CTD when Saving

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CTD when Saving

PostPosted by goingham247 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 19:27

About 55 years into my most recent game when I started getting CTD's every time I try to save. After some troubleshooting I realized that the issue occurs on January 1st 8356. Before that saving works fine, so I edited my game file so it was January 5th and presto I can save again. However! The moment it ticks from December 8356 to January 1st 8357 the issue comes back. Auto saves and manual saves, compressed or not compressed, all CTD. I've been able to keep playing but every year I have to stop and edit my save to skip January 1st. Any ideas?

Here's my Save - The checksum will be slightly different because I change the events to get Formidable Fighter from a 2% chance to a 15% chance and a few similar slight changes.

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Re: CTD when Saving

PostPosted by knuckey » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:20

Thanks for the save, will check to see if it is a scripting error, or if it is just corrupted.
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