Dynasty Tree Bug - No relations

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Dynasty Tree Bug - No relations

PostPosted by Netrius » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:45

My house dynasty tree got messed up. No one has any relation to anyone, besides one single bastard girl who has two kids. Everyone is stacked on top of each other, the founder of my dynasty is the bastard girl lol, the only thing that works is the current head. I reverted my save but it eventually happened again

Could it be fixed if I had an illegitimate bastard landed and create a cadet dynasty to play as?

EDIT: I've actually named my founder Aegard. His son Arthaes and his grandson Aegard. The bug happened when I was playing as grandson's Aegard son Arthaes. However I am a count under a duchy indanorf so there are no actual numerics for my rulers with repeating names. Could that be related to the bug?
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