IA Iron Throne regurlarly expanding in Essos

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IA Iron Throne regurlarly expanding in Essos

PostPosted by harad » Sun Aug 13, 2017 16:53

In my current game the Iron Throne launched continuous liberation campaigns in Essos, conquering Tyrosh, Lys and Myr. On another game it reached as far as Volantis.
It's not possible to make the AI behave in a more canonical way? Not that it changes very much in my game, but excluding Daenerys campaigns (at the time unrelated to the Iron Throne) and, if I remember correctly, Braavos campaign to make illegal slavery in Penthos and Maelys the Monstrous of the Blackfyres (so it doesn't really count as part of the Targaryen dynasty/Iron Throne) carving out his kingdom from Lys, Myr and Tyrosh, the Iron Throne itself never seemed to concern much with annexing the Free Cities or other political entities in Essos.
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