Mod active but won't play

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Mod active but won't play

PostPosted by myk » Thu Aug 03, 2017 03:37

Hello Everyone,

New here, but am excited there is a forum like this for the game. I hear this is the best GoT game around so I am super pump to play it. I have a mac and bought the game through Steam. I dl the mod and through different QA boards was able to get the game to show up.

So my issue is when I open the game, I select the mod in the opening screen, before the game loads and when the game it has the mod as active and but I am still having an issue playing the game in GoT Mod. Have I done something wrong? Please help and thanks for reading.

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Re: Mod active but won't play

PostPosted by chosenbyfew » Fri Aug 04, 2017 01:28

What do you mean by having "an issue"? Does the game not start? Does the game crash when loading? Does the game crash when you try to start a new game? Does the game load the vanilla European setting instead of Game of Thrones?
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