “Get me close girl,” Aegon whispered to Rhaegal, though whispering a hundred feet in the air on dragon back is akin to shouting on the ground. Rhaegal darted towards Viserion once more, causing the faster dragon to attempt to dodge out of the way once more, but it was not to be. Aegon Targaryen unbuckled the belt on his saddle as Rhaegal passed over Viserion and in one smooth, fluid action, jumped from his dragon to the other, landing directly behind Garlan, who was struggling to unlatch his own saddle. Egg unsheathed Blackfyre and plunged it into Garlan’s uninjured arm causing a shriek of pain. Viserion began doing 360 spins to shake Egg off and he complied Please work, please fucking work! Egg's mind shouted as he free fell, but his body was stopped by a hard scaly surface feet below Viserion. He opened his eyes. Rhaegal. He had landed on Rhaegal!

Garlan hung by his burnt arm from the saddle of his dragon as it continued doing spins, oblivious that Aegon was already off of it. Egg kissed Blackfyre’s holt before sheathing it and moving back into position on the saddle. “Now, Rhaegal, NOW!”

And the green dragon slammed onto the silver one, taking its claws across Viserion’s belly and spilling its innards over the field of battle, sending them raining down on the fleeing Blacks below. “Dracarys!” Aegon shouted, and red-blue flames engulfed Garlan and his deceased beast, sending dragon and rider smoking to the ground and leaving Aegon Targaryen victorious both in sky and field. One down, he thought. One to go, as Rhaegal made a pass over the fleeing enemy army, engulfing entire columns in his fire.
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Nei! I thought there were two chapters but it's just one!

Also, nice fanfic there.
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Mistefar wrote:Nei! I thought there were two chapters but it's just one!

Also, nice fanfic there.

Thanks! I actually have chapter 13 written out, but I think I'm gonna post it tomorrow, as it is getting late.
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Mistefar wrote:Nei! I thought there were two chapters but it's just one!

Also, nice fanfic there.

I fixed the chapter problem - I mixed my pre-written word document drafts up somehow. Sorry for the delay.
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Chapter Fourteen - A Wretched Rose

Egg got out of bed and wrapped a red and black robe around himself, trying as best he could not to disturb the sleeping Myrcella.

He exited his chambers and greeted Rolly, before moving on. This was his last day in the capital before he had to rejoin the fray - Daenerys had made a successful landing in Oldtown and the remaining forces of House Tyrell were rallying to her. Rumors had it that her host was now fourty thousand strong. But he had to do this before he could leave. Myrcella would be safe in the capital, but Prince Jon and Prince Rhaegar would not. They would join his wife in Dorne and prepare to book passage to Essos if word reached them that the battle went awry.

He entered Jon's quarters first. "Get your things, you're going to Dorne." Then he ffetched Rhaegar, and the three hurried down to the docks, escorted by Lady Brienne of Tarth, Ser Gendry the Bull, and Ser Archibald 'the Big Man' Yronwood. He hugged them and saw them all the way to the small armada that would escort them to Sunspear.

"I love you son, make me proud," he had told each of them as they entered their shared cabin.

Then, Aegon VI Targaryen entered the destroyed Dragonpit (funds had yet to be allocated to repair it, as the crown had been struggling to pay off debts from the War of the Five Kings).


From King's Landing, Aegon led a fresh royal army of twenty thousand south through the Reach, imprisoning and executing treasonous lords, robber knights, and their lot, cutting through the heart of the Reach in a desperate bid to quash the rebellion. Outside of Highgarden, Aegon captured Lord Mace Tyrell, lopping off their heads with Blackfyre, after winning another massive battle over the Tyrells. However, Willas was still at large, and as long as Willas Tyrell was free and in open rebellion, the realm would bleed as it had not in almost two centuries. And Willas had rallied the remaining Tyrell banners to Daenerys in Oldtown. Aegon immediately made south to confront them, though a treason in the ranks of the royal army itself would rock him and the Kingsguard to the core.


"Next," Egg ordered. The local lowborn peasants were petitioning him, as always, and as always he was trying to hear as many if them as he could. Even during wartime.

Into the tent, however, walked not a mere peasant, but Ser Loras Tyrell, the Knight of Flowers, of the Kingsguard. His eyes were red, from what appeared to be tears, though he wasn't crying. The loss of his father was hitting him hard. That much, Aegon could sympathize with.

Loras knelt. "Your grace."

"Rise Ser Loras," Egg replied. "What brings you to my command tent? I gave you the left flank, you should be organizing it and preparing it for battle tomorrow."

"Yes, your grace. But I need to know."

"Need to know what," Aegon rose his brow inquisitively.

"What will you do to my brother... To my house?"

"Your brother is a traitor of the realm. The punishment for treason is death." Egg didn't like saying it, especially to somebody as loyal as Loras.

The room was silent. Loras averted his eyes. "Then I am so, so very sorry your grace." And the Knight of Flowers drew his blade, prompting Brienne to draw Oathkeeper, but Loras was too fast. In an instant, he was on Brienne and slammed the but of his blade into her head, knocking her to the ground with a loud crack. She didn't get back up.

By this time, Egg was on his feet, Blackfyre drawn. "What in the Seven Hells are you doing?" He shouted angrily. Your the bloody fucking Kingsguard! "

"Not any more," Loras replied, jumping forward, swinging for Egg's head. Egg blocked with Blackfyre, rolling away from the Knight before launching his own offensive, which Loras easily blocked.

The two withdrew a few paces from each other, each looking for weakness in the other's defense. Loras noted that his blade was already bent from contact with Blackfyre - Valyrian steel is strong.

"I'll let him take the Black," Egg said.

"We both know it's too late for that," and with that Loras charged Aegon, kicking his legs out from under the monarch. Loras brought his blade up, but dropped it beside him. A silver-red blade extruded from his chest. The Knight of Flowers glanced from Aegon to the mortal wound in his own chest and laughed, spewing blood over his white armor. Then, Loras Tyrell fell to the floor dead. Behind him, blood dripping from her forehead, was Lady Brienne. She collapsed to her knees, unconscious.

"Get a maester!" Egg shouted at the top of his lungs. "Get me a bloody maester!"
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Chapter Fifteen - Flight of the Dragon

The two armies were arrayed before each other on a rolling field of grain. The Royal Army had achieved the high ground, arriving and setting up camp mere hours before that of the Dragon Queen. Egg surveyed the scene from above as the two great armies prepared to clash. The fate of the realm would be decided this day.

Below them his own army had dug trenches along the length of the eastern most hills, and had placed wooden spikes in the ground to help fend off any cavalry charges. The whore has a strong Tyrell cavalry force. Daenerys had over 5000 Dothraki screamers, 6000 Unsullied, 20 thousand Ghiscari conscripts, 30 thousand mounted knights, and 40 thousand Tyrell Men at arms. Aegon had twenty thousand men at arms, fourth thousand conscripts, and ten thousand mounted knights. Additionally, Egg also had about five thousand of the Gold Cloaks, most of whom had served in the Golden Company and were veterans of a dozen campaigns. The largest battle in Westerosi history.

The forces clashed at noon, as Lord Tarly led a devastating cavalry charge that had temporarily burst through the royalist defenses. Temporarily. Egg ordered men into the gap and quickly closed it, but the Tyrell cavalry probed the royalist lines for weakness. Then a roar, and he saw her. Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains, atop what could only be the Black Dread Reborn. The beast dwarfed Rhaegal, almost twice his own dragon's size.


The armies had once again clashed. Below them, over a hundred thousand men engaged each other in a bitter struggle for survival. Above them, the two monarchs they fought for prepared to battle it out in the skies, each vying for the right of air superiority.

Egg directed Rhaegal towards Daenerys, who did the same with Drogon. The two dragons growled at each other as they circled one another, each looking for weakness.

"Pretender, you slew my husband, the father of my children!" Daenerys shouted, overcome with rage.

"And I would do it a thousand times again, Dragon Queen."

"Will those be your last words then?" Daenerys shouted over the battle.

"Fire and Blood!" Egg shouted as he sent Rhaegal into a dive towards Drogon.


The dragons grasped and clawed at one another, slinging each other through the sky. Though Daenerys had an advantage in the size of her dragon, Rhaegal was quicker and smarter. One moment Rhaegal would tear a scale from Drogon's leg, and the next it would be above the black dragon raining fire towards Daenerys.

I might actually be able to win! Egg thought. But he thought too soon. In one fell swoop, Drogon raked a gap through Rhaegal's wing membranes, opening the wounds Viserion had given it earlier and, causing the green dragon to go into a dive towards the ground. Oh shit, Egg thought. "Gods dammit, PULL UP!"

And Rhaegal obeyed to the best of her ability. A volley of royalist arrows from the ground distracted Daenerys and Drogon just long enough for Aegon and his dragon to start their escape. By the time the archers below were consumed by Drogon's fire, Aegon was already a great distance away.

The sight of their king fleeing the battle caused the Royalist host to begin to break. Lord Commander Duck has orders to raise an army from our supporters in the Riverlands. That is where we will go. He looked back at his army, and saw Daenerys diving into their rear ranks, preventing them from fleeing, her Unsullied rushing to surround the broken royal army. That is where I will go, Aegon corrected himself, sinking into depression at the realization. He could not hope to hold the capital. Not with the destruction of the entire royal army.
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood

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Chapter Sixteen - On Accursed Dragon Wings

"Traitor!" Rolly slammed the handle of his blade into Lord Baelish's side once again. Beside him was Lord Edmure Tully, a wide grin on his face. "In the name of His Grace, Aegon, Sixth of His Name of the House Targaryen, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, I hereby strip you of all lands and titles and attaint your entire line."

Rolly turned to Lord Tully, who stood in front of Lords Mallister, Blackwood, Darry, and Vance. "And in the name of His Grace, I grant you, Edmure Tully, the Lord Paramountcy of the Trident and all its accompanying honors and titles, and the Lordship of Harrenhal, to be held by you and yours until the end of time."

Edmure bowed. "And I, Edmure of the House Tully promise pledge and guarantee in the sight if the Seven that I and mine will always keep faith with House Targaryen, from this day until the end of time."


"Your Grace," Rolly said, rushing to Egg's side as he dismounted from his dragon wearily. He hadn't had a drink in two days, nor a bite to eat - Deanery's host had been too close behind him. "Lord Commander Rolly," have somebody fetch me some water or wine. I care not which." He turned to Rhaegal. "And have three sheep slaughtered and brought here for my dragon. I want every man the Riverlands can muster to prepare for my march south to retake the capital..."

"Retake?" Rolly questioned worriedly.

"Yes, retake. The whore shattered my army and nearly killed me. I didn't have the men to hold the capital." Aegon turned to Edmure. "I take it you are the Lord Tully?"

"Yes, your grace," Edmure replied bowing.

"Good. Rise. How many men can you give me?"

"Twenty thousand," Edmure replied, rising.

Egg turned to Rolly. "And what of the Stormlands?"

"I'll send a raven at once, ordering Lord Connington to ride north for our position, and to avoid the capital."

"And Lord Stark?"

"He is still mustering his levies, though the first wave, the Mad Wolves, he called them in the letters, should arrive within the day. Five thousand strong, led by the Greatjon himself."

That seemed to satisfy Aegon. "Lord Tully, do you have suitable chambers in this castle?"

"Yes, your grace," Edmure replied. "Follow me."


Daenerys was stunned. Flanking her were two rows of three Unsullied. Before her was the Iron Throne. Am I dreaming? She wondered. She began to approach the throne, slowly at first, but gaining confidence with each and every stride. She climbed the steps one at a time, then two at a time, then three, to reach the top as fast as possible.

Then she took her place on the throne, sitting it for the first time in her life. She turned to her advisors, who were gathered behind her Unsullied. "Thank you," she stated, emotion nearly overcoming her. "But we still have work to do. The Usurper calling himself Aegon Targaryen still breathes, and still rides MY dragon."

Though Daenerys had left her family in Meereen with the Second Sons for safety reasons, she still wished her little Vaeron could watch his mother claim her rightful chair. A chair he will one day sit, Gods willing.

The capital had been evacuated of the Usurper's advisors and Kingsguard, as well, which only slightly detracted from the victory. "We ride north for the Trident!" She ordered. Her Unsullied let out a rowdy cheer.

But then Daenerys noticed a drop of blood on her arm. The blades of the chair had pricked her skin. She did her best to hide the minor wounds through the rest of the day, but a select few had noticed. The Iron Throne has rejected her, they whispered amongst themselves.
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood

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Chapter Seventeen - The God's Eye

A week had passed since his arrival. Outside the walls of Harrenhal were high fifty thousand Blacks. Inside were twenty thousand Royalists. "Hold fast, men!" Aegon shouted to his soldiers from the wall. Rhaegal, who had managed to somewhat recover from the battles in the Reach, was beside him, perched on the wall.

Egg turned to Rolly. "Ser Duck, if we don't meet again, know that it was the highest honor of my life to have you stand beside me."

Rolly clapped him on the back, and the two men embraced for the last time. "Aye, and being in your Kingsguard was the highest honor of my life." Rolly nearly broke into tears. He knew this was the last time he would see his king. His friend. The two separated and Egg mounted the green dragon.

"As wise man once said," Egg said, preparing himself for the ensuing battle. "Fuck death."

And with that and a crack of his whip Aegon ascended to the skies to meet his foe. He left the belt to his saddle undone.

Daenerys met him, both dragons licking wounds, but those of Rhaegal were the greater. Then the two clashed. Rhaegal dived towards Drogon, having gained altitude over the black dragon, and breathed a wall of flame towards its target. Drogon rose to intercept, and roars filled the air. On the ground Daenery's troops were beginning their assault of Harrenhal, trying to scale the deformed walls with ladders and siege towers.

The battle in the sky drifted towards the God's Eye as Egg moved Rhaegal away from the keep to avoid stray arrows and scorpion bolts.

Daenerys dived towards him, but Rhaegal used its remaining speed to dodge and drag its claws over Drogon's back, forcing a great shout of agony from the black beast. But it was proving too much for the smaller dragon, and before long a blow found Rhaegal's wounded wing, reopening the barely-healed wound once more. The green dragon pulled away, but it was slowly losing altitude. Aegon’s gut twisted. He knew he couldn't win. But if we have to die, I'm damn well taking her with us! "Dracarys!" Egg shouted, and with one final great effort Rhaegal plunged into Drogon, knocking both off balance and causing the dragons to enter a free fall. Drogon and Rhaegal both grappled for the right to live, and Aegon, knowing there was no other option, jumped from his dragon onto Drogon’s back, nearly sliding off of the sleek black scales but managing to find a hand hold between two of the damaged acales. The lake below was getting closer and closer much faster than he had anticipated. It's do or die, Aegon, he thought to himself. Actually, it's do AND die, he corrected, snickering grimly at the distasteful joke that only he would ever know.

He pulled himself to the top of the Dragon's back, heaving his helmet into the wind to free his silver-gold hair. And he advanced towards the unaware Dany.

But he lost his footing and slid past Daenerys, catching himself on one of the spikes on the beast's head, dangling above its mouth. Rhaegal had just ceased struggling and the ground was mere yards away. Aegon locked eyes with Daenerys, sliding Blackfyre first into Drogon's eye, the swinging for Daenerys' neck. She moved to dodge, but the blade dug into her left shoulder, forcing a cry of pain from her lips.

Aegon was overcome, first with a feeling of tremendous pain as Drogon released her breath of flame, then numbness as his body ceased to register input from his nerves. Then nothing.


The splash could be seen from the castle walls, and it created a small tsunami. The fighting stopped for a moment as men from all sides looked on in awe as both dragons hit the water at terminal velocity, flames shooting in all directions until the water settled.

The Black men had secured the gates of Harrenhal and were pouring into the castle. The defenders engaged in an unwinnable battle to the death throughout the accursed keep.

AEGON! Rolly's mind shouted, but it quickly returned to the heated combat. He had suffered three wounds to his shoulders, two to the right and one to the left, and arrow shafts protruded from his lower right forearm and all up and down the length of both his legs.

And finally he had had enough. Unable to move his burning arms, he collapsed to his knees. The Unsullied he had been fighting ceased his offense, as if honor bound to allow Rolly to die on his feet. The Duck looked up at the liberated Ghiscari slave soldier and spoke. "Go on then."

But the sound of horns in the distance distracted everybody once more.


"Men of the Stormlands, CHARGE!" And forty thousand Stormlanders - ten thousand knights - charged towards the Black rear.


The northern host arrived to the scene. In front of them the Black forces, those flying the quartered red dragon and golden rose that was Daenery's personal sigil, were sandwiched in between the Royalists in the castle and the charging Stormlanders from the south. Jon turned to his brother, Rickon, who was being personally educated by Jon. "I daresay our king might need some assistance?"

"You don't say," Rickon replied.

"Men of the North, let’s show these southron fools how real men fight! WINTER IS COMING!"

A rowdy cheer went up from the northern host as they began to advance on the Blacks from the north.


Rolly shivered as the squire told him the body count. Ninety thousand.

Not a noble house of the Reach or Trident has survived without losing a son in this battle, Rolly thought bitterly And our king is dead. Drogon has been seen flying east, likely for the capital or the Narrow Sea, and some even reported seeing the Black Queen on his back.

Rolly turned to his squire, a lowborn boy of twelve whom he had saved from losing a finger in flea bottom, and was paying the debt back by learning to become a knight. "Get a maester, tell him to write for Dorne. Inform Prince Doran that Prince Jon is now king, and order him to establish a regency council with Varys, himself, and I as heads."

The boy nodded and ran off.


When the letter arrived in King's Landing, Myrcella wept bitter tears. He will never know our son, she thought, running a hand down her swollen belly.
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Chapter Eighteen - A Game of Thrones

Drogon pulled itself free of the watery embrace and let out a weary roar before taking flight. Atop its back was Daenerys, miraculously unharmed save for the wound inflicted by Blackfyre in her shoulder. She had, however, managed to remove the sword and buckle it to her belt.

"To King's Landing," and the one-eyed dragon took flight, slight tears all over its stomach exposing parts of its entrails.


Over the skies of the capital she could see chaos unfolding below. The streets were filled with rioters, and many buildings were smoking. The Red Keep flew unknown banners.


"All hail his grace Maron Erryk Stagheart!" The crowd chanted. Daenerys saw the heads if the Unsullied she had left to keep order mounted on the keep. And she continued her flight over the Narrow Sea.


Drogon collapsed onto the concrete plaza of Meereen. The Second Sons ran out to meet her, but she had long since passed out from dehydration and fatigue. The men, led by Daario Naharis, pulled her from the back of the dying Dragon and brought her to the great pyramid for treatment.


"My son, where is my son?" She asked.

"He's fine. And your daughters are too," the comforting voice of Daario replied.

"What happened, your grace?" Barristan asked. "I haven't heard news from Westeros since you sent me back to guard your family."

"I failed, Ser Barristan." She said, angry at herself. "I don't deserve to be queen."

Jorah interrupted. "The healers said you would be fine after you ate a meal. We have prepared a welcome home feast for you."

Dany couldn't help herself. She smiled.


"To Her Grace, Daenerys Targaryen," Jorah raised his cup. At the table were the others, and Greyworm who had traveled back to Meereen with Ser Jorah to command the Meereenese contingent of Unsullied, spoke up. "To our Queen," Greyworm spoke.

Around the table, lustful cheers went up.

"Well, well, well, yes yes, to OUR QUEEN." A soft voice. The entire assemblage looked behind theDany, and she herself turned around to face the source of this new voice.

"And you are?"

"Names are of no concern, my queen," the bald man spoke. "They are just words. And words are wind." His voice grew almost... threatening, like a viper.

The man walked up to Daenerys and plucked the wine glass from her hand, taking a sip. "I normally don't partake, but such an... Occasion, requires celebration." He took another sip, then returned it to her hands. Dany was speechless. "Now where was I?" The bald man asked.

"You were explaining who you are and why I shouldn't kill you," Dany replied, her own voice becoming ferocious.

"Well, if you were wise you would."

"You want me to kill you?" Dany was baffled.

"No, but what I want and the best course of action for you to take are two entirely different things. You see, I've been watching you for a very long time. I had great plans for you," the man continued in his soft but frightening voice. "Well, for him, anyway, but you were to partake in those plans. You were originally to be married to Aegon. You know that?"

Greyworm moved to restrain him, but Dany signalled him off. "Why are you here?"

He glanced at the Unsullied. Then to the cloaked servants scattered all throughout the room. He nodded to the servants, who produced daggers and engaged the unaware Unsullied and slitting the throats of the guests, lifting their cloaks to reveal their faces. Harpy masks. Blood poured all over the table as Dany realized what was happening. "Dear, you have become a hindrance to my plans unfortunately, despite my best efforts to the contrary. You and... Your son."

"If you touched him, I will kill you!" Dany shouted, furious and terrified for her child's safety.

"It is sadly too often that the innocents find themselves suffering for the crimes of the guilty," he said, one of the Harpies approached him with a box. He held it out to her. "Well... Come on, take it."

In the distance, Barristan was felled by three of the Harpies. With the men almost all dispatched, the ravenous Ghiscari began raping the women.

Dany reluctantly reached out and claimed the item, fear surrounding her heart.

"Open it. But don't worry, I have plans for your daughters, my queen. Though the Harpies were rather insistent I give you to them."

And she unlatched the little brown box, and pulled it open. Dany looked upon its contents, tears welling up in her eyes. The screams rang out through the Great Pyramid, with not a soul to hear.


"All hail his grace, Jon of the House Targaryen, First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm," Rolly Duck shouted to the lords in attendance.

Jon was almost ten, though tears were already welling in his eyes. My father is... He is gone. That was all he could think of. Lord Commander Rolly Duck, with aid from Lords Connington, Stark, and the beleaguered remnants of the Tully army, and seated Jon on the throne. Ten thousand Dornish spears had marched north to aid the Royal cause, and the Arryns had finally managed to raise their forces and thirty thousand knights of the Vale were halfway to the Crownlands.

With the murder of Queen Daenerys at the hands of the Sons of the Harpy, the war was effectively won. Lord Tyrell saw this and met for parley. To end the war as quickly as possible, Rolly, as acting regent in the stead of Varys's, was compelled to allow the Tyrells to bend the knee.

Lord Varys had sent word that he had a "special gift" for King Jon, but would say no more. That clever man. No doubt that he had something to do with Daenery's murder, Rolly thought. Not that he was complaining.

Jon ascended the Iron Throne, Ser Gendry and Lady Brienne flanking him to take positions at the base of the great iron monstrosity. Once he was firmly seated and had managed to hold back the tears, the young king spoke.

"I, Jon, First of my Name, do hereby surrender my power to a regency council, soon to be established by my close family friends Lord Varys and my loyal Lord Commander Rolly the Duck."

Jon hesitated before continuing. “As my first act as king, to reconcile the noble House Tyrell with the crown and mend the schisms of the Second Dance, I will take the daughter of Daenerys Targaryen and Garlan Tyrell to wife when we are both of age, and my brothers will take the daughters of Black lords to wife.”

Applause rang out through the Iron Throne room. But to everybody there it felt hollow.


Myrcella screamed. The entire court knew of Aegon's affair with her. She was birthing his bastard. The scent of blood filled the room as the maesters worked to help the lady. She was weak from the hours spent at the birthing table. The Halfmaester had told her she was going to die.

But she was determined not to die until she saw her child. A son, she was sure.

With a final grunt the child broke free of her, and the Maesters took it, clipping its umbilical cord and wiping the blood off it as best they could before presenting it to her. “Aelon,” she said, her voice weak as she noted his manhood. He possessed silver-gold hair and green eyes, a mixture of Targaryen and Lannister features. “Aelon, for his father,” she confirmed to the Halfmaester in a whisper. And Myrcella Waters took her last breath just as her son took his first.


With a final groan, Drogon, the first and last dragon in almost two hundred years, breathed its final breath. Behind it, clutch of eggs - one silver, one red, and one bronze.
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood

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This is the official end of this AAR! Thanks for reading, and I hope you all loved reading it as much as I loved writing it! If anybody wishes to follow my work, I started a new AAR as King Maegor II Targaryen, son of Aerion Brightflame and rightful king if the Seven Kingdoms. It is on these forums. I should have some more updates (with screenshots!!!!) out soon.
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood

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aelon creds
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood

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daman42 wrote:aelon creds

What can I say, it's a badass name ;-)
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Re: True Dragons: A Song of Fire and Blood (A House Targaryen AAR)

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What a nice read! I'm a bit sad it didn't last more, but I suppose it's better than leaving it half done. Congratulations ;)
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