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History errors

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Wed Sep 06, 2017 22:41

At Toccs' suggestion, I am creating a single thread to consolidate all history errors I find in the mod. I will continuously update this thread with new posts as I find more.
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Wed Sep 06, 2017 22:41

To start the thread, I've tried to find all the female Dornish nobles who are incorrectly being given normal (non-matrilineal) marriages to their generic lowborn husbands. Note that I've put a star ( * ) next to all characters from before the time period of the mod, in case you want to ignore them. So long as these characters have children of their dynasty, the marriages show up as matrilineal anyway when looking back through the family trees in game. However, I felt they were worth including 1) for consistency, 2) because they would have an effect on the off-chance any submod went back to these time periods and 3) because it's so trivial to fix these days.

-- Nymeria Martell (6055001)*
-- Myriah Martell (60570001)*
-- Ellaria Martell (60840001)*
-- Nymeria Martell (6059001)*
-- Chroyana Martell (6061001)*
-- Dorea Martell (6065001)*
-- Nymella Martell (6066001)*
-- Nysterica Martell (6075001)*
-- Nymeria Martell (6077001)*
-- Elia Martell (6078001)*
-- Aliandra Martell (175001) (spouse isn't generic lowborn, but marriage should still be matrilineal)
-- Ysilla Drinkwater (3000203)
-- Loreza Drinkwater (3001603)
-- Marya Toland (35204)
-- Lythene Toland (35224)
-- Liane Toland (35234)
-- Lythene Toland (35274)
-- Alyse Ladybright (35005)
-- Morra Ladybright (35025)
-- Elia Ladybright (35075)
-- Nymeria Ladybright (35215)
-- Sylva Ladybright (35225)
-- Donyse Dalt (35016)
-- Larra Dolt (35076)
-- Donyse Dalt (35106)
-- Myriah Dalt (35236)
-- Alyse Gargalen (35057)
-- Cerenna Gargalen (35127)
-- Cerenna Gargalen (35217)
-- Ellaria Vaith (35018)
-- Nymeria Vaith (35078)
-- Cassella Vaith (35148)
-- Janyce Vaith (35158)
-- Obara Allyrion (60099)
-- Cedra Allyrion (60189)
-- Elyana Jordayne (61010) (already reported in another thread, included for completeness)
-- Elia Wells (60511)
-- Allyria Wells (61011)
-- Janyce Wells (61111)
-- Emberlei Uller (60513)
-- Mariya Uller (60713)
-- Melessa Uller (61213)
-- Lythene Qorgyle (60115)
-- Leyla Qorgyle (60315)
-- Elyana Qorgyle (61115)
-- Cedra Qorgyle (62215)
-- Emberlei Blackmont (62818)
-- Sylva Wyl (652019)
-- Ysilla Manwoody (60520)
-- Ellaria Manwoody (61520)

-- Alla Santagar (3002)
-- Mynia Dalt (2006)
-- Delonne Allyrion (9)
-- Yassmena Wells (11)
-- Lena Wyl (1019)
-- Larra Blackmont (18)
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by Toccs » Thu Sep 07, 2017 00:09

That's because when the character histories were first done for Dorne, it was not possible to add a matrilineal marriage through the character history, so there was an event to turn all the marriages matrilineial on starup. I understand it is possible to do it now, it's just that going back through the history file and changing it all is probably a low priority. It's definitely noted though, thanks for the report.
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Sat Sep 09, 2017 07:11

If it's a question of priorities, I should probably point out that the startup event won't correct Aliandra Martell's (175001) marriage, since her spouse isn't lowborn.
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Sat Sep 16, 2017 13:20

* Beqqo Prestayn (100515) is incorrectly married to his mother (220515) instead of the woman he appears intended to marry (120515), who is the mother of all his children.
* The same is true of Donalo Prestayn (400515), who should be married to Jaqea (420515) but is instead married to his mother.

* Yurkhaz (183360000) of house Ullhor is mothered by the wife (480360000) of another of his father's sons, rather than his father's wife (476360000). Based on the timing, I'm guessing the intention was for him to be fathered by Reznak (180360000), his mother's actual husband.

* Viserys II Targaryen (77019) shouldn't marry Larra Rogare until 8134.6.1 (canonical year is 8134, and he's meant to be 12 when they marry). The child fertility debuff should be removed too (as their first child is born just over a year later).

* Daenora Targaryen (170496) should be born in or between 8211 and 8216. Her marriage to Aerion Targaryen (77033) should be pushed back accordingly (canon is silent on when they married and their only child was born in 8232, so there's plenty of room to move it back).

* Duram Bar Emmon (3029049) should be born in 8284.

north ancestors.txt:
* Brenett Stark (552059) is born a long time prior to the marriage of his parents (mainly because his parents are marrying far later than they should be).

* Harion Condon (1015351) should be born in 8119.

* Rodrik Cassel (3060) should be married three times (and his daughters probably shouldn't all be mothered by the same woman - "my *wives* gave me daughters").
-- Also, currently all his daughters except Beth are born prior to his marriage.
* Beth Cassel (9060) should be closer in age to Arya than to Sansa.

reach ancestors.txt:
* Rohanne Webber (3238) should be born in 8185 or 8186 (she is 10 years old when her first husband dies in 196 AC).
* Rohanne's first husband (400238) should be born in 8183 or 8184 (he is 12 years old when he dies in 196 AC).

* Samwell Tarly (1296) should be born in 8283. Since he is older than his other siblings, their birth dates should be moved back accordingly.
-- This will also address another issue, which is that Dickon Tarly (2296) should be born in or between 8287 and 8290.

* Elyas Risley (88237) is incorrectly married to the spouse of Paxter Pommingham, rather than the mother of his (legitimate) children (88238).

riverlands ancestors.txt:
* Simon Tully (2230159) should be born in 8125.

* Jenna Hawick (119139) should be born in 8140.

* William Mooton (1138), from the wiki: "Though Lord Mooton is mentioned to have sons in A Clash of Kings, Arya II, Elaenor is his heir as of A Feast for Crows, implying all of Lord Mooton's sons have died during the war."

stormlands ancestors.txt:
* Davos Baratheon (29317) should be born in 8095.
* Floris Baratheon (652317) should be born in 8117 (which would also fix the issue of her and her sister Maris being born on the same date but not being twins).
* Corwen Baratheon (15317) and his children (as per Blood of Dragons):
-- Corwen should be born in 8117.
-- Corwen's marriage should take place prior to 8139, as that's when his first child is born.
-- Corwen's son Tranced (34317) should be named Tancred.

* Sebara Selmy (322302) and her children (as per Blood of Dragons):
-- Sebara's marriage should take place prior to 8128, as that's when her first child is born.
-- Beren Selmy (327302) should be born in 8130.
-- Halwin Selmy (328302) should be born in 8134.

* Jon Connington (316) should be born in 8260 or 8261.
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by knuckey » Sun Sep 17, 2017 19:12

All noted, thanks.
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Re: History errors

PostPosted by Tiranasta » Mon Sep 18, 2017 17:46

crownlands ancestors.txt:
* Laena Velaryon should be born in 8093.

* The two youngest children (3007050, 3008050) of Dontos Celtigar (3002050) are both mothered by his sister Elaena (4002050) rather than his Sunglass wife (30351).

* Pycelle (696969100) should be born in 8216.

* Torgon Kenning (6025115) has a couple of issues:
-- The dates at which he gets his fighter trait and marries his spouse are WAY later than they should be (he's getting his fighter trait at 46, and he's marrying his spouse when their legitimate son together is already 18 years old).
-- He has no mother set, even though his father is already married at the time of his birth.

iron islands.txt:
* Harmund Harlaw (8122) is incorrectly married to his mother (104122) rather than the generic lowborn (120122) he seems intended to marry (and who is the mother of his children).
-- Note that a comment in his history entry suggests that his wife should be a member of House Serrett. This appears to be a copy-paste error, nothing more. It's his older brother who marries a Serrett.

* Brynden Tully (3159) should be born in or between 8243 and 8245.

* Renly Baratheon (5317) should be born in 8277.

* Devan Seaworth (1089110) and Edric Storm (6316) should both be born in 8287, and Devan should be born earlier in the year than Edric.

summer islands.txt:
* The children (112304016, 113304016, 114304016) of Manahuru Bado (111304016) have their mother set to a generic lowborn, instead of Manahuru's wife (110304016).

* Tywin Lannister's (190) marriage to Joanna should take place in 8263.

* Podrick Payne (4208) should be born in 8286 or 8287.

* Garth Clifton (4409) and his wife Jeyne Farman (1194) should have a dozen children (also, wow, one or both of them should probably have above average fertility too).
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