Need some help modding a portrait background

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Need some help modding a portrait background

PostPosted by Kripox » Sun Apr 02, 2017 23:26

Yeah, wasnt sure if this would go under technical questions or graphics since it is a technical question about graphics, so i posted it in the subforum with the most activity. Please move to the other subforum if that's more appropriate.

Now, I need some help with modding. I want to make sure that the king on the Iron Throne always has the iron throne as his portrait background. Right now it seems like certain traits can influence this. For example it seems to me like the Cruel and Impaler traits can deactivate it, but also seemingly activate it sometimes.

So, what I need help to make happen:

1. The king always has the Iron Throne background regardless of traits.
2. The king's wives always have the same background if they're not landed and in his court. If they are landed somewhere else I don't really mind.
3. The kings children should also always have the Iron Throne background if they're unlanded and in his court, same deal as with the wives.

Would also be nice to see how I can make sure all member of the Night's Watch always have the wall as their background, some of them sometimes don't have it. This is a little less important to em though. It just bugs me that there is a background specifically for the Iron Throne and then it doesnt even get used properly all the time.
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