Crash after Character Switch

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Crash after Character Switch

PostPosted by fkaphoenix » Tue Apr 18, 2017 18:11

Hi, I just signed up and this is my first post so, hello everyone :D . Anyways, I'm very invested in role-playing, so I often try to prevent the AI from messing things up (marrying Cersei to Ned right after Robert's Rebellion :roll: ). To do this effectively, I use the character switch console command (play [charid]). However, recently, whenever I try to switch to any character, the game freezes for a few seconds and just crashes to the desktop, completely closing the game. It happens every single time I try; I have no other mods enabled. In addition, I have the latest 1.4 version of the AGoT mod. Help is much appreciated, friends! :mrgreen:
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Re: Crash after Character Switch

PostPosted by KappaKid » Tue Apr 18, 2017 20:11

This happens to me occasionally to, not entirely sure why it happens as it sometimes even happens switching to somebody I've switched to before. I will say though that in general that it still works the vast majority of the time for me. Also not sure how Cersei and Ned marrying is all that far fetched had things gone a little differently, a North/Westerlands marriage alliance would be quite strong.
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