Aegon's Arrival

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Aegon's Arrival

PostPosted by Uther_Stormcloak » Mon May 15, 2017 07:15

AAR based on my play through, Aegon is my favorite character to play as and I have thoroughly enjoyed other AARs focused on him. I have the first decade of his story finished, but I just have to decide on decent breaking points.

Three Hundred years after Aegon the Conqueror formed the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, we would attempt to retake his throne. In my youth, I had failed at keeping the throne for the boy's father. Since the Spider brought me the boy I have been raising his son in secret. We were sitting in my former home, Griffon's Roost, preparing to march on Storm's End. This meeting could be going better, but that would require taking Strickland out of the group.
"We should send word to the Dragon Queen. We have a foothold in the Stormlands, surely she would send support now." the leader of the Golden Company tried to argue, but no one would give him any attention. He was better at counting gold, and making agreements. He was shit at leading men.
"Daenerys is married to some fucking Mereenese cunt," Ser Laswell Peake grunted.
"Aye, she won't marry our little lordling now," One of the Cole brothers laughed. "We are fucked, we will have all of the Seven Kingdoms coming to kill our little dragon."
"You shall refer to Aegon as, His Grace or Your Grace, or I'll take your tongue from you." Rolly Duckfield spoke from his seat at the table. The young silver haired king turned to his friend and nodded appreciation. He looked so similar to his father. Rhaegar's hair had been longer, and his eyes a different shade of purple, but the two could pass for twins.
"I say we make history, we take Storm's End. No one in history has taken the castle without the use of dragons, but we can." Aegon spoke up.
"The realm is too fractured to send any help now. The Lannisters are fighting Stannis, Stannis is fighting Roose Bolton in the North and the Lannisters, the Reach is fighting off the reavers from the Iron Islands, and Dorne is quiet. We could probably send a raven to the Martells. They're your kin." Mayhaps the soon-to-be king would take my counsel.
"Okay, then its settled. We three should ride to Storm's End," Aegon indicated himself, Rolly, and me. "Will, you and Laswell ride to the Rainwood. Start there and take as much of the Stormlands as you can. Everywhere that the Targaryan banner flies will add to the legitimization of our cause.
Storm's End was known for its impenetrable walls. We built siege equipment for three and ninety days before Aegon gave the orders for us to go over the top of the walls. Many of the men defending the stronghold of the Baratheons were underfed and fatigued, our siege had kept their men on their toes for over three months. The men who were supposed to fight were too weak. The castle soon fell to our men, and Aegon gave the order to hang his banners from the walls of the keep. Image

Many peasants came flooding out into the street, the dragon banner displayed proudly for the first time in two decades. Aegon stood tall from a balcony and addressed the masses, "People of Storm's End, I do not care if you previously fought against me. I do not care if you fought against my father all those years ago, you listened to your liege lord and did as you were supposed to. However, Robert failed you, Renly failed you, Stannis is continuing to fail you, and I have no doubt that the Lannister boy on the throne will fail you if they conquer this land. Three centuries ago, my namesake gave this land to his half-brother. That man's line has protected and guided this land until now. They have been misguided. I say this, I come to you today to fulfill the promise of protection and service. Follow me in my war to take the Iron Throne and I will help protect you from these war's that have plagued you. We will end the chaos. I will bring Fire and Blood to my enemies, but you do not have to be my enemies. You will be the first of many who will be the new Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. You're reward will be just as it is deserved." Aegon smiled to the crowd below him, and they cheered. He had charmed these men and women before turning back to his council. Image

"You did well, Your Grace." I bowed my head at the young man I raised as if he were my own. My heart was swollen with pride.
He threw a small piece of metal at me as I lifted my head. I barely managed to catch it, which caused the others to chuckle.
"The Halfmaester wrote most of that speech, so tell him how good it sounded." Aegon laughed. I checked the inside of my palm, I had caught a small metal object on a chain. A hand. I turned to look at the king, I could not tell if he was serious. I had been a Hand before but failed. The bells still rang in my head as a reminder.
"Ser Jon Connington, Lord of Griffin's Roost, I name you Hand of the King. I have heard you have previous experience and I will be needing as much held as I can get." Aegon winked as my heart danced.
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Re: Aegon's Arrival

PostPosted by JDSweet » Mon May 15, 2017 21:58

Really good, keep it up.
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Re: Aegon's Arrival

PostPosted by Uther_Stormcloak » Fri May 19, 2017 22:43

"A message for the King! A message for the King!" came the voice of one of the Mudd cousins. I guess now is as good of a time as any to get out of bed. Lord Jon had risen an hour or so before to attend to the young king. The Princess of Dorne had arrived the previous night and the two had been planning what Aegon should say.
I got dressed and made my way to the throne room. I laughed in my head at the thought of the son of Rhaegar Targaryen sitting on the ancestral seat of House Baratheon. The Seven sure knew irony.
The room was full of members of the council, courtiers, soldiers, really just about any who had heard the shouting.
"Sire, I have news from the North." The messenger shuddered as he tried to catch his breath.
"Yes Lorimas, what is it?" Aegon stood from the throne.
"Stannis has defeated Tommen and declared himself King of the Iron Throne. He burnt the Lannister children at the stake in the name of the Red God." At this some of the Essosi sellswords nodded in approval, but most of the Westerosi men and women all seemed to be in shock.
Immediately the room began to fill with whispers and the voices found courage in their words. As people began to grow braver it became apparent that many believed that this spelled the end for our young king.
"SILENCE!" Jon shouted. His red beard had grown long during the campaign. It made him look roguish. When everyone began to quiet down Lord Jon spoke again. This time he was much calmer," If you are a member of the small council, make your way to the King's private room."
Once inside, Jon looked at Varys. The eunuch was in his usual robes but seemed just as surprised as everyone else.
"How did this happen without you knowing about it?" Aegon spoke before the Hand could raise his voice. Jon's temper was as fiery as his hair, but Aegon kept the room together. That was a feat within itself, when you looked around the council.
"The last time I received a report concerning Stannis Baratheon's war against the Lannisters he was still fighting in the North. Roose Bolton had pinned Stannis down near Last Hearth. However, we have been traveling for a long, long time. It is possibly that my little birds could not get any information to me."
"So how did Lorimas Mudd become the bearer of bad news?" Harry Strickland spoke up. The old, fat captain-general was not a true member of the small council, but Aegon allowed him to sit in since much of their fighting force came from the Golden Company.
"I sent out several of the Westerosi members of your officers to scout the area. I sent any that may or may not have connections to other lords of the Seven Kingdoms to see what they could find out." Aegon answered. "Lorimas claims to be a Riverman, so he was sent North. I assume he was nearing the Crownlands when he heard the news."
"So what is our next move?" Rolly spoke for the first time. He wore his armor, but now a white cape was clasped to his shoulders.
"We don't have much choice if Stannis holds the Throne. He will unite everyone against us." Strickland spoke again.
"You think Cersei Lannister would try to fight us against her children's murderer?" I spoke up, "She may have no reason to ally with us, but never underestimate a mother's love. She will not help Stannis." Jon gave me a knowing look, he was the only one who knew why my words were too true.
"What of the other kingdoms? Do we know anything?" Aegon spoke again.
"Well Dorne is presently in our camp, the Princess is waiting outside to speak to you right now. Mace Tyrell supported your family during the War of the Usurper, but he has served the Baratheons since. I don't know what he will do since Stannis killed his good-son, but they are fighting against the Greyjoys. The Riverlands are in no way to fight, but the Vale could support Stannis. They are untouched by the War of Five Kings." Jon answered.
"So this fight will be any in the Stormlands who support me and the Golden Company against Stannis and possibly the Vale?" Aegon put his hands on the table where a map was laid out.
"Yes, your grace." Jon spoke.
"Alright, well then. Mayhaps we could entice Dorne to join us." Aegon smiled.
"Your Grace, if I may?" I spoke up, I had an idea. " If your aunt is married then there will be no marriage there correct? That leaves you unmarried, and the Princess of Dorne is also unmarried. The two of you are of an age to each other, perhaps we could attempt to gain an alliance through marriage to the Dornish."
Aegon's face went dark, and he strode from the room. Jon sighed before speaking."That is not a horrible idea, I will speak to Aegon."
The march North had been dull until we reached the northern limits of the Kingswood. Almost the entirety of the Stormlands rose in support of Aegon, the Estermont's had not declared any swords to either side. Stannis was kin to the Estermonts but even they knew Stannis was too far gone. There was a battle, and our first real battle since we had left Storm's End. Most of the people left here were a token force to keep our camp together, and the camp followers.
I was sitting in the tent I had shared with Jon when I was summoned to the King's tent. Worry had set in since I had been summoned. Was Aegon okay?
"Lady Lemore, you are needed to annoint our King as a knight." John spoke. He was still covered in all of the blood and sickness of the battlefield. Aegon was standing there next to him, he looked so young, but the after effects of the battle made him appear far older. He held a newfound sense of pride on his sleeve for all to see.
"I was leading a group of our men when their cavalry broke through the line. I rallied our soldiers and we drove them off. I killed two of the knights, and a captured someone important."
"The war is over." Jon sighed. "We did it. Aegon, I order you as my squire to kneel." The boy did. John touched his shoulders and his forehead with his sword.
I reached for the vial of anointing oil I kept around my neck and made the sign of the seven on Aegon's forehead. "In the name of the Warrior I charge you to be brave. In the name of the Father I charge you to be just. In the name of the Mother I charge you to defend the young and innocent. In the name of the Maid I charge you to protect all women" The boy had knelt, but the man rose.
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Re: Aegon's Arrival

PostPosted by Uther_Stormcloak » Fri Jun 23, 2017 00:35

Hey, sorry for the long wait. I have been unexpectedly busy this summer and havent had the time to write like I had planned. Will be posting a new chapter soonish. Also, quick question if anyone is could help that would be great. Are the images actually showing up on here? I am using imgur and pasting a BBcode when I typed the first one. The images don't show up for me so I tried to paste an image but it does not show up either. Not really sure what to do in order to have images show up on my story. If anyone can help thanks.
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Re: Aegon's Arrival

PostPosted by Shades of Darkness » Fri Jun 23, 2017 07:18

None of the images are showing, though if I drag the word image I am redirected to imgur and can see them.
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