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PostPosted by Rhaegar_Turambar » Tue Apr 11, 2017 04:30

Why The Most Devout don't have any septa? I understand that the High Septon maybe must be a man, but the MOst Devout have septas:;;;

Also, seems that are almost no septas in the whole realm. Maybe septas could be allowed to have temple holdings.

Equality of gender in the Faith of the Seven!
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Re: Septas

PostPosted by Enriador » Tue Apr 11, 2017 23:36

Whoa, never noticed that! I wonder if the College of Cardinals is moddable to that point. They should include them for sure.

On septas holding temples, I am not sure about it. Septs are explicitely run by septons, with septas leading motherhouses - we know from the wiki that motherhouses were used to abolish worship of the Old Gods, so it's not a conventional, secluded convent, yet everybody from the books go after septs specifically when they wish to pray. I am on the fence here, but it's worth a discussion!

EDIT: Septons rule septries actually. I couldn't find references to septs (the actual temples) being exclusive to septons, so, your suggestion of gender equality is certainly a very good one!
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