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PostPosted by jregju » Fri Aug 04, 2017 15:25

Hi everyone,

I'm having a question about the Kings Guard, is there a special event or so of when someone in your family is summoned to be in the kings guard ?

I've been playing since the ACOK scenario, put Dany/Aegon on the throne, their son has became friend with me and has since took my kids as pupils. We made an alliance, I got the storm lands crown, and the thing is some of my sons (along with my half brother) are actually amongst the best warriors in all westeros. To avoid some succession wars I wanted to have them put into the kingsguard but even if kill the actual members of the guard they never seem to be taken into account. How does it work? Is it the AI who just randomly takes characters ?
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Re: King's Guard

PostPosted by imp » Fri Aug 04, 2017 21:53

Disclaimer: all these I have from analyse the source code of related events, some of my interpretations may be wrong.

First of all there are three categories to choose from (note choice is made by either a holder of Iron Throne or their regent, i.e. child king cannot make a decision):
1. The best fighter (those tend to be with 8+ personal combat skill, but may be lower)
2. Someone I can trust (note I here means the person who made a choice, if there is regent then it is regent, mutual opinions are supposed to be at least 30 and 5+ combat skill)
3. Prominent son of a prominent family
Also there might be the fourth one
4. Random guy (available if no suitable characters in other categories, tends to be rare)

The choice of category depends on traits of chooser (but 1 and 3 category has additional priority (each is 2) over the 2 (0.5)):
1. diligent, honest, honourable, humble (each is 2)
2. deceitful, paranoid, arbitrary, lunatic, selfish, just (each is 3, but just is 0.33)
3. proud, ruthless, ambitious, trusting (each is 2, but proud is 4)
I.e. every trait adds chance to choose corresponding category.
E.g. if chooser is deceitful and ruthless paranoiac, then most probably he will take someone trustworthy rather than prominent (3+3+0.5 v 2+2).

Also there is an option to postpone appointment (e.g. patient chooser may decide it during civil war), so place will remain vacant for some time (at least 365 days, but may be more in case of repeating postponement).

After category is chosen, it is time to choose one of three randomly-found suitable characters (suitable for the corresponding category).
The choice depends on opinion and traits of candidates, e.g. tall and brave master warrior has more chances to be chosen than genius skilled warrior (given other aspects are equal).

Then chosen character may accept or refuse, the way decision being made even more complicated than above: he will consider opinions (including parents), relations (friend, rival, kin), skills, traits, status (heir, claimant, culture, religion), ambition (want marry, get title).

After character decided either accept or refuse, his parent(s) will be notified.
So most probably king never offered it to your child.
BTW, when you say ‘I got the storm lands crown’ it is not clear if you are independent or not, because if you are and your kins are at your court then they won’t be considered suitable for the Kingsguard at all, characters must be within the realm.
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