Training Decision Localization mixup

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Training Decision Localization mixup

PostPosted by chosenbyfew » Thu Aug 10, 2017 04:49

force_train_son_x_desc (I think only number 1 is used anymore, but all of them have it) use the localisation command [From.GetRootRelation] to find the educator's relation to the student, but it always ends up saying "self" regardless of the educator's relation to the student. Changing it to [GetFromRelation] fixes it, at least for all situations that pass the potential block of the force_train_son_1 decision except slave, which I did not test.

(From here on is me rambling)
[GetFromRelation] finds the player character's relation to FROM, but for a decision, FROM is the decision taker, so shouldn't [GetFromRelation] become "self"? Unless the scopes change for the tooltip, pushing the decision taker to FROMFROM and the decision subject to FROM. But then what becomes ROOT? If said scope pushing actually happens, then FROM must also be ROOT, which would make them both the decision subject. So maybe [FromFrom.GetRootRelation] would work? It seems really weird to me that scopes would get pushed for a tooltip.

EDIT: I just had it print the scoped character's names. There is no scope change. [From.GetRootRelation] should print the student's relation to the educator. That's still the wrong direction, it should be the educator's relation to the student in that context, but whatever the case, it shouldn't be resolving to "self." PDox, Y U DO DIS

EDIT 2: I just realized that if [GetFromRelation] resolves to the player character's relation to FROM, and the player character IS FROM, then why does it print the correct relation? Unless the wiki documentation is wrong, and it treats ROOT as an implicit THIS, which would make sense in terms of the result I'm getting. It still doesn't work as a long-term solution, though, since it doesn't take specialized mod cases, like slave or child-spouse, into account.
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Re: Training Decision Localization mixup

PostPosted by knuckey » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:29

Bug noted, thanks!
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