Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

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Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

PostPosted by Dawnbreaker » Mon Aug 14, 2017 03:06

Hory Sheeeet. That was a good episode in my opinion. SO! Where to begin. Randyll and Dickon burned to death but Sam and his mum and sister still alive. Daenerys has a very ruthless side aye. Tyrion wanting to keep at least Dickon alive so the house doesn't die. Shame about Dickon, thought he was a good lad. His loyalty to his father and his honour led to his gruesome death. OK! Jaime is alive and kicking as is Bron, little reuinion between the brothers was nice. Cersei finding out Olenna killed Joffrey, Cersei now pregnant with a child she's going to openly announce is a bastard born of incest - does that woman have no shame? Yes. So happy to see Gendry back, dunno why but i like it. Wielding a Warhammer like his Dad :D :D :D coool. I like that he introduced himself as the bastard of Robert too. Stuff going on at the citadel with the maesters. Sam finds out Jon is a trubeorn Targaryen without even knowing it. Sam leaves taking a bunch of relevant scrolls with him. Jorah reuinites with danny hooray! even though it's brief. Drogon gets along well with Jon much to Danny's surprise. Hint hint at Targaryen blood ;) A group of awesome dudes are now heading beyond the wall, that'll be cool and sad because there will definitely be deaths next episode. Sansa is being manipulated exactly as littlefinger wishes, and now arya too i think. Woo. good ep
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Re: Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

PostPosted by Azsouth » Mon Aug 14, 2017 03:44

Liked the return of Gendry, Kinda wanted him to be as blunt about being a Baratheon as he wan with Jon to Danny as well instead of just ignoring her like she didn't exist

Idk why Jon didn't stop home before going all the way the fuck to Eastwatch, easy way to stop conspiracy, but I guess if they really want Arya to kill Littlefinger by the end of this season it was necessary, not a fan of Lord Glover and Lord Royce being so easily turned to whatever plot he has going

announce the child to the kingdom and see how fast Euron switches sides Cersei.

Jorah being back was cool, wish he mentioned something about Jon carrying his sword though

Also anything with Prince Rhaegar and annulment should be listened to, not go into some rant about shits, steal a bunch of books, and run away (I'm assuming he was so miffed in that scene because Archmaester Broadbent told him about his father and brother)

Randyll and Dickon being executed was stupid, sure, they showed how honorable they are, thats reason to spare em, they made a choice, putting a Lord in prison and taking his son as a captive is a lot different than telling random dudes in the army to bend the knee or die, and that stupid line about the wheel should have never been added in.

EDIT: where the fuck was Theon this episode, we know he made it back to Dragonstone, not even a cameo

saw the note Arya stole from Littlefinger, clever to use the message she sent to Robb that started TWoTFK, Bran will probably just say she did it under duress if she doesn't outright believe Sansa though.

the interview after the show they said they wanted us to feel conflicted about Dany's decision to kill the Tarly's, guess it's a good thing they didn't just pawn this one off on GRRM as well like the burning of Shireen, now we know it was just shit writing from two guys who think they are clever. Next time they could just spare us the "Dany's going mad" bullshit and say exactly what they are doing, trimming the fat on the show because they don't need those cast members anymore in the worst way possible, otherwise she could have done what GRRM writes about many times after battles is lords being imprisoned (lords, not random soldier #1) and the taking of their children hostage to ensure loyalty/not being a threat.
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Re: Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

PostPosted by LancelotLoire » Mon Aug 14, 2017 06:14

Randyll and Dickon execution scene was really stupid. I mean like extremely stupid. Okay I can definitely see Randyll getting killed. But why is Daenerys the Mad Queen burning them? She's trying to prove she isn't her father but then executes with fire. And Randyll definitely acted out of character by allowing Dickon to join him. This was a man who was willing to take his eldest son out on a hunting trip and ensure an accident took place to ensure his stronger son would succeed him eventually, but was unwilling to tell him to bend the knee to survive? Especially considering that it meant the survival of his house? Bulllllshit.

Gendry's part was perfect from the moment he came on screen. Interactions with Davos and Jon felt like they fit perfectly.

Agreed also. Prince Rhaegar and an annulment and then a marriage ceremony in Dorne... That was apparently not worthy enough to catch his attention enough.
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Re: Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

PostPosted by Mirith » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:46

Don't forget the Jon Snow's RPG group.
They have tank, warrior, priest, paladin and more warrior DPS. And Berserker-ish dude.
Although... they're missing mage and thief.
All on the fetch quest.
Undead captured 0/1.
But yeah... they're out there. No one important was killed. I'm expecting someone to die there. And this time it's permadeath. No respawn.

Now seriously.
Dickon was pretty good. I liked him. What a shame to end up like that.
Sam has finally shown his baaaalllzzzz. But in cost of stupidity. Sad.
On the other hand... two other characters know about his pappa and mamma.

Cersei is pregnant? How dramatic. Last pregnant woman... of considerable importance ended up dead. It's a 2 in 1 package deal.

If you look closely enough, you can see "he's totally bangable" expression on Daenerys's face, when she'slooking at Jon. She's impressed. Totally going to get betrothed after Jon is back.

Oh yeah. Now seriously. In this episode, they captured Littlefinger pretty well. So sneaky. (Would be great in Jon's RPG group).
Finally he's taking no shi* from others and plotting.
You can totally see why he's doing it.
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Re: Season 7 Episode 5 (Spoilers)

PostPosted by Mirith » Mon Aug 14, 2017 17:10

By the way...
Never ever read the comments in Youtube/Reddit/Twitter/Facebook and more about Game of Thrones.
These days, there are leaked scripts and plots everywhere :/. I was unfortunate enough to read one of them by accident. :/
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