Editing tower of joy?

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Editing tower of joy?

PostPosted by dhcracker » Mon Sep 11, 2017 21:40

Ok, I'm getting really frustrated with Roberts Rebellion and Jon dying at birth. I want to remove the possibility of this happening at all, wether Lyanna survives or not is of no importance to me I just want to edit the event file to take away the baby dying from every possible outcome... IE whoever wins I want Jon to survive birth. Can anyone tell me what lines I need to edit? I'm lost...
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Re: Editing tower of joy?

PostPosted by Exakter » Tue Sep 12, 2017 01:13

afaik thats just the game engine for birth. Not the event.

If you are dead set on it not happening type in charinfo, and use the remove character flag command to remove the stillbirth flag.

Granted, I've not taken a look at that event file so... could actually be an option to have the kids die in childbirth.
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