Can't raid as pirate

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Can't raid as pirate

PostPosted by Burnzyboi503 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 19:50

Hello! I've recently started a new game as a pirate in the Stepstones to enjoy some fun pillaging goodness! I saw the notification that I had been at peace too long, and raised my levies to start plundering. I noticed that after I raised them, I was unable to toggle raiding. I exited and tried playing as multiple individuals on the Stepstones in the Pirate religion, and none of them let me toggle looting (I'm independent in these areas, so it's not the issue of the ruler not being a fan). I then jumped over to the Iron Islanders during the bleeding years, when the top liege is a part of the Drowned God religion, and I can't toggle looting there either! When I mouse over the button it has everything checked except: (x) owner allowed to loot.

Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong? I have all DLCs and they're all enabled (excpet for reaper's due) and I'm playing on on the newest version of the mod.
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