Dothraki Provinces CoA fix

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Dothraki Provinces CoA fix

PostPosted by bryant60961 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 17:52

Hello. I've only recently started playing CK2 AGOT, and while I have no experience with AGOT itself, I find the mod really well done. I'd like to inquire about whether there exists a possible fix for the question mark province CoAs I get when conquering Dothraki provinces. I have an empire from Port Moraq to Samyriana and Anogaria, and I declared several wars against the Dothraki to "civilize" their "barbaric" and unexploited lands. However, when I gave them to my courtiers, the provinces had a CoA with a white background and a black question mark. Was wondering if there was a patch or sub-mod I could download for this. Thanks very much!
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Re: Dothraki Provinces CoA fix

PostPosted by azaghal » Sat Jul 08, 2017 20:28

You could look up the tga-files for the provinces and make some COAs yourself, or give me a list of the files to make some.
Can't promise perfekt work, but some of my works are seemingly ok enough to be in the main mod ;)
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