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PostPosted by Tiranasta » Sat Apr 15, 2017 23:23

Note: Reposted from here as it has since occurred to me that bumping such an old thread may not have been the best idea in terms of making sure this is actually seen. If this was seen already, I apologize for the repost.


I was on and I noticed the character history command add_matrilineal_spouse. I went to the Deria Martell (19001) entry in dorne ancestors.txt, removed the marriage-related lines from the entries of her and her spouse, and added this to Deria's entry:

7998.12.12 = {add_matrilineal_spouse=49001}

And it worked exactly like add_spouse, except matrilineal. No need for an 'effect' block, and no prestige hit. Is there any reason this couldn't this replace all instances of the matrilineal marriage trick in current use?
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Re: add_matrilineal_spouse

PostPosted by knuckey » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:30

Noted, thanks!
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