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AGOT modding on mac

PostPosted by arcanum » Mon Sep 04, 2017 22:24

Hey there,

Okay... I'm not sure if I will be stating the obvious here or if this could be somewhat useful at all but as I have recently been experimenting with modding my game (on mac) i have noticed something weird - that is that with certain files (not all) it seems that macs don't like the text in certain word processors, for example, if I use 'text edit' to write a .mod path for a custom mod then the game cannot read it, however if I use an app called 'sublime text' then it works fine.
I have looked online about this and found a few articles that allude to something similar to this problem and I have edited my settings in 'text edit' to try to correct this but thus far I have never fixed this and thus I personally just use 'sublime text' and it works fine.

Honestly the issue is to such an extent that if I accidentally write a line of code in text edit (it looks exactly the same) and try it then it won't work, but if I then open it in sublime text and rewrite it then it will work - to me it is bizarre but hey, I am no expert! Although, just to add again it is only a few documents that seem sensitive, not all.. although I have never worked out exactly which ones but certainly .mod ones!

I am not a computing person, really.. I just enjoy the game and sometimes like the challenge of trying to work out how to add my own custom content here and there.

I am saying this partly as a suggestion to would be modders on macs and also partly as a suggestion for a possible cause for the somewhat strange behaviour with this game on macs when it works fine on windows etc...? Has anyone else noticed this or have an explanation???
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