What kind of guardian is best for your children?

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What kind of guardian is best for your children?

PostPosted by Mickeypowell5 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 05:18

Say you have a male heir. Your house is House Tarly so you mostly want your heir to be well-trained in martial. Do you let people with high martial educate them? Or do you let people with high learning educate them? Or a mix of both? What about an educator with 29 martial but 4 learning. Is that person good to educate?
What about if you just want your heir to have positive Ned Stark traits? Do you make someone with traits like Honorable/Just/Diligent/Patient/ educate them no matter what their actual Diplomacy/Martial/Stewardship/Intrigue/Learning numbers are? Or does Learning stata trump all? Do educators choose the choices that reflect what traits they have when events pop up to determine if a child is going to learn a certain trait. Ex: an event pops up that has two choices. First choice results in the child learning Just. The second choice results in the child not learning Just but instead has a chance to learn something later. If the educator of that child has the trait Just, does that educator usually choose the option that will make the child Just?
What about if the educator has a learning skill of 28, but his traits are terrible (Arbitrary/Craven/Selfish). Is that character still a good educator because of his high learning stat? Or will that character choose the horrible options during child education events that will result in your child having shit traits?
Thank you for your input.
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Re: What kind of guardian is best for your children?

PostPosted by PallyWC » Tue Sep 12, 2017 07:16

as all education is based on learning skill...high learning is a must and then whatever you want your child to be good at next... traits of the person do matter from what I understand both in that they influence the traits your child may pop...and they can straight up sabotage your heir with shat traits if they hate you/are envious or greedy/etc

also unless im horribly mistaken a diligent/gregarious mentor tends to be your best choice if feasible...pretty sure it procs more on pulses so if you get more oppertunities for development
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Re: What kind of guardian is best for your children?

PostPosted by Exakter » Wed Sep 13, 2017 22:21

Don't forget about warrior traits for soldiers.
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