What are House Titles? And a few unrelated questions

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What are House Titles? And a few unrelated questions

PostPosted by Grizwald714 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 23:34

So I am playing in Essos for the first time in the century of blood as Aurion and I just took over new Valyria. And I keep getting notifications that a great house has arisen. When I click on the character I notice that they have title for their house. But it's not connected to any land. So I was wondering what is the purpose of these titles because I have not noticed them when playing in westeros. Does it just mean they are the head of their dynasty. Or is their more to them and why are they only in Essos.

Also I have a couple unrelated questions. I have around 250 hours into the game now mostly in agot and I feel like I have bearly scratched the surface of learning this game.

1.How do I switch the main holding type for example since I am feudal and take a county with a main holding that's a city how to I make it into a castle. Also is it worth rebuilding if possible or is it better to give those titles out or hold onto and them take the penalty since. I'm not sure how bad the penalty is since I can't find it listed anywhere.

2.How do I switch my vassals government type for example if I take the step stones is it possible to turn them feudal or into a merchant republic. Or from merchant republic into feudal.
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Re: What are House Titles? And a few unrelated questions

PostPosted by Aszrayel » Sat Sep 09, 2017 00:02

The great houses that are popping up are for merchant republics. These houses hold a house title, which contains a palace building for the family of that dynasty. So, if you were to play as a merchant republic and lost all your land, it wouldn't be game over because you still hold the house title with the palace building. I'd recommend reading up on merchant republic mechanics as they are different than feudal. Also, in that part of the world, there is a special merchant republic form of government called a Triarchy, which is a merchant republic but with special mechanics built in such as, yearly elections with the winning becoming the head triarch and the first and second runner-ups becoming junior triarchs. Anyways, it's a lot of information to take in. I suggest doing a bit of research on them, even if you're going to be playing feudal, so you have an idea of what's going on.

1. If you're playing vanilla AGOT, what I do when I get a city as the main settlement in the province is to grant that city to an owner of a barony of a castle in that province. This will usually make the castle holding as the top holding and the vassal will become feudal. On my last playthrough however, one time I did this and the vassal became a republic even though it was a castle. They usually become feudal though. Or, if you play with submods, use the Claim Settlement submod to get a claim on a castle barony, revoke it, and then the castle becomes yours. Afterwards you can grant the city to whoever or just create a new vassal.

2. To create a new merchant republic, you have to have a coastal city holding as the top holding and grant it to someone along with duchy title of that province. Since the Stepstones don't have city holdings, I don't think it's possible to create a merchant republic there. Most likely, any land granted in the Stepstones will become feudal, as long as you're not a pirate and granting it to another pirate.
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