[SUBMOD Proposal] Bones of the Giants of Jhogwin

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[SUBMOD Proposal] Bones of the Giants of Jhogwin

PostPosted by armychowmein » Mon Sep 04, 2017 19:30

The Hyrkoon are not well parsed out by GRRM, but there is mention of one Hyrkoon as Azor Ahai, setting forth the Patrimony of Hyrkoon. This is just a request for a submod to add a bit of flavor to the culture. Can someone please add bones of the Giants of Jhogwin as spawning artifacts? Nothing fancy, just a tiny prestige bump or something. The giants of Jhogwin were supposed to be twice the size of the giants of Westeros and their bones would be found in the bone mountains. Thus, a quest to find the bones in the most dangerous mountains in Essos (according to Longstrider) would incur some risk. Also, can someone please alter the "force to train" event chain to make the female Hyrkoon warriors more elite? Perhaps just some chance buffs to females with Hyrkoon culture? Finally, the Hyrkoon are a relatively peaceful culture believing only women (because they give birth) have the right to take a life. Can someone make a submod which prevents Hyrkoon males from dueling?

1. bones of Jhogwin Giants as artifacts

2. buff Hyrkoon female warrior chances

3. minimize the male chances to kill someone else.

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