Warrior Kings

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Warrior Kings

PostPosted by BlackfyreRulz » Tue Sep 05, 2017 17:59

it is an interesting mod for Battle
Not my own submod, but it works well with AGOT

This mod does 3 things:
1. Makes your Personal Combat skill (PCS) affect your actions in battle.
2. Allows you to pick a position to fight on the battlefield, with different effects.
3. Allows you to select a war strategy, conferring a trait with appropriate benefits and drawbacks

-Main Features-
- Chance to get wounded or become maimed in battle are now effected by your PCS (higher chance with a PCS of zero or less, lower chance with a higher PCS)
- Select your battlefield position from 4 options through a decision in the intrigue screen. Fight in the vanguard for glory (with a higher chance of death), or watch from a nearby hill and be safe (but disliked by your men). And if you stay at home completely without a decent excuse (aren’t a commander as a primary war participant), you will feel the wrath of your vassals.
- Choose from 5 new war strategies. Want to storm the enemy quickly and meet them in one decisive battle? Or perhaps you are expecting a war of attrition? Select a trait that best suits your needs, with associated benefits and drawbacks.
- New flavour events fire during battle, both positive and negative. You can even duel with enemy commanders, should your paths cross on the battlefield.
Most of the above is applicable to both the AI and the PC

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Re: Warrior Kings

PostPosted by Syrio » Tue Sep 05, 2017 18:06

Sounds very interesting, I'll be sure to try it out.
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