Splitting the cake?

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Splitting the cake?

PostPosted by solomonlightman » Fri Aug 04, 2017 21:16

I mean there is a reason why the old houses are hard to die

When you conquer a county and ask their levies, they will want a reward from winning: A piece of land, honor or gold, The government in AGOT is not imperial and so nobles will have the right and power to demand getting a profit from king when they helped win a war.

When a place is conquered, nobles should have the right to ask for county/baronies to himself/herself or his children, to replace his liege if his liege refused to help you, and angered when you nominated a nobody as new lord
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Re: Splitting the cake?

PostPosted by tirion1987 » Sat Aug 05, 2017 20:07

We have a distinct lack of CBs in the mod that are suitable for this. Really, the only one is the Expand Realm ambition invasion, and the Ironborn Invasion. Though in those cases, vassals getting land for second sons and such is actually a reasonable addition.
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Re: Splitting the cake?

PostPosted by knuckey » Sun Aug 06, 2017 16:50

tirion1987 wrote:We have a distinct lack of CBs in the mod that are suitable for this. Really, the only one is the Expand Realm ambition invasion, and the Ironborn Invasion.

This is very much intentional, we intend for othe ownership of land to be more stable than vanilla.

However I like the idea of some sort of motive for rewarding vassals after an invasion. Will perhaps look into this!
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Re: Splitting the cake?

PostPosted by Wolf Steel » Thu Aug 10, 2017 06:08

Making it an ambition with several possible flags could work. I.e.:

Ambition: Gain the Notice of my Liege

Perform various actions at an outstanding level in order to gain both prestige and recognition in my liege's court, forcing him to acknowledge my capabilities and be justly rewarded and compensated.

From there, a few flags/checks based on either:

Gaining high war score contribution, either through a single war or several wars.

Preventing traitor factions from forming through a new diplomatic/intrigue decision, generating the flag for this if successful and preventing whomever is targeted from joining or creating factions.

Forcing religious heretics/members of foreign religion and/or cultures to convert to the liege lord's own, helping create stability in his domain and removing possible tensions.

Empowering only Count-tier vassals with the ability to declare a unique CB on pirates/nomads that have previously raided their liege's lands, and either ruining their lands so they can't reform levies for an X amount of time, taking back riches, or rescuing hostages.

Negotiating traitors that are in revolt within the realm to lay down their arms peacefully in return for the one they're revolting against to accept their surrender without imprisoning them (only works if they are NOT revolting against your same liege).

Negotiating the release of captives that are sworn to your liege but held by someone else.

There's honestly a lot of political ploys that can be executed that would improve either the standing of yourself, your liege, or both that would usually be generously rewarded for both the gain to the realm and the ambition to improve the realm. With enough flags earned, can execute another decision and then the targeted liege responds based on how many flags earned.
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