Submod improved history and characters

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Submod improved history and characters

PostPosted by menethil21 » Sat May 13, 2017 03:16

This submod is just additional flavor which i gathered from great theorists blogger and Tumblr user

Spoiler: show
- fixed Aerys and Rhaella not having abomination modifier
- fixed missing incest modifier in houses outside Targaryen.
- fixed characters without spouses, or error done in its history.
- Gave the Blackwood ancestral king title in Wolfswood, and made the Bracken ancestor a king of the Trident. This is based on the theory I found in Tumblr. The Blackwood claimed they're king when the Bracken are horse breeder, however they're from the North. Which makes them king before the Bracken, though they're not Riverlander kings. The Blackwood fled south after they were beaten by the Stark and became vassal of the river king before they betrayed the Brackens.
- Changed several Targaryen and Velaryon faces, such as making improving Shiera's portrait, make Serra and Serenei have silver hair, changed Dany's face to ressemble more Daenerys Martell, improve Aegon VI face (his face doesn't make handsome babies), change Aerion's face to not exact copy of Rhaegar. Make Duncan the Small have Black hair. Also make Daenerys Martell's daughter a Western Valyrian with Dornish culture.
- Make the Daynes' ancestor Western Valyrians with Dornish culture. They're not really first men.
- Change Targaryen family history, such as Daena dying at younger age, while Daenora and Maegor died at Summerhall.
- Gave the Tully and Reynes more red hairs.
- Make Rhaena Targaryen, mother of Corlys ;)
- Gave the Justman king a Bracken mother
- Added the mystical Targaryen mother of Alyssa Velaryon (Idk but this makes them incredibly too related), i also improved her trait. She is afterall the unsung Targaryen queen :mrgreen:
- Make one of the Hightower daughters, Aelinor's mother instead of a Martell. It just doesn't make too much sense for a Princess to marry a mere bannerman of the Storm Lord (and enemy that is). Though I also gave them a Baratheon connection, so it would make sense that Elaena married into the family and for one member to become a queen consort.
- Married bannermen with each other more, such as the great house of the Reach relations, the Celtigar-Velaryon connection, Darry-Stokeworth, Darklyn-Hollard, Reyne-Tarbeck-Westerlings, etc. Gave Sunderland, Glover, Umber, and Darklyns royal ancestors. Make the Volantene more incestuous.
- Created some more Highlordships, so that the LP don't give up their primary HLS because they're over-vassal limit. Especially if they have child lord.
- Make Chroyane capital of the Rhoyne, with 7 slots, while reducing Ny Sar's.
- Additional random settlements were added or removed. Make the Hightower castle a common castle.
- Made lady Barbrey Dustin, a proper Dustin. And Donella a proper Hornwood. Only when they took became their husband's widow. And to avoid family tree looking weird, mothers of respective houses were added. Lustful is added to Barbrey so she should quickly lose that widowed trait.
- Make Jaenara Belaerys ancestor of house Targaryen, because I wanted to.

Spoiler: show
- fixed character age and funny bugs.
- fixed Crakehall ancestor and history
- fixed some issues where lord Manderly would get extra son and wife out of nowhere.
- made the Dragonlord have incest in the family tree
- added historical connection between the Darklyn and Hollard.
- added extra daughter of Aenar the Exile, a bride for the Velaryon heir. His family is actually pretty big according to the world book.
- Added divine blood to surviving dragonlord families and made the celtigar HV flagged.
- reduced the castle size of Riverrun and Pyke, gave Orkmont a Large castle. Upgraded Stonehedge and Raventree with bigger castle.

And Many more which i couldn't remember.

Instruction: Copy and Paste it into the original file. This will alter the Checksum, so make some back up just in case.
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Re: Submod improved history and characters

PostPosted by menethil21 » Sat May 13, 2017 05:15

More Edit (updated file): removed line which cause crash
- fixed funny ruins in dothraki sea
- fixed family history
- removed taints of modified provinces
- added Ellaria as concubine of Oberyn, so they don't get married/she were sent off elsewhere in the Stormlands.

Download Link: ... W1hMTdUd2s

In any case of any funny things happened, do let me know.
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