Game crashing

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Game crashing

PostPosted by LordAlyxofhouseTitan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:26

So I'm playing on 1.4, I have the correct game version and the correct checksum. I also have the hotfix that helped before. But now after 48 game years playing as a stepstones pirate with a custom character who is a high valyrian and with the house customiser so he is part of house Sunglass, when i progress into year 49, when I save or the game saves ( even If the avto-save is turned off ) the game crashes. I also have the bloodlines submod and I'm playing on Ironman mode if that matters. I would really appreciate if someone could fix it because I and my character's were really lucky in this game.
Here is the save game: ... e.ck2?dl=0
and thank you for your time and help :)
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