[Submod]Alternate Stepstones

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[Submod]Alternate Stepstones

PostPosted by pbr7994 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 22:42

Alternate Stepstones
non-canon compliant

AGOT 1.5 Compatible

When the Last Dragon Emperor Aurion of house Varezys set out to retake the Valyrian Empire after the Doom, he left behind a young son and a single dragon egg, His descendants eventually made their way to the Stepstones where they Attempted to build their own kingdom.
As of 7996 the entirety of the Stepstones are held by the Varezys Dynasty, until Disaster struck in 8003 when the whole family were murdered bar the youngest brother, he attempted to rule for a while but eventually left for parts unknown in 8004 leaving the Stepstones to become the Pirate hub that it has been ever since.

    -Redone dejure duchies for the Stepstones
    -More Holding Slots for Each Island, Currently these are all destroyed after 8004
    -Higher Tier Castles from start for all Isles
    -Kingdom of the Stepstones Exists between 7996 and 8003
    -There are 2 Dragons Owned by the Varezys Dynasty, One by the Remaining Family Members Mother and one that will be tamed by the ruler shortly after the game starts
    -Should Be compatible with custom characters as there is an Event to Tame a Dragon based on Being the Ruler of the Stepstones and Varezys Dynasty
    -Additional Straits Connecting the Stepstones to the Disputed Peninsula and the Tyroshi Isles to the Mainland
    -Scripted Triggers Altered to allow the Valyrian Temples to build upgrades

    -More Events (Surrounding Aegons Conquest, to join him, to oppose him, to try and outdo him on the other continent?)
    -Fleshed out Family Tree (forward and backwards on the timeline)
    -More Scenarios at different bookmarks
    -Vassal Dynasties?
    -Some Kind of Toll Building/Trade Route to make money from the Narrow Sea Trade?

screenshots to come,
It's been a while since I did any modding and this is my attempts to get back into it,
any feedback would be appreciated
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Re: [Submod]Alternate Stepstones

PostPosted by Damocles » Sun Aug 06, 2017 23:59

Cool project. You should consider using a different dynasty from Aurion Varezys, as I've noticed stuff tends to get screwy with him.

Also, the World of Ice and Fire books claims that there were several dragon lords in Lys and Tyrosh at the time of the doom, but that they were 'pulled down and slain' in the civil unrest immediately following.

I could very easily imagine some dragon lord's heir fleeing from Lys or Tyrosh, and ending up in the Stepstones, and it would be keeping in lore with what we're already told.

Aurion seems to already have his own arc, from Qohorik, after all.

I'd be happy to help, if you felt this was an interesting approach.

You also wouldn't even need a custom event for taming a dragon, as any High Valyrian character with a dragon egg, has an event chain they can pursue to hatch it.
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Re: [Submod]Alternate Stepstones

PostPosted by karmaepsilon » Mon Aug 07, 2017 20:00

Honestly I really like the concept of slightly expanded Stepstones. Truly I think even in the base mod the ducal capitals should at least have room to build a 2nd holding, I don't think a port city would be out of the question in some of the larger islands in Canon.
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Re: [Submod]Alternate Stepstones

PostPosted by theshadow603 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 01:23

I'm loving this. Alternate Dragonlords for the win. Looking forward to more. I just enjoy valyrian stuff.
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