There seems to be a new mod in the works.

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There seems to be a new mod in the works.

PostPosted by zebraguy24 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 05:11

[Disclaimer: I do not endorse this mod, nor do I suggest this mod over the main AGOT mod that this forum is based around. I am only here to seek out others opinions.]

So if you haven't been on the Moddb page CK2 than you wouldn't know about the new AGOT mod titled "The Seven Kingdoms: An age of Petty Kings. Based on the limited info and screen shots the mod developer has given us I can deduct that this mod completely independent (For what I can see at least). It seems like that the mod will include the continent of Westeros and the Free cities, and will take place primarily during the age of heroes or at least during the time of the
Valyrian freehold. What strikes me most about the mod (again based on the info we have) is that the map is very big and very different. From what the author has said the mod is primarily for the multiplayer, which explains why they didn't mention rather or not they were gonna add more of Essos. Fewer provinces mean more stability because the game has fewer characters to take into account. This also shows why they added a bigger map because you can fill the screen with better-looking landmasses if you don't have a lot of land masses to deal with. It's basically the Quantity over Quality debate.
Ultimately I think that this mod will be like the second AGOT mod for Mount and Blade. It will be way overshadowed by it's older more beautifully fine tuned competitor.

Honestly, I don't see myself playing much of this new mod (mainly because I don't have friends to play CK2 with let alone AGOT CK2) but also because the first mod will undoubtedly be superior just from being here first and having a kick ass community around it. :D
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Re: There seems to be a new mod in the works.

PostPosted by DownTheDrain » Mon Apr 10, 2017 08:19

From their description:

Unlike the AGOT mod, our mod will be lacking in the depth department as we will be avoiding intensive scripts, event chains and other flavour events due to their impact on performance in a multiplayer environment, especially with more players. So if you are a singleplayer focused player, we suggest you check out their excellent mod instead. Plus, as an added extra, they have all of Essos too!

Sounds very reasonable.
I don't use the multiplayer, but if I did I'd wholeheartedly endorse their concept. Let them make a simpler, more optimized version while AGOT stays the big and complex beast that it is.
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Re: There seems to be a new mod in the works.

PostPosted by blackninja9939 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:48

Their mod is completely unaffiliated with ours and is not using any content from our mod either.
It is an evolution of the old AGOT RP submod the MP group used due to the modern versions of AGOT just not working very well due unless you use Westeros Only due to some of the Essos systems causing MP issues.

Also moved this to off topic on the grounds it doesn't actually relate to this mod at all :)
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Re: There seems to be a new mod in the works.

PostPosted by hiko32 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 16:04

Thanks for posting that
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