Aegon's conquest other options.

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Aegon's conquest other options.

PostPosted by zebraguy24 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 17:42

So I was looking at the Wikia for Aegon's conquest, so I can imitate it as best I could in the game, and what I found was quite interesting. Apparently according to Aegon had different offers from the lords of the seven kingdoms. For instance, before the conquest Argilac, the Arrogant offered to marry his daughter to Aegon so they could be allied against Harren Hoare. But then Aegon offered Ory's hand instead. I knew about him offering Ory's hand but I didn't know the reason why and that Argilac wanted Aegon at first. I think this would be a cool event for Aegon in the Bleeding year's scenario. There could be an event where Argilac makes the suggestion and if Aegon accepted he and Argilac would be allied against Harren Hoare. And if Argilac wins Aegon receives lands in the Crownlands. Another thing I found out was the offers made by Dorne and the Vale when Aegon sent letters to the Lords declaring himself king. Dorne offered to fight Argilac with him but Dorne would stay independent. And The Vale offered to help fight Harren if the Vale stayed independent. Now I know that Aegon usually rekts everyone he fights in the conquest in the game so he wouldn't need help. But I think they would still make for some cool flavor events, and add another layer of immersion to the conquest scenario.
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