[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

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[RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

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A Total Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

Download A Game of Thrones v1.4 (Windows exe): HERE (mirror)
Download A Game of Thrones v1.4 (Mac / Linux / zipped files): HERE (mirror)

Checksum: NSUM
Compatible with: CK2

In a land where summers last for years and winters last for decades, nine great families struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Take control of a noble house, from the Starks of Winterfell to the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and win the Iron Throne!

But remember, winter is coming.


Mac/Linux/Zipped files warning: The mod files must be copied to <Your Documents>/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod folder. We also recommend any previous mod files in this folder are deleted before copying the new version. Windows users have been provided with an installer that performs this function automatically, while Mac users can find detailed installation instructions in the manual

Warning: This mod is likely to be incompatible with 32bit systems with low memory. We recommend at least 4GB of memory on a 64bit system.

Patch 1.4 Notes
We have been working smoothly on getting the mod to speed for the latest patch and the 'Monks and Mystics' DLC, and are happy to release this update. We have started work on integrating artefacts and societies in the mod, but this work is still ongoing so hopefully this is just a start. We also have a new bookmark lovingly handcrafted by blackninja, that is set in the book 'A Game of Thrones', the titular book of the mod itself!

- Updated for and 'Monks and Mystics' DLC
- Integrated many vanilla artefacts and added AGoT specific items
- A dragon mechanics rework
- Integrated the Dynamic CoA submod into the mod (Thanks to hero99)
- Improved incest- rulers may now take their lover-relatives as concubines
- Many database/map improvements and fixes
- Added a Noble Oligarchy government type, currently used in Qarth and Ibben.
- A new 'A Game of Thrones' bookmark, with deep and engrossing event chains (edit: might possibly be one of ninja's joke)

WARNING: This version will NOT be save compatible with previous versions of the mod

Full changelog below.

Spoiler: show
Version 1.4
Monks and Mystics:
- Updated mod for CK2
- Adapted the DLC devil worshipper societies into AGOT themed societies
- Adapted new job actions for the mod
- Made Nightswatch Recruit job offmap
- Changed castellan Oversee Province into Oversee Realm offmap action
- Added attribute caps to job modifiers
- Mod reputation events replace threat reduction for the new chancellor job action
- Oversee Construction job action now displays chance of completing a colony
- Replaced mod Sabotage Economy job action with Sabotage Province for dlc users
- Renamed Hunt Apostates to Hunt Subversives
- Added levy modifiers to organise army job action
- Made train children job action off map
- Adapted new custom locs to the mod
- Adapted the new weapons and crown jewels artifacts for the mod
- Reduced martial and opinion bonus from crown jewels and weapons
- Only royal characters can now make crown jewels
- Adapted spymaster events to new off-map job action
- Adapted the new intrigue inteface for the mod
- Added mod game rules to groups
- Added a targeted decision to gift someone an artifact
- Added an Alchemists Guild society
- Done some work on the Alchemists society (mainly integrated existing wildfire mechanics and added interface)
- Added some canon artifacts, including Targaryen crowns and Robert's warhammer
- The Targaryen crowns can now be dynamically forged
- Converted some mod modifiers into artifacts
- Usurping another characters primary titles now also usurps most artefacts
- Foreign tour smith event now grants artefacts. Also made tour events less to occur more than once.
- Added the Forrester Greatsword as an artifact
- Added an artefact for the Oldstones colony event

- Added new traits for dragons, and various new associated flavour events
- Added more dragon nicknames
- Added a decision for rulers to invite their subjects to tame dragons in their lands
- Added a decision to release your dragon from the dragonpit
- Adjusted and tweaked effects of dragonpits/dragonmont
- Some characters may now wait for large dragons
- Young children sometimes have a boosted hatching chance when given a dragon egg
- Added a load of new dragon event images
- Fixed problem where new dragons were only ever male
- Added and improved many dragon names
- Added a decision to pick a random new name for a newborn dragon
- Dragons can now be used against random white walkers
- Characters with valyrian ethnicity now have equivalent dragon taming/hatching bonuses to culturally valyrian characters
- Dragon conquest CB now only usurps the highest tier titles of the defeated opponent

Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
- Added many new houses to the dynamsic CoA system (Thanks to hero99) Also made the system more efficient.
- Added an event where a ruler can request a dejure vassal transfer from a fellow vassal
- Added House Qoherys and Darklyn to extinct house customiser options
- Updated house customiser to include new cadet dynasties
- Non-Ironborn can now also be attacked with knives by their concubines
- Non-Ironborn now get random events whilst looting
- Women with the become knight ambition may now have access to knight decisions/events
- Reapers torture can now trigger mod torture event
- Added opinion modifiers and notification events for the oubliette
- Added options to hire a new maester when your maester is called to be an archmaester
- Added an event for when a newborn is clearly a bastard (e.g. black baby to two white parents) to possibly be disinherited by the father
- Added a handful of traditional honourary titles, modified maintenance.32 to assign them all not just the bloodroyal title
- Valyrian and Moonsinger rulers get a +10 opinion with all other religious groups due to their religious tolerance
- Valyrian and Moonsinger rulers can choose a Syncretic Faith and get a +10 opinion with members of that religious group ontop of the default bonus
- Added various contextual death reasons to the duel engine
- Young Hyrkooni rulers can now try to bulk up to avoid gelding
- Blackfyre Iron Throne heirs may now ask for Dragonstone
- Wealthy landless courtiers can now offer to buy land off an indebted liege
- Land can now be granted as a reward for service
- Looting nomads can now be paid to leave your lands alone
- Made some tweaks and adjustments to Conquest of Dorne scenario events
- Velaryons can now be given traditional names by the AI
- Improved some province lordship events
- Made some improvements to battle event texts
- Added flavour text displaying an accusation/charge in trial by court events
- Adjusted invite and kidnap claimant decisions
- Rulers may now take their lover-relatives as concubines
- Added notification events for when the player is commander for their liege
- Added more severe consequences for executing or murdering a religious head
- Kings can now legitimise their own cadet dynasty
- Tied some wildling mechanics to the mod tribal government, including realm break up and invasion CB. This is so Shadowlanders have access to them
- Added House Words to feuds, valyrian sword quests and inhertiance, introducing heir and war declaration events
- Targ cadets can now also build Summerhall
- Player regents can now fire/appoint their liege's advisors and admirals
- Characters can now use favors to prevent commands to end wars from their liege
- Added an off map 'Serve Court' job action for Maesters/physicians
- If a Blackfyre gains the Iron throne and bastardises Daeron the Good, Daemon I blackfyre is now inserted into the past holder history of the Iron Throne
- Made it easier to find a bride on foreign tour. Can also cut the tour short in between visits.
- Added notification events for when an epidemic breaks out in a province
- The Kingdom of Sarnor can now devolve into a confederacy of petty kingdoms
- Feast events now occur during a coronation
- Prisoners may now ask for all their relatives to be moved to house arrest all at once

Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Fixed Reyne Rebellion issues when selecting date after the Ninepenny kings
- Updated Roger Reyne stats/traits
- Adjusted Illyrio-Dany eggs event
- Dany and Viserys are now with Illyrio for a few years
- House Cole are now vassals of House Dondarrion
- Fixed date of Doran Martell gaining Dorne
- Made Shiera Seastar slightly older
- Added Iron Emmett
- Added Halys Hornwood's landed grandfather
- Added Ser Bartimus of the Wolf's Den, also made the Wolf's Den a military command
- Added fair to Jeyne Marbrand
- Updated Gregor Clegane and Amory Lorch traits/family
- Added the Great Empire of the Dawn the predecessor to the Golden Empire of Yi Ti for history purposes
- Added DNA for Aegom Dragonknight, Larra Roagre and Naerys Targaryen by fastrike
- Moved House Condon from Sea Dragon point to vassals of Cerwyns
- Added canon roles and job titles to Black Brothers
- Added dna for some of Aegon the Unworthy's misstresses and their daughters
- Added Houses Lannett, Lanny and Lantell as vassals in Lannisport
- Lorath is no longer a slaver city
- Added day 0 maintenance that removes all randomly generated learning education traits from Westerosi characters
- Made some minor trait adjustments to historical Targaryen characters
- Jon and Jeyne Waters are now high valyrian/attractive
- Renamed several historical Velaryons to Jacaerys, as it is said to be an ancestral house name
- Adjusted stats/traits of Corlys Velaryon, Lollys Stokeworth, Monford/Aurane Velaryon, Arianne Martell, Sarella Sand, Alicent Hightower, Ronnet Connington, Melisandre, Dorna Swyft
- Adjusted ages of Boros Blount and Meryn Trant
- Added Watkyn, Hyle Hunt, Tom of Sevenstreams, Reginald Lannister
- Made House Manning landed under House Staunton
- Added Doran's wife to a noble Norvosi house
- Removed envious and gregarious from Cersei (she had too many traits). She becomes Paranoid after Tywin's death
- Added drunkard trait to Tyrion. Also becomes a poor warrior after The Blackwater.
- Added some better dna for Orys Baratheon, Daemon Blackfyre, Bittersteel and Roose Bolton
- Added a special trait for Robert Strong
- Added some selectable Shadowlands lords
- Updated ages and dna of some Telltale characters courtesty of Zexapher
- Rodrik Forrester is no longer cirppled, he is disfigured or severely injured if Reapers is enabled
- Added a blood feud between houses Yronwood and Fowler
- Missing wives and mothers of historical characters are now automatically generated at the start of the game
- Updated Harry Strickland, Franklyn Flowers, Arryk/Erryk stats/traits
- Moved some characters to Darry in AFFC
- Made Gowen Baratheon Lyonel's brother
- Removed ugly trait from Dagmer Cleftjaw
- Boosted Daemon Blackfyre's, and his wife's, fertility
- Downgraded Bloodraven to a skilled fighter. Also gave him one eyed trait.
- Added traits/stats to many Blackfyre characters
- Updated Missandei's traits with Conclave DLC
- Updated traits of Roose and Ramsay Bolton. Also added the bastard's boys.
- Viserys Plumm now has valyrian ethnicity
- Adjusted traits/history of Pycelle
- Fixed Robert's Crowned Stag opinions
- Duskendale is now a large city before the emergence of King's Landing. Also added House Rykker as vassals of Darklyns before they gain Duskendale.
- Reduced Roose and Ramsay's opinion of Jon in AFFC
- Added a dragon egg to Elaena Targaryen
- Fixed Maegor's wife history
- Added some dna for Arryn lords by fastrike
- The Lyddens are no longer heirs of the primary Lannister branch
- Other misc character updates/fixes

- Added a cooldown to council plots after a failed petition
- Nationalist revolts can now never occur in The Stepstones
- Characters are more likely to ask for better prison accomadation
- Increased carousing cooldown
- When a secondary kingdom is lost in a feudal election, any rebellions are ended so succession is not glitchy
- Changed see house on Iron Throne success conditions to be if the holder, spouse or current heir of the Iron Throne is of your dynasty
- Increased prestige gaine from see house on Iron Throne ambition to be the same as the normal become emperor tier (400)
- Reduced tax income from pirate dens
- Holdings with slave pits now have smaller garrisons
- Boosted same religion opinion boost for Bearded Priests
- Added a cooldown to slave lashing
- Can no longer join enemies in mega wars (Rhaegar cannot join Robert)
- Reduced the base tax value of city holdings, and increased tax value from base value buildings
- Hyrkooni eunuchs will no longer go on adventures or get upset when titles are granted
- Updated megas wars inheritance events, taking into account the fact participation in wars may now persist on inheritance
- Liege intervention can now always be requested
- Split vassals being attacked by a fellow vassal can now can ask for liege intervention at the end of a mega war
- Being drunk is now a hinderance in duels
- Tourney joust events now uses similar factors to the duel engine, and now also use duel randomness rule
- Made trade posts cheaper to build, also increased the trade post limit gained from palace buildings
- All patricians should now start with at least 1 trade post at the start of the game
- Hired councillors now have a minimum 10 rating in their specialist stat
- Increased the commander martial threshold for proud female rulers and dornish women to 12
- Claimant factions can now be started for secondary high lordship titles
- Relatives will no longer be upset if the heir to The Iron Throne is granted Dragonstone
- Made some adjustments to the trial by court events, including making it more likely to be guilty if actually known to have commited some sort of crime against someone.
- Iron Throne heirs vulnerable to being disinherited via great council can no longer ask for Dragonstone
- Decreased odds of lunacy from divine blood incest babies
- Utilised new allow_join options on several plots, including prohibiting captors from joining plots to free their own prisoners
- Reduced prestige loss in Northern Melees
- Deserter lords beyond the wall can no longer marry nobility south of the wall
- Level of plot power now influences murder success probability
- Native revolts can now occur in colonies on nomad lands
- Nerfed the pirate/wildling modifiers
- Wildling kings can no longer call for general aid against white walkers if located north of The Wall
- Added some more restrictions on which rulers can be diplomatically annexed (must be either neighbour, dejure vassal, or located close to capital)
- Rulers can no longer be left with only military commands if their titles are usurped (they will now also be usurped)
- If a patrician loses a war to claim a city holding they now lose their trade post in the province
- Increased effectiveness of forts
- Adjusted the probabilities of the various events for the marshal's job actions
- Player can now only contract greyscale in The Sorrows if leading their own armies, rather than when in command of their liege's
- Prohibited Dany from using the press claim casus belli during her quest
- Improved the way lower vassals pick rebel leaders in a mega war
- Dothraki invasion CB now seizes land in traditional nomad areas
- Slave camps now start with the levy full at the start of the game
- If a character dies on a quest they may now also lose their dragon/valyrian sword

- AI no longer values for breeding slaves who cannot outbreed
- AI may now try to buy the freedom of their enslaved relatives
- AI is now less likely to join an independence faction if a claimant is available
- Made the shut the gates decisions more restrictive so a guy in Dorne will not close the gates if there is a plague in the North, courtesty of EMF
- The AI may now counter attack any raider who sacks a holding
- Adjusted AI logic for council power laws and ultimatums
- Adjusted battlefield duel AI
- Ai is now less likely to try and imprison vassals
- AI patricians are now more likely to build mansion upgrades
- Made some council plot adjustments, AI are more aggressive with plots to get on the council
- The AI may now visit the chambers of their prisoners
- Made some tweaks to claimant/depose liege faction AI logic
- AI kings are now less likely to give away ancestral kingdoms to vassals
- Added some AI logic to heritage focus request decisions
- Optimised the way AI chooses trial by combat champions
- AI will no longer ask for wards with a heritage focus to have a faith focus instead
- Made it harder for player to exploit the AI by matrilineally marrying their daughters to heirs to high ranking titles
- Added AI maintenance scripts for high ranking rulers to make them assign better guardians to their children

Graphics and portraits:
- Fixed some event modifier icons
- Restored special shields to many religions
- Removed the tech indicators from the province interface
- Reinstated the Bearded Priest beards, which do not seem to cause moustache problems anymore
- Fixed looted rhllor temple holding image
- Added a mod version label to the main menu
- Added a new flag for Duskendale
- Northern characters can now be blond
- Disfigured characters may now sometimes not wear a mask (e.g. sandor clegane)

- Made the Dragon Gate and King's Gate military commands
- Fixed some map unit/port positions
- Added some other Free City cultures to The Stepstones
- The Red Keep is now known as Aegonfort before its completion
- Added a city holding to the Temple of Lord of Light to prevent weird nomad glitches
- Added Witch Isle as a province off Runestone, renamed Upcliff to Breakstone
- Moved The Isle of Cedars to dejure North Valyria
- Reduced the number of sea provinces in The Jade Sea, making the new ruins more accessible
- Gold mines are now present in The Axe and Asshai
- Added a Triple Walls of Qarth building. Also made Qarth city barony a military command
- Made some adjustments to provinces in the Crownlands-Stormlands-Reach border region
- Adjusted base value of city holdings in Lordsport, Oakenshield, Sunhouse, Bronzegate, Tarth, Weeping Town, Barrowtown, Winterfell
- Added more holding slots to Lannisport, Barrowton and Norvos
- Made Stokeworth richer
- Made some changes to Asshai/Shadowlands. Shadowmen now have their own portraits and can raid. Asshai no longer holds the kingdom level title.
Plus some dejure map tweaks.
- Added a special Black Wall building to Old Volantis giving extra fort level. Also made the Black Wall a military command
- Added a Ghiscari Legionary barracks building
- Removed erroneous map link between Sunpear and Lemonwood
- Added a High Lordship of The Stony Shore, and adjusted the borders and territory of The Rills
- The Red Waste is now traversable through the Old Waste Road, so the Dothraki have easier access to Qarth

- Added a Noble Oligarchy government type, currently used in Qarth. A feudal realm realm locked into elective succession and full council power. This government type can be enforced as a result of the Overthrow Monarchy faction.
- Changed Ibben into an oligarchy
- Dowry event now only pops up if a dowry is actually available
- Added Thenn religion title inheritance maintenance
- Made the cold gods religion playable, so save games as these rulers can be reloaded. Moved white walker government into theocracy group to make them unplayable.
- Increased cold gods max wives to 20, so Craster can get his full complement of wives
- Westerosi pirates not based in Westeros no longer use maesters
- Added many custom death texts
- Wildlings can no longer use true cognatic succession
- Added many culture/religion specific opinion modifiers to character traits and modifiers
- Added a day 0 event to make nomadic rulers marry their sons (try to avoid marriage offer spam)
- Valyrians are no longer required to use Maesters if not in Westeros
- Optimised secret bastard events
- Moved The Thenn into the wildling culture group
- Landless Dothraki adventurers now use the new 'tribal' government
- The new 'tribal' government now uses turkish succession as the default
- Hyrkooni now use seniority succession
- Updated exiling scripts, characters going to strange palces halfway across the world should now be less common
- Made Kayakayanaya a tour destination in place of Asabhad
- If Aegon picks Volantis as his capital he now takes an existing holding rather than building a new one
- Added some tooltips to education focus selection
- Added more seduction focus nickname variety
- Added some more death texts (text by SinStar)
- Made some tweaks to the Blackfyre Invasion events
- Unlanded characters can now catpure salt wives/concubines
- Boosted chance of Sarnori gaining tall trait on birth
- Added a GetMyPhysicianName custom loc
- Made landless dynasty nicknames less common
- Special birth traits, such as high valyrian attractiveness, are now based on ethnicity rather than culture
- Added an Essarian culture
- Added a Gogossosi culture

Internal Scripting:
- Reorgnaised the trait files
- Added a magic_returned_trigger scripted trigger
- Added a GetConsortName scripted trigger
- Added a cannot_outbreed_trigger trigger
- Added a has_full_slavery_trigger trigger
- Added the custom localisation GetHouseWords to display a House's words, currently only integrated into the duel engine
- Added scripted trigger has_house_words_trigger, must be updated along with the custom loc when more house words are added
- Internal script name for valyrian religion is now valyrian_rel (to make it different from valyrian culture group)
- Changed unoccupied religion group to be unoccupied_rel_group and ruins religion to be ruin_rel to not confuse them with the culture
- Changed islander and ibbenese culture groups to be islander_group and ibbenese_group so they do not clash with the individual culture
- Relocalised many religion groups names to be clearer
- Added modifier definitions for all cultures, religions and their groups for opinions and localised them all for future use
- Updated new GetRootRelation custom loc with agot specific entries, and replaced all instances of GetFromRelation in loc with it
- Added scripted triggers denoting cultures preferred gender law
- Added a has_priest_trait_trigger scripted trigger
- Added has_bastard_nickname_trigger scripted trigger
- Added GetTitledFirstNameWithDynasty GetTitledFirstNameWithDynastyNoRegnal GetTitledFirstNameWithNickAndDynasty GetTitledFirstNameWithDynastyAndTitle & GetTitledFirstNameWithDynastyAndTitleNoRegnal custom locs. These take bastard names into account.
- Added fear_modifier definition for use in traits
- Added a GetSpokenLanguage custom loc (used in trials by court)
- Changed internal name of maester/court physician to job_physician, and changed priest internal name to job_spiritual. This is because several hardcoded priest oddities are tied to job_spiritual.
- Added a GetAlcoholicDrink custom localisation
- Added a traditional_nomad_territory_trigger scripted trigger

- Lunatics can no longer make eye gouging the latest fashion
- Fixed ticking warscore being applied for the defender keeping their holdings in some indepedence wars
- AI councillors should no longer vote against actions for selfish reasons, when they would actually benefit them
- Landless adventurers can no longer target white walkers
- The AI can no longer attempt to imprison their own captor
- White Walkers and other special immortals can no longer get an immortality crisis
- Fixed looping Florent dynastic claim event
- Disabled the Horse Lords landless adventurer mechanics for Ironborn (The AI can't handle it)
- Fixed martial educated children not getting leadership traits in Conclave
- Rulers with thralldom law no longer get offers for their slaves
- Fixed symmetrical start game rule
- Blocked many murder events whilst the target is at sea (e.g. carriage ambush)
- Fixed bug where colonies could be dissolved when only a chance of losing advanced colony was displayed
- Fixed typo in Vaes Dothrak wikid loc
- Removed tech modifiers from reapers prosperity events
- Homosexuals can no longer try to take male concubines (does not work)
- Fixed Queen of Love and Beauty opinions
- Made some Trial of Seven fixes. The player can now also choose to view the trial
- Characters can no longer convert to unsullied religion
- Fixed Theon event problems
- Fixed diplo annexing lords taking all their vassals
- Conversion and heritage decisions are now accessible for High valyrians when the cull is disabled
- Fixed Hyrkooni gelding event pinging to ruler to be castrated
- Added on game start maintenance checking for tyranny/dishonour that hasnt decayed for whatever reason
- Slavery opinions should no longer be applied when slavery laws change by event
- Fixed AI looping make the eight ambition bug
- Fabricate Claims job is now not present in the interface if disabled via game rule
- When a slave is captured as a concubine all previous consorts/spouses are removed
- Fixed broken show blood feuds decision
- Friendly holdings can no longer be sacked for slaves/concubines
- Fixed some of the government flavours not taking into account the new wildling government
- Adjusted the way mega wars system checks for split vassals, fixing some instances of lower lords going back to the wrong liege
- Dragons can no longer inherit the leadership of mercenary bands
- Adjusted vassal levy compensation event, so it doesnt severely bankrupt the AI
- Children should no longer gain more than 5 personality traits with conclave DLC
- Characters away on some sort of quest can no longer catch diseases or go into seclusion (Reapers DLC)
- Fixed Hyrkooni and Nghai holdings not being upgradable
- Blackfyre will now always be inherited by the heir to The Golden Company if in their possession
- Fixed dynastic stability events not working
- Ironborn reavers are no longer complimented for being vikings
- Fixed dejure drift rules
- Landless titles, like The Citadel, can no longer be usurped in invasions
- Fixed sometimes not being able to start factions for females with weak claims in true cognatic realms
- Sibling or Parent-child lovers can no longer elope (unless incest is traditional for them)
- Rulers with no domain can no longer be approached by foreign priests
- Great Spring Sickness will no longer immediately occur in After the Spring scenario
- Fixed CTD caused by missing map unit models for special units, e.g. chariots
- Fixed North Andalos high lordship creation conditions
- Fixed take prisoner as concubine decision
- Hired courtiers will no longer be culled by the game engine
- Looting duel event can no longer occur when situated in your own realm
- Made the stained glass church window event more mod appropriate
- Fixed succession law of nightswatch vassals
- Fixed castles built in Brandon's gift not being upgradable
- Fixed how opposing flag ship names are displayed in siege event
- Kin denied titles will no longer form a host if adventurers are disabled via game rule. They will also use DLC adventure mechanics if possible.
- Characters with one hand or leg can no longer compete in tourneys
- Ruin maintenance now ensures ruins have the ruin government type
- Fixed some duplicate localisation strings

Spoiler: show
Cabezaestufa: Founder/Map creator, General Coding Support, Events, DNA, Balancing, Bugfixing, North Content, Misc. Graphics, Team Management.

Knuckey: Project Leader, Scripting, History Work, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, "Megawars"

Scripting & Coding:
Galle: Events, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, DND, Localisation, Fighting Traits and the Duel Engine, New Plots, AI Work, Nightswatch/wildlings content
Sunspear: Coding, Events, Riverland Content, Bugfixing, Positioning Tool, Balancing, misc. Graphics, Personal Interaction, Faceless Men, Dragons.
Ogaburan (Ran Miller): Events, Westerland & Frey, Minor Families Filler, DNA, New Education System, Kingsguard, Knights, Bugfixing, Balancing, Misc. Graphics.
Fashbinder: Event scripting/balance, Trial by court, Nightswatch/wildlings content, Harrenhal restoration, R'hllor Magic, Reforged Swords, VSS Quest.
Toccs: Essos work, General Coding Support, DNA, Many History Updates/Improvements, Far East map creator, White Walkers.
blackninja9939: Event Scripting, Legitimise Cadets, Make a Noble, General Coding, Bugfixing, Forresters, Conquest of Dorne Events.
Rodri: Event, General Coding Support, Bugfixing, Dynasty tracing, Trial by Combat, Hereditary Valyrian Swords, New Ambitions.
Zarine: General Coding Support, New Battle System, Translations, Bugfixing.
Stiener (DanJonMin): CoA placeholders, Events, Iron Islands content, Localization, Misc. Graphics.
Wolfgang Pauli: Maintenance Events, Rescue CB, Testing, CoA Graphics.
Etel: Grell-conversion Work.
black_imperator: Events.
Riso: Merged features from mods like CK2+ and Better Rebels, Misc. Coding.
HuskyWolf: Scripted a bit and added some traits.
Waylit: Special siege events mod.
Comradebot: Farwynd skinchanger events, Ironborn event ideas
Tompalmer : Event scripting.
StoneTheCrow/Tycho: Valyrian Swords, history improvements, bug fixes.
Jenks: Event scripting

Edric_Storm: Dynasty CoA Artist, Dynamic CoA Generator Graphics (higher res, new designs), New CoA Templates (fabric banner and hide versions).
the_hdk: Crownlands initial Content, Dynasty CoA Artist, Title Flags, New CoA Template (leather version), New Skinchanger trait icons and misc icons.
Rabid Bogling: Dynasty CoA and Title flags Artist. Qartheen Portraits. Dynamic CoA Overhaul.
StGeorge: Icons & Loading Screens.
talias: Trait icons, Titular Kingdoms
Peuri: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
dauncosony: Portrait Graphics (including concept and design).
Velho e Bom Joe: City models and textures.
Amok: Much of his artwork used for event pictures: http://en.amokanet.ru/gallery
Starkweather: Valyrian children portraits, Titular Kingdoms
Jorian Drake: Dynasty CoA and title flags artist.
kuczaja: Qarth flags.
DarkReborn: Ghiscari portraits, Religion Icons
revisionist: Ghiscari Dynamic CoA.
hibludij: High Valyrian clothes
tem: Basilisk Island, Sothoryos flags, Lhazar flags
Midnighty: Summer Islands flags
Mavrosh: Map textures (lava, black rock and red earth): http://mavrosh-stock.deviantart.com
Arko: Interface improvements
Choccy: Valyrian/Rhllor CoA
foxwillow: Dynasty CoA Artist
LancelotLoire: White Walker portraits
Attiris: Holding images and other misc graphics
Misc CoAs/Graphics: HMAS-Nameless, Molleby, Smoesville, Micxzu, Pageman, Myrik_Justiciar, deloswerty, azaghal, Vystas

Chrisjm89: Historical character histories.
Hobbes MkII: Historical character histories
Cidellus: Historical character histories
Tompalmer: Historical corrections and community management.
Initial Content: ThePiglet, Hroppa, AlecTrevelyan006, Helios Ra, Jazthesentinel, Maginor
Wiki Links: Rhoedon, ThatOtherGuy642, wuschbaam, lesh

Clash of Kings Scenario:
Tompalmer: Scenario Design Lead
Mug bubule, Nacodaco, Knuckey, Hobbes MkII, C_moore, HuskyWolf

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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by SkyGaiman » Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:34

Please don't let this be a joke.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Tony5ify » Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:35

Thanks for this awesome mod

The next "little updates" will be save compatible?
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Enriador » Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:42

This team is amazing, seriously. Thanks for it! Happy Fools Day!

Level of plot power now influences murder success probability

How did we live without it?!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Lord_Verkos » Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:46

Thank you for the mod and all your work!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Assassin739 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:59

So keen for AGOT bookmark, thanks!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Blackwolfpt » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:29

Damn, for a second there I fell for it. Then I looked at the date...
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by ptlans » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:31

I'm fully expecting this to be a joke.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by blackninja9939 » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:34

ptlans wrote:I'm fully expecting this to be a joke.

Would we do that to you?
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by ptlans » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:44

blackninja9939 wrote:
ptlans wrote:I'm fully expecting this to be a joke.

Would we do that to you?

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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by EnderSpore » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:51

Can Confirm it isn't an April fools!
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by EnderSpore » Sat Apr 01, 2017 23:56

Ok it is. Atleast the A game of thrones bookmark is :(
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by stale » Sun Apr 02, 2017 00:09

Was wondering if there was going to be an April 1 release this year. :)
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Sun Apr 02, 2017 00:19

So is it just me or is this a legit new version so long as you avoid playing the new bookmark and thus incurring the wrath of George?
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by LancelotLoire » Sun Apr 02, 2017 00:54

So what changes are we looking at here exactly? I have a lot of mass effect andromeda to get played!

I still miss the Europe = Essos april fools version :/
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Tony5ify » Sun Apr 02, 2017 00:59

There are a lot of adventurers in Yi Ti, its insane :shock:
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Kripox » Sun Apr 02, 2017 01:58

Fuck yes I've been waiting a long time for this one.

Just 2 observations so far:

1.) In the Aegon's Conquest bookmark it seems to me like Visenya has the Valyrian Steel modifier but I cant see the Dark Sister trait anywhere. Bug?

2.) It seems like Dragon Riders are no longer friends with their dragons. They have the traits but are not friends. Is this an intentional part of the dragon mechanics update or is something funky going on?

Anyways, thanks a lot for the update.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by SkyGaiman » Sun Apr 02, 2017 02:09

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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Kripox » Sun Apr 02, 2017 02:11

That would make it a very weird joke considering there's actually a lot of updates in here and it is clearly updated in several major ways. This is the kind of joke i can live with.
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Re: [RELEASE] A Game of Thrones v1.4

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Sun Apr 02, 2017 02:21

Kripox wrote:That would make it a very weird joke considering there's actually a lot of updates in here and it is clearly updated in several major ways. This is the kind of joke i can live with.

Indeed. It's normal for the April Fools update to be built upon the actual development version (and thus contain most of the very real changes going into the next proper update). Since in this case it seems you can avoid the April Fools stuff just by not starting between 8297.1.1 and Robert's death, it's quite easy to use this as a legitimate version.
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