Anyone else a big fan of Crackclaw Point?

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Anyone else a big fan of Crackclaw Point?

PostPosted by jtjh » Mon Jul 10, 2017 07:09

probably my favourite duchy in the game

i just love the history


House Hardy is my family name so b_strongcliff ftw

would be cool if House Celtigar could push there claim over the duchy as they are known to believe themselves the rulers and sometimes collect tax

the fact there still First Men but not just that but it seems like there belief in the seven is still somewhat superstitiously Old Gods

The lords of Crackclaw point hate being ruled by anyone but targaryens and are super loyal to them in an almost Manderly-Stark way

its also spoken about Ser Clarence Crabb, the Brothers Brune, and Lord Lucifer Hardy once being duke like rulers over the area im not sure if this is pre-conquest or after conquest but would be cool too see that in game
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Re: Anyone else a big fan of Crackclaw Point?

PostPosted by Wolf Steel » Mon Jul 10, 2017 07:45

It's a fun point to start off from. I sometimes like to make a custom ruler and with the house customizer assign my character as a sibling to Aegon and establish the kingdom of the claw asap while Aegon fights the Ironborn. If I'm lucky enough I usually manage to establish the kingdom and become a lord paramount after swearing to Aegon. It surprisingly helps stablize the early-game rule for him when there's another kingdom-tier buffer between the central powers of the riverlands, vale, and westerlands. Usually steamrolls over the other kingdom-tiers and by the time King's Landing is made I'm generally able to raise a levy of near 20-30 thousand between all my vassals after upgrading them bit by bit.
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Re: Anyone else a big fan of Crackclaw Point?

PostPosted by sidious307 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 14:16

good about the celtigar claim over craklepoint. it should be implanted in the game.

an option for the duchy or made them lord paramunt of the point.
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