New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

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New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by zebraguy24 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 04:11

Hello everyone, so I've tried doing an AAR in the past with my favorite character Brynden Bloodraven, but I've recently gotten a new computer and thus had to abandon that AAR. But since it's summer time and I'm gonna has a lot of downtimes I decided to start back up with an AAR. The only problem is I can't decide what house to play as so below I will have a quick scenario for each house I'm thinking about, and a straw poll where you can vote on which house to pick. I'm really excited to start writing again and I hope you guys are interested in my work.

House Dayne Its 188AL, and It's been a year since the Dornish bowed to the Dragons. King Daeron sits the Iron Throne. With his sons and Brothers (including Blackfyre and Bittersteel) at his side. Maron Martell married Daenarys Targaryan to United Dorn with the rest of Westeros. Though this was seen as a point of strength for the Kingdom, It was a point of pure humiliation for the Dornish, and Eliar Dayne was not gonna let the rest of Dorne lick the boots of the Dragons. He will free Dorne and return it to its homeland on the Rhoyner.

House Blackwood Its 4 BC and The King Harren the Black rules the Riverlands from his new fortress of Harrenhal. Edric Blackwood, hates the Ironborn with a passion. After seeing his people enslaved he vows to lead his house back home, to where they came from. Back to the North where they can live in freedom. But to do this he must get rid of the Ironborn scum that pillages his lands. And even then he still must get through the Wolves who drew him out of their land in the first place...

House Targaryen Valyria has Fallen!!! And the Targaryens stand thankful on their new island. Seeing the turmoil in The Free Cities, and the rising threat of the so-called Dothraki in the east. Aerion Targaryen decides to gather his Sons and Grandsons for a campaign that will shape Essos forever and bring order back to the Valyrian Freeholds.

House Estermont It's 259 AL and the Blackfyre pretender Maelys the Monstrous shakes Westeros with his army of petty pretenders. Ronald Estermont sails for the Stepstones to bring the might of the Stormlands on the pretenders, when his Ship hits a huge storm. And in this storm he gets a vision of the Storm-god himself, Declaring that he will be the the King of the Lands of Storm and Rivers and bring the Iron Throne to its knees.

House Valaryon The year is 299AL and the War of the Five Kings is underway. When Monford Valaryon gets the Call to Arms by Both King Joffrey and Stannis Baratheon he does the unthinkable and Declares himself King of Iron Throne and saying that Only a True Valyrian should rule the Throne!

House Grafton It's 284AL and Robert Baratheon now rules the Iron Throne. And Gerold Grafton is Broke!. Not to worry because he comes up with a plan to go from a ruined Valemen Lord to the Next Free City (In terms of Trade) Meet the soon to be the New Merchant Republic of the Vale.

House Karstark FUCK THE STARKS! FUCK THE BOLTONS! Its time a new House rises up and takes the North! (Okay not that new but oh well) The year is 129AL and the Dance is underway and it's time for Domeric Karstark to Fuck everyone's daughter and rule the North! :twisted:
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Re: New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by Shades of Darkness » Mon Jun 19, 2017 20:22

I wonder who is gonna win :lol: .
Spoiler: show
House Velaryon of course ;) .)
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Re: New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by zebraguy24 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 03:05


Lord Monford sits in his study. He has called his Brother Aurane Waters to his chamber, along with his Maester, Gawen.
"Brother I have called you here with news" Monford looks at Maester Gawen, a young man fresh from the citadel. He was a Reachmen and was new to High Tide. "Our maester received a call to arms from Stannis Baratheon." Aurane Looks on as if he was not surprised. "Really?" said Aurane, "I was beginning to think he forgot we existed. We are only an Island away after all. So when do we sail for Kingslanding? I haven't been there in a year now." Monford looks at his brother with a sullen look in his eye. "King Stannis wants us to sail for Dragonstone and join our forces with his by the next moon turn". Aurane looks on in confusion. "King Stannis?" "So the rumors are true he is planning on moving against his nephew." "yes, they are, even more so he wants me and all the people of Driftmark to renounce our loyalty to the seven and take on this Roolar, or Roler. or whatever as our new faith." "It's R'hllor, M'lord," said Gawen with a smirk on his face. Monford nearly forgot he was there. "Doesn't matter what his bloody name is, Stannis would have us commit treason and even go renounce our own faith? Has the man gone mad? We would be going against the Crown and therefore the Lannisters." says Aurane with an uncommon worried look on his face. Monford Stands up. "That's not all," he says with more anger in his voice. "We have received a similar letter from Renly Baratheon as well, it seems he is allied with the Tyrells. He intends on fighting his own brother for the throne." Aurane looks on in bewilderment. "Are you sure? first, the Starks and the Lannisters are at each other throats, then the king dies, and now everyone and their bloody uncle has a claim to the throne." Aurane looks out the window above his desk. "Yes, and all of them were fighting together as usurpers 15 years ago. With the Targaryens out and Robert dead along with his hands Jon Arryn and Eddard Stark, there is no one to keep the peace. All of this is madness. The realm needs order. The realm needs discipline. The realm needs a new ruler." Monford turns to look at his brothers face as a moment of realization comes across his face. "And What say you, Brother? what king do you fight for?" Monford looks at Aurane with a smirk on his face, then to Gawen. "Gawen, I want you to send a letter to the Lords of the Realm" Gawen looks on in confusion. "Saying what M'llord?" "Saying that if any lord is loyal to the throne that they will Raise their banners and lend me their men to cleanse the filth that now sits it. And also that they will take up arms against any who call themselves a pretender to the throne. I call on them to back house Valaryon in the upcoming wars. and to trust us, the true Valyrians left, to bring order to the realm. Signed Monford of House Valaryon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm."
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Re: New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by Splat_Tim » Sat Jul 15, 2017 21:04

Monford is going to have pass some serious obstacles for his claim to be legitimate, especially when there's still some Targs out there.
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Re: New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by JDSweet » Sun Jul 16, 2017 08:45

Splat_Tim wrote:Monford is going to have pass some serious obstacles for his claim to be legitimate, especially when there's still some Targs out there.

I'd think betrothing himself to Dany, arranging an "accident" for Viserys, and claiming the throne in her name would be easiest IMO. Or wedding her to his heir after he takes the IT?
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Re: New AAR! Come read and Vote now.

PostPosted by Viridianus » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:28

I would think that's a prologue not an epilogue. Still, a cool idea.
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