Switching castle to different culture?

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Switching castle to different culture?

PostPosted by IStareAtVirtualMaps » Thu Jul 27, 2017 17:49

I'm playing as an independent ironborn, count of bloodstone. I used an event to change the religion and culture to drowned gods and ironborn.

I want to change the "small essosi fort" to a "small iron islands fort".

I went into the save file and changed the castle on bloodstone from ca_asoiaf_essos_basevalue_1 = yes
to ca_asoiaf_ironislands_basevalue_1 = yes

However, when I load up the game it did not switch to iron islands fort, instead it just destroyed the essosi fort. The essosi fort is still in the list, just grayed out and not built.

How do I switch it to an iron islands fort? DO I have to go into the game files and not just the save files?
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Re: Switching castle to different culture?

PostPosted by chosenbyfew » Fri Jul 28, 2017 07:37

That would be kinda weird to try to implement. Each castle has its own potential evaluation (a set of conditions the province has to meet for that building to be allowed to build there) and those potential evaluations are mostly "which region are you in?" For example, the North's castle and its upgrades are only buildable in provinces that are in the North region. The reason your save file edit didn't work is because the game is like "great, that building is supposedly there, except it CAN'T be there because that's essos and not ironislands, so um... no."

What you could try to do is switch the "region" property of bloodstone from "essos" to "ironislands" while leaving that save game edit in place. I don't see why it would really matter, though, since it's purely an aesthetic change in a very small part of the game, but hey, more power to you. I've done more work for less gain, so I have no moral high ground.

The main problem with any sort of large-scale dynamic changing of provinces from one region to another (i.e. "I took this place and now it's my province, so I should be able to build my castle type in it, and if someone else takes it over they should be able to build their castle type in it") is every time a different culture group took it over the building would be destroyed instantly and you'd have to pay thousands of gold to build it back up. You could theoretically create a sub-mod that changes the requirements of the buildings from which region they're in to which culture they're a part of, and then fires a custom event whenever a province's culture changes that switches the existing buildings from the previous culture to their equivalents for the new culture. Kinda unrealistic, but then again, so are dragons, so meh?
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