New to AGOT Mod & looking for a start

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New to AGOT Mod & looking for a start

PostPosted by Grizman » Fri Jul 14, 2017 13:52

I've played a lot of CK2, but am only now going to start with the AGOT mod. Any suggestions for an interesting & fun start (character & date) for me to learn the game mechanics of the mod? Don't want to play a king level character. Thanks for any and all feedback!
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Re: New to AGOT Mod & looking for a start

PostPosted by PlayaCharacter » Sat Jul 15, 2017 02:47

Here's a few that I've had fun with:

    Eddard Stark, Nov 1, 8298 - This is the date that Ned Stark gets executed. If you start on this date, you can go to the diplomacy menu for Joffrey and demand a trial by combat. If you win, you go back to Winterfell. If you lose, you start as Robb right before the War of Five Kings. You can basically rewrite the entire story from there. (Select the ACOK start, click on Winterfell, then rewind the date to Nov 1.)
    Daenerys Targaryen, Oct 10, 8298 - This is the earliest point you can play as Daenerys. She starts in Qarth with three dragons and her meager khalasar. Oh, and there's also Ser Friendzone, Jorah Mormont. This is a very difficult start, but that doesn't make it any less fun. (Select the ACOK start, select Dany from the Interesting Characters list, rewind the month to November, then rewind the day to the 10th. If you go back to Oct 9, it deselects Dany, so you can only get to this start in that way.)
    Petyr Baelish, June 2, 8284 - This is Littlefinger in his prime. You're a 16 year old minor lord who has nothing but his wits and a well-placed Tully lover to rely upon. With some luck you could cuckold Lord Arryn into making a bastard of yours into his heir, but why rely on luck alone when you can make your own luck? Chaos is a ladder, and no one is going to hold all your dead wives against you if you have a large enough army. (Select the Crowned Stag start, then click on Midlor Point twice.)
    Rodrick Forrester, March 1, 8300 - If you've played the Telltale GoT game, this scenario ought to be familiar to you. If you haven't played it, you'll get spoiled up to about Episode 3 by starting here. Without posting spoilers, it's enough to say that you'll start in a difficult situation that can be resolved in a variety of ways. Only start there if you don't mind the spoilers or if you've played that game already. (Select AFFC start, click on Ironrath twice.)
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Re: New to AGOT Mod & looking for a start

PostPosted by Sourjapes » Sat Jul 15, 2017 04:00

I would start with Robert's Rebellion or the Crowned Stag and play as a high lord (duke).

There is a lot of potential for conflict in these dates but usually the land will be stable enough for you to explore the mod's features without being immediately concerned with hostile armies threatening to siege you down.
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Re: New to AGOT Mod & looking for a start

PostPosted by Andre Massena » Mon Jul 17, 2017 23:27

Both ACOK and AFFC Stannis starts are tough but fun. Holding on to power after the wars is even harder.
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